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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
2,053 backers pledged $221,984 to help bring this project to life.

Happy Holidays!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello Mezo Backers!

Last update we discussed a number of items pertaining to the pledge manager and Pyramid add-ons. We hope that those of you that were interested got a chance to upgrade your pledge to include these. And for those of you that missed out, they will be a product available from our web store when Mezo is finished being produced.

The Wonders of the Ancient World

We have 3D printed the pyramids to make sure they fit together and look cool! The color of these is not final.

Pretty Cool Huh?
Pretty Cool Huh?

In addition to those colorful pyramids! We are finishing our internal file review and will be sending these off to the factory right after the holidays to start production! We cannot wait to see this game come to fruition!

Important Clarifications

Let's take a look at the Production Calendar. As we feel based on our previous campaigns that this shipping calendar and proposed delivery dates were confusing. We want to make sure that we continue to be as open with information as we can going forward. That's what these monthly Third Thursday updates are about.

The Kickstarter ended on October 21st. Shipping is scheduled to begin 8-10 months after the Kickstarter so in late June. Our previous calculations for Estimated Delivery Date were made originally to inform when shipping began. Which means that Backers closer to the factories in the Asia regions would have their copies shipping at this time. The rest of the world would have their copies loaded into container ships and shipping to fulfillment centers in North America and Europe.

We understand that these Estimated Shipping dates we had been using in our Kickstarters were unintentionally misleading the majority of our backers into believing that their copies of these games would be arriving sooner than they would. 

We are really sorry for that miscommunication. This is one major change we'll be making to our campaigns going forward, to adjust estimated shipping date to reflect when the majority of our backers are expected to receive their games.

We will, of course, keep updating you all on these production details on these monthly updates until the games are all in the hands of backers in 2019.

Asia Can expect to see their copies in June/July.

Australia & New Zealand Can expect to see their copies in August/September

United States & Canada Can expect to see their copies in August/September, with Canadian games being shipped 1-2 weeks after US copies.

Europe & UK Can expect to see their copies in September.

In addition to bringing Mezo to all of the incredible people who supported this campaign, we're excited to see this on store shelves next fall!

We want to thank everyone again for supporting Kolossal Games and this campaign. We have a lot of exciting announcements and new games to bring to Kickstarter in 2019 and we hope that we can count on your continued support! Speaking of exciting announcements...

Updating the Classics!  

On January 24th we will be launching a Kickstarter for a collection of three games by John ClowdusMerchants of Muziris, Neolithic, and Keep. You can check out each of their pages by following their respective links below. This collection will feature updated art, mechanics, and some new and exciting items that you'll have to wait until we launch to see. So mark your calendars, follow our social media channels, and subscribe to the game pages on BGG to stay up-to-date on more news for these updated classics. 

 Merchants of Muziris 



We hope you all have a great holiday season, and we'll see you in the New Year!

- Team Kolossal


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    1. Missing avatar

      MAILLARD on

      I like the shape of the pyramids. For the colors I'm glad that the color isn't final. It could be the samedi colors as the boardgame ? Thanks again. Guillaume

    2. Charles Gibault on

      Regarding shipping over regions, I see the same strategy used as during western legends Kick-starter.

      Regions close to producer (China) are shipped first while farther locations are shipped last. Should the opposite had been been done (first production batches go to farther Location), all backers would have receive their product more or less at the same time (in August from your calendar).

      With current plan, should there be any delay, European backer will receive their copy after Essen /product ship to retail, which usually doesn't make backers all that happy.

    3. Jess Turner

      Neolithic is an awesome game!! So that was an exciting tidbit at the end of the update. 😊

    4. Missing avatar

      Philemon Lim on

      I can't tell how big the pyramids actually are.
      Could you perhaps place it with another mini as a comparison?

    5. Missing avatar

      Mitch Wilson-Brown on

      Right on! Will the 3d Files be available?

    6. CountryYokel

      I definitely like the colors picked (although I'm not sure about the tone - if it needs more muting or not). Found this article by googling, kind of interesting:

      Looking forward to more updates in 2019! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

    7. Missing avatar

      Sean Fitzpatrick on

      I’m glad the color of the pyramid isn’t final. I think they could definitely benefit from a more muted, natural tone.

    8. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on

      @Elwood - these pyramids are 3D-printed and are not the final quality that you will receive. The final product will be more detailed and not "grainy" in appearance.

    9. Missing avatar


      Are those stairs or a slide! Really need more detail... disappointed I back them at current state hope they improve

    10. Missing avatar


      Why do the pyramids look so grainy? And lack details... would love to see a better looking top

    11. Kory Dondzila

      @pagoda79 Some people don't read.

    12. Iain Brown on

      I didn't bother backing the pyramids as I didn't think they'd add much, but having seen those 3d prints of them I wish I had. They look really cool.

    13. pagoda79

      I mean, they’re 3D test prints, not the final product, but ok.

    14. Peter Sikachev on

      So happy I haven't backed it, look so damn cheap

    15. pagoda79

      I like the look of the pyramids. Can you tell us on the final height? They do look great to me.

      Also, I appreciate the adjustment on timeframes moving forward. I assume everything I kickstart will be late anyway, but I like the idea of moving fulfillment deadlines to when you think the majority will have them.