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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
2,053 backers pledged $221,984 to help bring this project to life.

Architecture Ahead of it's Time

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello Mezo Backers!

So much has happened for the Kolossal team this year and we are so grateful to all of our backers for their continued support! 

Don't forget that the Pledge Manager for Mezo closes on December 10th. This will be your last opportunity to upgrade your pledge for additional copies or add-ons. Additionally, this is the last opportunity for Late Pledges to get the special Kickstarter prices.

We want to make sure everyone is aware of what is available with a backer pledge and what will be available at retail. There will not be a better time to pledge for Mezo than now. So if you know anyone that was interested in this game please let them know that this will be the best price for content that they can get for this game.

The Details

Tribe Pledge The Tribe Pledge level will not be available at retail. This Pledge level replaces all plastic miniatures with wooden components and plastic standees.

Chieftain Pledge The Chieftain Pledge is the base game of Mezo and will be the retail version of the game. It includes 4 gods with their components, and all stretch goal content. 

The retail version of Mezo will not include stretch goal content and will be MSRP $85.

Devoted Pledge The Devoted Pledge is the ultimate experience for Mezo. It includes 9 gods with their components, all stretch goal content, and expands the core game to 2-5 players. 

The additional 5 gods included with this pledge will not be available with the core game at retail and will instead be included in separate "God Pack", "Expansion", and "Souls for Xibalba" products.

5-Player Ahau-kin Expansion The retail version of Mezo will need this expansion to increase the player count to 5 players. This includes the God Ahau-Kin and all required components needed for a 5th player including additional tribe miniatures, pyramids, glyphs, alters, wrathful god tokens,  etc. 

This 5-player expansion will be MSRP $29

God Pack This separate retail product will include 4 Gods (Chaac, Etznab, Ix-Tub-Tun, Xaman Ek) and all their cards and components. This product will retail for MSRP $35.

Souls for Xibalba This will be a Limited Quantity expansion and include all of the stretch goal content unlocked in the campaign. This product will retail for MSRP $39 and includes everything listed below.

Speaking of Add-Ons

We've received some excellent new images of what the Pyramids in the Pyramid Pack add-on will look like.

The Pyramid Pack includes plastic 3D pyramids that replace the cardboard components from the base game. These will be produced in the 5 Player colors and will be MSRP $25.

Your current pledge can be upgraded to include this add-on through Dec 10th when the Pledge Manager closes.

While you weigh your decisions and get your heavy gamer friends to consider making a late pledge to take advantage of the cost savings included, we'll be hard at work finishing the files for the factory.

Mezo is one of our absolute favorite games and we're so excited to see the final product. We've begun a new policy of updating completed Kickstarter campaigns on the third Thursday of every month to keep our backers informed as to where the production process of their game is. So look for the next update in December.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us at

Thank you for your support!

- Team Kolossal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Christian Schicke

      How can i get the wodden and plastic pieces?
      Has the devoted pledge also the wooden bits and i just need to add the standees?
      Plastic pieces addon for the tribe pledge is not available, right?

    2. Cherusker on

      Glad I included the pyramids.

    3. Juan A on

      So the last god is going to retail after all?

    4. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on


      We do not work with Online discounters. Please read our Minimum Advertised Price Policy on our website (

      While there will be an MSRP for Pyramids, these will be a limited run product so getting them now guarantees that they will be available when you want them.

    5. Thorlight

      All in pledge is 174$ in retail and 165$ here with shipping included so u will hear no grief from me ;-)

    6. pagoda79

      Pyramids look great! Glad I added them.

    7. Missing avatar


      Hmmm. If the plastic pyramids pack will have an MSRP of $25, what's the incentive to add it to our pledge? I mean, it's offered at the same price as MSRP and it's 99% certain it'll be discounted by online retailers, no?