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A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
A Western tabletop adventure of legendary proportions for 2-6 players in 90 minutes or less.
6,721 backers pledged $568,572 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Peter Hazlewood about 1 hour ago

      I feel like we're missing out slightly considering the drama that's been unfolding over on Overturn Rising Sands...These two campaigns are polar opposites.

    2. Kolossal Games 5-time creator about 17 hours ago

      We do love you, @ThisIsDavin! Thanks for the feedback. :)

    3. ThisIsDavin about 21 hours ago

      Pictures schmictures.... You could put a weekly update that simply said "hello you awesome people who backed our game.. We love you" and it would keep us happy :P

    4. Kolossal Games 5-time creator 1 day ago

      @Nicholas Thanks for your support! We're so close to August and people starting to get their copies.
      @Peter Thanks for the feedback. We've been wanting to wait until we had pictures from the factory or other exciting details instead of just text updates that everything is running smoothly. we'll work on coming up with more content for updates in future campaigns.
      @Frederik Thanks Frederik! The time is almost upon us.

    5. Frederik Ahlefeldt-Laurvig-Lehn 1 day ago

      Top marks from me
      This is so close
      I am very excited
      Also for kami

    6. Peter Hazlewood 1 day ago

      I came on to compliment Kolossal on their handling of the project and can see straight away I'm not the only one!

      Top marks for:

      Description of the product
      Interesting, but not unrealistic, stretch goals
      Fair prices at different pledge levels
      Keeping to aggressive publishing schedule (so far)

      9/10 for communications for me as I wouldn't mind slightly more often updates but I guess that's totally personal.

      If the game is as good to play as this Kickstarter campaign we've all got ourselves a belter.

    7. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley 1 day ago

      Kolossal Games, the way you’ve handled this campaign easily puts you in my top two companies on KS.

      Can’t wait to get my hands on the game!

    8. Kolossal Games 5-time creator 2 days ago

      @Brandon - What Freddy said :)
      @Mel - We'll get it to you!
      @Robert - AWESOME!

    9. Freddy 2 days ago

      @Brandon - I recommend sending them an email about this at

    10. Brandon Palmer 3 days ago

      I just moved to canada from usa 2 weeks ago. Can i please get address change and pay more postage if necessary? Thanks

    11. Mel On KS
      3 days ago

      @Kolossal - Thanks! I know it is not your fault - it is the Australian government. Even Amazon will not ship here now which is so unbelievable. But where there is a will - there is a way. :)

    12. Robert Taylor 5 days ago

      My most anticipated game of 2018 so far.

    13. ThisIsDavin 6 days ago

      Not unexpected with Aus customs status change. New laws came in on July 1 regarding taxes. Feel free to not buy from Amazon ever again thanks to it.

    14. marco on

      @kolossal awesome!!

    15. Deecu on

      If possible, could you include the name of the ships that carries our games to the fullfillment centers? It's nice to follow those while they are at the sea and you don't have to answer the guestions from the backers about where the games are atm. 😎

    16. Kolossal Games 5-time creator on

      @Mel - We are working on helping Lautapelit get some quotes for Australia to see if we can make improvements.

      All- We should have an update this week to confirm when everything is leaving the warehouse!

    17. Mel On KS

      Just spotted Eclipse launch and noticed it is no longer "customs friendly" to Australia or NZ. Australia was custom friendly anyhow until July 1st, 2108.


    18. marco on

      @jered +1

      but maybe they aren't shipping by boat...? it would be unlikely, but not unheard of

    19. Jered

      Any news? Hopefully we're on the slow boat by new if we are to expect fulfillment in August.

    20. Missing avatar


      Any gen con pickup option?

    21. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley on

      Hoping for the production update soon! :)

    22. Nobbi86 on

      production update?:)

    23. Missing avatar

      wildjackrosco on

      Thanks a lot Kolossal Games for your fast answer !
      Everything is ok for me !

    24. Kolossal Games 5-time creator on

      Hello! If you had PM questions I contacted you directly.
      @Rick - Rulebook is on the site but a little hidden with our latest update. Thanks for the note - we'll get it fixed.

    25. Rick Mann

      @kolossal - might be a good idea to have rule books available on your website, so those interested in purchasing your games can peruse them first.

    26. Rick Mann

      the only link I have that works is:

    27. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley on

      The link to the draft rule book isn’t available (404) anymore. Is there someplace to read the rules so I can be ready to hoot ‘n’ holler when the game hits my doorstep?

    28. Missing avatar

      wildjackrosco on

      Bonjour Kolossal Games,

      Je n'ai pas bien compris le dernier message. Du coup ça me met le doute mais il me semblait avoir tout complété lors du PM. Pouvez vous me confirmer que j'ai bien rentré mon adresse ?
      (Je ne l'ai pas changé depuis)
      Si nous n'avons pas changé depuis le PM il n'y a rien à faire c'est bien cela ?

      Bien à vous

    29. Marshall Sweatt

      I seem to have missed the pledge manager, what should I do?

    30. Kolossal Games 5-time creator on

      Howdy, ya'll! I just sent out an update. We extended the window a tiny bit as we saw a lot of changes coming in. We are now at the 48-hour reminder mark! See latest update and thanks for checking in!

    31. Deecu on

      @marco It was in the latest update that they posted 9th of june. Address lock down 30th of june.

    32. marco on

      I didn't receive the promised reminder for the change-of-address deadline. Was it just me? I just hope that it does not mean there was an unexpected delay :-/

    33. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley on

      @Ian Yesssssssss

    34. Missing avatar

      Ian Avery on

      Today we can say that this game is coming next month. July is here.

    35. Nobbi86 on

      cool for me its their first game:)

    36. RavenMad on

      @Nobbi - yep, I'm backing deluxe edition. I've backed all of the publisher's games and they're great! Excellent production quality and fun games.

    37. Nobbi86 on

      someone looked at "tang garden" ? also a lovely little game:)

    38. Ben on

      I dare this publisher to deliver on time in August.

    39. Ben on

      I dare this publisher to deliver on time in August.

    40. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley on

      I never trusted that loon. That’s on me.

    41. Freddy on

      @Nicholas - I think Doc Brown travelled back to the Wild West in his Delorean to deliver those boxes... so your box should have been delivered before you were born... unless it was lost in time somewhere...

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicholas Haley on

      I’m struggling to cope with waiting for this game. I want to play it, like, yesterday. Halllp.

    43. Missing avatar

      Daniel Damm on

      hi @ all

      any news about the german version of the game?
      i thought we had enough german backers for the game here at kickstarter.

      would be nice as "almost" promised.

      with regards

    44. Kolossal Games 5-time creator on

      @Nobbi86 - Yes, indeed! :D

    45. Nobbi86 on

      Are we still on August as planned?

    46. Kolossal Games 5-time creator on

      @Miles -
      Nous vous recommandons d'envoyer à une adresse vous savez que vous serez ou avez quelqu'un à recevoir pour vous.

    47. Miles on

      Je serais en congés du 10 août au 30 août ailleurs qu'a mon domicile... Pensez vous qu'il serait judicieux que je change mon adresse pour celle de mon lieu de vacances, ou bien il est probable d'être livré avant ? Merci !

    48. Sad Maremagnum on

      Thank you very much. :)

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