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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
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    1. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @TLS. :D ty

    2. TL S. 1 day ago

      I just had another look at them, and I think I can live with the slightly not-so-round corners. :) with some play, I don’t think anyone will really notice them at all! Thanks for the super fast response though!

    3. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @Serrano Awesome!

      @TLS. - If you would like a replacement, yes, please. :) Thank you!

    4. TL S. 1 day ago

      @kolossal are the poker card corners meant to be rounded? I had merely assumed that they weren’t meant to be round. They were all uniformly “cut” though. Should I send a photo to the email?

    5. Missing avatar

      Carlos SERRANO 1 day ago

      I received my poker cards. Thank you!

    6. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 1 day ago

      @TM - Not shipping the main game just yet - still on track for August. Send us your new address once you have it to and we can update on the back end. Thank you!

    7. Missing avatar

      TM 2 days ago

      Quick (and possibly dumb) question:
      Did you already start with the shipping of the main game?
      The pledge manager is already locked, so no changing the delivery adress, and probably I'll be moving before August.
      At least the same city, so no problem with getting the parcel anyway, but still.

    8. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 4 days ago

      Hi, @Daniel! Thanks! We will look for your email.

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Zulliger 5 days ago

      Mine are also very bad in corner, some are not rounded and other too less.
      Will make photo for replacement.

    10. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 5 days ago

      @Jamie :)

      @Helder - We are on track for August!

      @Robert - Not at this time, but I'll let you know if this changes.

      @Valentin - Email us a photo to and address and we will get a replacement sent your way.

      @Graham - Please login to pledgemanager to manage your address or email us and we can help.

      Thanks, all!

    11. Missing avatar

      Graham Pates 5 days ago

      Does anyone know how i change my email address associated with the pledgmanager. I have changed it for kickstarter but doesnt seem to role thru to pledgemanager and the one i have registered at the moment will disappear at the end of october.

    12. Valentin Golobokin 5 days ago

      Got mine, agree artwork is great. Quality (corners) is disappointing though.

    13. Robert Taylor 5 days ago

      Any chance this will be on demo at UKGE?

    14. Missing avatar

      Helder Coelho 6 days ago

      Just revieved my poker cards. Awesome artwork. Am very happy but the wait for the main game just got worse. Really looking forward to recieving and playin it.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bodchon 6 days ago

      You guys rock and thanks :)

    16. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 7 days ago

      @Rachel - Thank you for the note and update! Great to hear :D

      @sigurjón cardboard

      @L-G Thanks! I sent you a reply about the fee - just need your paypal email. The main game and add-ons will ship from depots in various regions.

      @Dave - thanks for sharing!

      @Lukullus - Your cards are en route!

    17. Kolossal Games 3-time creator 7 days ago

      @Jamie - We have responded to your email! New deck is being processed. Thanks!

    18. Missing avatar

      Dave Save on April 17

      Hey all, we have a Discord setup for KS board games. It's a great community of gamers chatting about all sorts of KS games and we have a channel for Western Legends too. Come join us!

    19. L-G on April 17

      My cards have come to the Swedish border, unfortunately they want more money in fees. So you have mail ;) but if you have more cards going to Sweden from USA they all are going to cost about 10dollars in fees each :( and the games with add-ons are going to be much more if not coming from within EU.

    20. Lukullus
      on April 17

      Still waiting for my poker cards in AUSTRIA.

    21. sigurjón magnússon on April 17

      is the play area going to be cardboard or a soft playmat?

    22. Missing avatar

      Rachel Maxwell on April 17

      Just wanted to write and say that I had received my deck of Poker cards. For some odd reason they weren't in New Deck Order, but that's quite alright I counted them and did that. I really like the texture of the cards. It lends authenticity to the Old West theme. I also appreciate that they are symmetrical. No errors in printing on my end. Looking forward to the first game print. Thanks from Norway.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bodchon on April 16

      The message below was for you guys

    24. Missing avatar

      Jamie Bodchon on April 16

      Hi guys I received my
      Poker deck today and some of the corners are cut. I sent you guys a email tonight and I am hoping you can send me a replacement deck. Also will this issue be coming with the cards when the game launches as I am not the only one where the poker deck card corners are cut. Hopefully these issues will be corrected before the game ships. :)

    25. Kolossal Games 3-time creator on April 16

      Great to hear @Mickaël & @Nobbi86!! :D

    26. Mickaël Thielleux on April 16

      Just received my poker cards in France. Love it

    27. Nobbi86 on April 14

      my cards are in perfect condition. i'm really loooking forward for the big box:)

    28. Kolossal Games 3-time creator on April 14

      @Razvan - email your address to and we'll send over a new copy. Thanks for letting us know.

      @kaiji @nobbi Awesome!

      @rob great reference!

    29. Missing avatar

      Razvan Lungu on April 13

      Received the poker deck in Canada today. Artwork and paper are ok. The corner rounding not so much. Maybe I got a bad lot. It looks like the rounding started good at the top card but the radius gets smaller and smaller and the last card is actually cut at 90 degrees, no rounding. I hope the game cards will be done at a higher quality standard.

    30. Kaiji on April 13

      Cards received in the Netherlands, hope the rest will also go smootly

    31. Nobbi86 on April 13

      Pokercards arrived in Munich, Germany!!! :)

    32. Rob on April 12

      Look at the awesome Imperius on kickstarter. Only a few short days to go.
      Like the Tardis it's little on the outside, but big on the inside. It has lots of hidden depth.
      Check out a playthrough.

    33. Rob on April 12

      Ooh, starting to hit some places in Australia. Now I'm getting excited!

    34. Nobbi86 on April 12

      someone looked at the evil little game "the awful orphanage"?
      still live on KS!

    35. Kolossal Games 3-time creator on April 12

      @Helder @Nobbi @Paddy - No problem! :D

      @adam @tls @mindslayer - Great news!! Thank you so much for the updates. :D

      Now that so many of you have your cards - which are your favorites?

    36. Adam Fenerty
      on April 12

      Cards arrived in Sydney, Australia . Thanks!

    37. TL S. on April 11

      Poker cards received today in London UK. They feel great! Really looking forward to the rest of the game now! Thank you!

    38. Mindslayer on April 11

      Cards received today and they look great, thanks for a great Kickstarter.

    39. Nobbi86 on April 11

      @KG: thank you:)

    40. Missing avatar

      Helder Coelho on April 11

      @KG. Thankyou for reply.

    41. Paddy Heron
      on April 11

      @KG - thanks for the PM!! :-)

    42. Kolossal Games 3-time creator on April 11

      @Helder - Still on the way. Malta takes a little while in our experience.

      @Nobbi - UK has started to, Germany should be not far behind. :)

      @Paddy - I'll PM you

      @Ben - AWESOME! Thank you for letting us know. :)

      @Ashley - I'll PM you.

      @Freddy -Thanks :)

      @Christopher - Wonderful. Thank you!!!

      @Alan - Excellent. Great to hear. Thanks!

    43. Alan Brookland on April 11

      Poker deck arrived today in UK.

      Very nice cards all in tip top condition.

    44. Christopher Dupée on April 11

      Received my deck today! Great feel and awesome artwork!!! Thank you!

    45. Freddy on April 11

      1) Follow the link to the pledge manager as provided in Update #24.
      2) Click on the 'resend invite', fill in your (Kickstarter) email address, then wait for the email to arrive.
      3) Click on the link in that email. It will take you to your pledge page, where you can see the address that you filled in.

    46. Ashley Lawton Watkins on April 11

      Hey guys I just realised I don't remember which address I sent the pledge to. Is there anyway to check?

    47. Ben on April 10

      Finally received my deck yesterday! They look great!

    48. Paddy Heron
      on April 10

      Aarrrgghhh - have I missed the Pledge Manager??

    49. Nobbi86 on April 10

      Has anyone in Germany already received his cards and if so with which parcel company did they arrive?

    50. Missing avatar

      Helder Coelho on April 10

      Hi! Just a quick question on shipping time to Malta. Still have not recieved my poker cards. I am guessing that they are on the way but am so excited to recieve them that the wait is killing me.

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