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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
2,053 backers pledged $221,984 to help bring this project to life.

Backer Surveys & Late Pledge Open Today

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)
Backers, today we will give instructions on how to manage your pledge, but first we really wanted to reiterate just how grateful we are to each and every one of you for your enthusiasm, your support, and for taking the time to inspire us, and your fellow backers. Tremendous gratitude to all of you that go the extra mile and helped us to unlock all of the rewards.

Backer Survey  

We have teamed up with the kind people over at CrowdOx to send you an extremely simple survey in order to collect the info we need to fulfill your rewards. You should expect to receive the invitation today. The entire process should only take a couple minutes to complete.  

The invitation will be sent directly to the email address linked to your Kickstarter account. Be sure to check your spam folder in case it was captured there!  

It is important to submit the completed survey as quickly as possible in order for us to commence fulfillment.  

What is CrowdOx?  

CrowdOx gives you the opportunity to verify your reward, make your selections as well as verify and validate your shipping address. On top of all that, you can also upgrade your pledge level or add additional items to your existing pledge!  

You do not need to make a login and password in order to access your survey as you will receive an email with a unique link. If you want to go back to review your info, simply click on the link in your email again.  

Having trouble?  

If you run into any survey-related issues, you can reach out directly to the CrowdOx team right from the bottom of the form (see image below). They are very friendly and quick to respond!  

For any product or shipping related inquiries, you can also contact us right from the bottom of the form. As you can imagine, we are very busy working on finalizing the project and fulfilling your rewards so be sure to follow the campaign updates before contacting us.  

Survey FAQ  

I can't find my survey email The personalized link was emailed to the address that you provided when making your pledge. Be sure to check your spam folder. If you have lost your survey email, you can submit your email address using this retrieve tool:

I added extra funds to my pledge, how do I use my credit? When you open up your survey, it will open on the reward level that you pledged in. You can either upgrade to a higher reward level using the funds you have or you will see your credit on the Extras page where you can add the Cardboard Gods, Plastic Pyramids, or additional copies of Mezo. If your extra funds are due to a shipping adjustment, and you do not wish to apply this credit to add-ons, just let us know so we can submit a refund. If you can't find what you are looking for, please be sure to contact us at  

I have moved, how do I edit my address? You can go back into your survey at any time to update your address.  

I missed the campaign, can I still make a pledge? Yes and welcome! Head over to our pre-order page on CrowdOx here:

Once we are ready to prepare your order for shipment, we will lock the order at which point you will not be able to edit your address. Please contact us if you are unable to edit your address.  

Still have a question? Feel free to email us at

Thanks again!

-Team Kolossal

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      No worries. Stuff in the general comments section tends to get buried.

      Can't wait for the game!

    2. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on

      @Melhillion/Patrick The pledge manager will close in roughly a month and a half. We'll give a 30-day notice before its closed.
      @Rob Thanks for jumping on the questions!
      @Thorlight We're making sacrifices of extra Western Legends minis right now to summon the Mezo god minis.

    3. Thorlight

      Done and done for 165$ ;-). Now where is my game haha

    4. Patrick Barrett on

      Awesome, thank you Rob! I should have just checked that myself, but I'm lazy :P

    5. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      In the general comments section Kolossal said "... the pledge manager will be open for roughly a month and a half."

      I'm surprised that they didn't include a hard date in this update, but it looks like there's plenty of time.

    6. Patrick Barrett on

      Awesome! I have to wait until Nov. 2nd when I get paid again to get the full pledge. Will that be ok?

    7. Melhilion

      how long will PM be open?