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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
2,053 backers pledged $221,984 to help bring this project to life.

The Pyramid Pack

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello folks, 

We’ve got some exciting details about the standard pyramid pieces and the upgraded plastic pyramid add-ons for Mezo! These upgraded pyramids can be added to your pledge on the pledge manager if you haven’t done so yet for only $25!

What comes in the base game?

With each copy of the game, players will receive 44 standard chipboard pyramid pieces with the Chieftain pledge or 55 pyramid pieces with the Tribe or Devoted pledges.

These pieces start at 35 mm, or 1.38” for our backers using the Imperial system, and each respective level continues to shrink down from there by 5mm each with the top piece being 20mm or 0.79”.

Mezo is a conflict-heavy game with lots of troops sitting in the various regions on the board. The pyramid sizes were designed to be large enough to easily spot from anywhere at the table, but also small enough to allow easy management of the troops on the board.

Plastic Pyramids 

The plastic pyramid design is still being finalized, however, we do have some details we can share with you.

Here is a sketch of the current design for the plastic pyramids that will be included in the Plastic Pyramid Add-On pack. One of the first changes you’ll notice is the height of the individual pieces. Since we’re no longer bound by the limits of punchboards we’re able to add some real depth to the pieces and include steps. The top piece is also designed to be an entrance to the pyramid featuring archways and a flat top that helps emphasize the completion of the monument. The raised platform between each level lock in pieces stacked above to prevent the pyramid being knocked over by stray hands as mentioned earlier.

Overall, the design featured on the plastic pyramids does an amazing job at capturing the beauty of Mayan architecture and definitely adds to the table presence of the game.

As mentioned above, the pyramids are still being worked on. Some of you who followed our first launch of Mezo may have noticed that the pyramids were not part of the original campaign. This is because the pyramid designs were still under construction and not something we were 100% sure we’d be able to make available. But, your feedback from the first launch helped show that if we were going to do Mezo right, we would need to bring out the additional bling. The pyramids will be sent to our sculptor in coming weeks, and we’ll share details of the process as these pieces continue their journey. Final details, such as dimensions and weight will be shared with our backers as we get them.

Thank you all again for sharing your thoughts in the comments section. We are hard at work finalizing the details for Mezo and preparing the game for its journey to the printer. We’ll have more details for you soon!


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    1. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on

      @Diego - You can add the pyramids in your CrowdOx survey as an add-on. If you would like some more guided assistance with your specific pledge, shoot an email to us ( and we can provide a direct link to your survey.

    2. Missing avatar

      Diego Tapia Argandoña on

      I'm interested in plastic pyramids, but I do not know how to make the

    3. Missing avatar

      Diego Tapia Argandoña on

      I'm interested in plastic pyramids, but I do not know how to make the

    4. pagoda79

      It was clear from the beginning that the plastic pyramids were an add on. Not sure what people are upset about there. Not reading the page is not Kolossal’s fault, and they didn’t invent add-ons. But hey we all want the best, and I get that.

      My question in the main thread wasn’t seen, so maybe I’ll repost it here:

      Kolossal, thanks for the update on the pyramids. I know info is limited now because it's a work in progress, but I have one question about them that wasn't addressed (or if it did I missed it) that I'm hoping you can shed light on. In the original graphic for the Pyramid Pack add-on, it lists a height of 5 mm per level. That seems exceptionally tiny to me and would only bring the height of the entire assembled pyramid to 20 mm. I would think at least twice that height (10 mm per level, 40mm total) is more what I would hope to see, but maybe there are logistical reasons that can't be the case. However, at a 20mm total height that seems to not go very far in adding the "depth" and steps you mentioned in your update.

      So I'm just curious about whether the 5mm height per level is accurate, as far as you know, in what the artist is working on.


    5. Missing avatar


      Wow a little annoying that ur trying to get another 25 out after pledge manager already went out! How do I even adjust the PM? Should just include in devote pledge

    6. Streams

      @Kolossal Games -

      Since the 3D pyramids are still in development, I would like to suggest having a mayan glyph adorn the top of the lowest (biggest) and next higher (2nd level) tier... just to continue with the aesthetic of the game. I love the Mayan language aesthetic and think this would bring this to the next level visually.

    7. Manuel Tants on

      @Kyle R. Woods: The Devoted pledge has never been advertised as a 'deluxe' pledge. The components in the Chieftain pledge aren't any less 'luxurious' than those in the Devoted pledge. Devoted just gets more gods and all the pieces necessary for adding a 5th player.

    8. Fierce Tiger on

      I’m with @Kyle on the clarity issue.
      I skipped past everything and now I have to go back and fiddle with my pledge and risk messing it up.
      I may just have to live with cardboard...I’ll give it a thought.

    9. CountryYokel

      Love the details on the plastic pyramids! Can't wait to see finished product!

    10. Kyle R. Woods

      I have to say, where a deluxe pledge is offered, including something like this in an "add-on" is very frustrating. I would have backed at a level that included it, even at a higher cost, but sticking it in after the fact is quite annoying. Also, this item at the very bottom of the lengthy pledge manager menu (after several unrelated games and other items) so it is likely I would not have noticed this but for this update (which did not clearly state that this was not included in the deluxe pledge). I would prefer, in the future, a bit more clarity in the initial pledge stage that explains that the deluxe edition does not actually include everything, or even better, create all-in pledges for people who want everything and don't want to have to deal with figuring out what is and is not included.

    11. Missing avatar

      Philemon Lim on

      What is the expected height of a completed pyramid? From the front page, it seems to be 5mm x 4 = 2cm

    12. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on

      @John The Devoted pledge gets all of the pyramids needed for the maximum 5 player experience. This is the same amount of pyramids in the Tribe pledge and more pyramids than what comes in the Chieftain pledge.
      @Melhilion No, the Devoted pledge does not include the Pyramid Pack. Backers may add the Pyramid Pack through the pledge manager.

    13. Cbyer on

      @John the cheiftan pledge was the basic 4 player version, the most expensive gets the 55.

    14. Melhilion

      is the PYRAMID PACK part of the devoted pledge?

    15. John on

      So the second most expensive pledge gets less pyramid pieces than the standard cheapest pledge?