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$336,421 pledged of $60,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

By Kolossal Games
$336,421 pledged of $60,000 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Missing avatar

      Peter Hajnik 2 minutes ago

      Another idea for the story cards: closing down the buildings for a limited time, e.g. ranch not available due to a plague, shop closed due to restocking, sheriff out of town due to xyz. It could provoke a change in the behaviour of players to seek other "sources" of LP than the most preferred source. E.g. otherwise honest citizen transporting cattle might be forced to go down the road of crime if the cattle has plague.

      What do you think, would it fly?

    2. Missing avatar

      Julien Chust about 2 hours ago

      Hi everyone, I’m new here, just made my “Légendaire” pledge. Will the expansion fit in the original box or will it be a separate box?

    3. Brad about 2 hours ago

      @Rick Mann: My wife has a wild west phrase she likes "You don't shoot another man's donkey and you don't fart in his underbritches"

      I think it is something akin to something about walking a mile in someone else shoes? I don't know.

    4. Groo the mendicant about 3 hours ago

      Also a add on for extra bandits would be nice. I'd buy a extra set.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nick Shorts about 4 hours ago

      @groo the mendicant. Yes I love it. I love ideas where it really mixes up the game and gives some variety

    6. Groo the mendicant about 5 hours ago

      It would be cool to see some story cards that move the bandits to locations such as mines or ranches. Represents a outlaw plague in the area. A player would have to deal with it or been robbed or russled.

      Btw: another stretch goal is done. Calamity is now ours.

    7. MidnightMogwai about 5 hours ago

      That Picture is Awful Dusty.

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Coker about 6 hours ago

      @gaming couple. Well I would rob that person

    9. Rick Mann about 7 hours ago

      seen this western dig somewhere the other day .. i recall somebody was looking for western insults "Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear, or a fool from any direction"

    10. GamingCoupleGA about 7 hours ago

      Nevermind.. seeing some other quite powerful strategies too.. I like the open world feel and I hope the balance of different strategies and the push and pull of interacting or solely accomplishing is tense and equaled. This type of design, if done correctly, is one I have wanted more of in board games.

      +1 for more in the G,B, & H expansion.

    11. GamingCoupleGA about 7 hours ago

      Upon inspection of the rulebook it seems like Mine, Deposit, Revel, could be quite a quick way up the LP track. Besides other players robbing you, what keeps that strategy from being OP?

    12. Victor about 7 hours ago

      What about of an SG for the Add-On, one mini of the 3 extra characters? 😊

    13. Nobbi86 about 7 hours ago

      yeah new character mini:)

    14. Missing avatar

      Neemo305 about 7 hours ago


      Calamity Jane Mini!

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy about 7 hours ago

      @kolossal games: what do you think about the plastic token idea I mentioned earlier in the comments?

    16. Kolossal Games Creator about 8 hours ago

      @Jelmer Bergsma, We will be using a pledge manager at the end of the campaign. So you will be able to upgrade your pledge. We do encourage everyone that can pledge during the campaign to do so. The more that gets pledged before the campaign ends, the more stretch goals that get unlocked for everybody!

    17. Missing avatar

      Jelmer Bergsma about 9 hours ago

      If i dont have the funds right now, can i pledge for the poker cards, and upgrade later in the pledgemanager?

    18. Missing avatar

      Thomas Rizzi about 10 hours ago

      @nick shorts. Hi Nick. Although I would like more game mechanics like you asked for. I believe having the mini of all the characters makes sense and is important in its own way. I get way more excited about the minis coming up in the SGs. To me it’s like Christmas. Of course I need new underwear and shirts but do I really want to open them on Christmas morning or do I really want toys! Or a big bag of minis! :) just my opinion

    19. Kolossal Games Creator about 11 hours ago

      @James David Romo, Thank you for the kind words James.

      Good eye on the gold nuggets. The prototype nuggets that you see in the video are similar to the ones used in Dice Town. The final production nuggets will have a slightly different look to them and will be more "golden" in color.

    20. Kolossal Games Creator about 11 hours ago

      @Adam Holt, the poker deck that is in the game has game text (actions, reactions, and bonuses) printed on the cards (in addition to their values and suits). The deck of poker cards that comes in the All-In pledge level (and in the Gambler add-on) is a standard deck of playing cards that features the Western Legends art (but no game text).

    21. Missing avatar

      Neemo305 about 11 hours ago

      u get both when you pledge all-in

    22. Missing avatar

      Neemo305 about 11 hours ago

      POjer deck add-on is a deck of cards...poker deck in the game has game play text

    23. Adam Holt about 11 hours ago

      What's the difference between the Poker Deck in the All-In Tier vs the Poker Deck that you get in the base game?

    24. James David Romo about 12 hours ago

      I'd just like to say I really enjoy how the campaign is structured. The base game's contents are remaining static -- as is the $15 expansion. I really like how all the stretch goals and such are going into the "extra" kickstarter expansion. That's really cool, usually kickstarter stretch goals just add stuff randomly to add ons or to the base game itself. I like that all the SGs are kept separate in its own expansion addon.

      One thing I have a question about -- the gold nuggets: are they the same ones from Dice Town? They look like it at least from the prototypes videos. Will they be matte and plastic colored like the Dice Town ones, or will they have a gold shiny finish or something in the final version?

    25. Missing avatar

      Nick Shorts about 12 hours ago

      First, I want to celebrate how great @kolossal has been with communication and customer support. Top shelf.
      I just wanted to comment on what many of us are hoping for for the upcoming stretch goals. While I appreciate the minis, they don't add much to the actual game. I would love to see more flavor and variety to the game in the form of story cards, characters, legendary items for the expansion, or possibly even a promise of a future expansion (one with another map or train possibilities...)
      Just saying, the character and item stretch goals had me excited, and the minis are not as enticing.

    26. El Topo about 13 hours ago

      A german version please

    27. Missing avatar

      Jason Coker about 13 hours ago

      this is going to be awesome, cant stop thinking about all the interactions with max playes

    28. Nathan Norton about 14 hours ago

      New backer here, and have been reading through comments. Just want to say I'm impressed with Kolossal's interaction, responsiveness, and forethought in the campaign. Strong showing to my eyes. Really like everything I'm seeing.

    29. Missing avatar

      hope77 about 14 hours ago

      +1 for a German translation.

    30. Missing avatar

      Max Lathrop about 15 hours ago

      @Kolossal Games I just backed this amazing looking game! My wife and I are so excited to play this. Thanks for doing a western theme justice. Looks like Red Dead Redemption in a box. Pre-congratulations on make a stellar debut. I look forward to seeing what else you guys release. It appears you have true quality gaming at heart. Much appreciated.

    31. Missing avatar

      Alexander about 15 hours ago

      German Version, that'd be great!

    32. rubininio about 15 hours ago

      German Version, oh that wiuld be very cool!

    33. Missing avatar

      Freddy about 15 hours ago

      @Andrea Perego You would need to have 250 (or more) Italian backers (ie people who would want to buy the Italian version of the game) to make that feasible. As is, that will probably have to wait until after the campaign closes.

    34. Missing avatar

      Andrea Perego about 16 hours ago

      And what about an italian version?

    35. Missing avatar

      Chrile42 about 16 hours ago

      Thanks Kolossal Games for all your work, ambitions and passion!

      +1 for German version

    36. Missing avatar

      Andy about 17 hours ago

      @kolossal games : the 37 tokens made of plastic (like poker chips) would be great - as an optional addon?

    37. Kolossal Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Andy, You are correct. If you Duel another player, you do not gain Wanted points. Winning a Duel rewards you with 2 Legendary Points (LP). Robbin' them of their gold nuggets or money, well that's a different story. :-)

    38. Juergen62 about 17 hours ago

      + 1 for german version. That would be Awesome!

    39. Nobbi86 about 17 hours ago

      +1 for german version

    40. Missing avatar

      Andy about 17 hours ago

      +1 for German version

    41. Missing avatar

      Andy about 17 hours ago

      @kolossal games: If you attack (duel) an innocent citizen (not wanted) you don't get any punishment or become wanted yourself, right? - > cruel wild wild West

    42. Kolossal Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      We're loving all of the support for a German version and are working on it to see if we can make it happen and deliver on-time for those who are interested. Thank you to everyone for reaching out and expressing interest. We've always intended to look into other languages after the campaign closes (and still will). It is only because of your high level of interest that we're able to pursue a German translation during the campaign.

    43. Kolossal Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Heath Hyllested, We do not have plans to give the minis a wash at this time. This would add production cost and time. As we've stated previously, sticking to - and meeting - our delivery schedule is of the utmost importance to us.

    44. Kolossal Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      @Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn, August may seem like an aggressive timeline (and it is), but we have put the tools in place to ensure that we meet the deadline we have set. While this is our first created project as a company, we have extensive experience in delivering Kickstarters for other publishers in the past. To date, the latest one of our team's projects has delivered is six weeks.

    45. Kolossal Games Creator about 17 hours ago

      @DadouXIII The poker cards are 310 GSM cardstock.

    46. Nobbi86 about 17 hours ago

      6k to next SG mini:)

    47. Heath Hyllested about 17 hours ago

      Any chance of the minis getting a wash? As a non painter this would be awesome. Anyone else agree?

    48. Missing avatar

      Johannes about 19 hours ago

      +1 german version! Awesome! Thank you for letting us know that you’re looking in to that possibility!

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