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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
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Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello, backers!

Very quick update today. In 90 minutes, Kolossal's own Chris Hamm will be demonstrating the recently unlocked solo mode via live stream on our Twitch channel. Backers are encouraged to tune in here to learn more about just how solo mode works. The vengeful gods are ready, thirsty for victory. Will Hamm have what it takes? Only time will tell!!!


We also just unlocked yet another stretch goal. These two new altars are incredibly powerful and a great addition to any Mezo experience! One altar simply allows you to recover units from Xibalba. This is extremely helpful throughout the game with the amount of smiting and sacrificing that strands units in the afterlife. You'll need this bonus in particular for the next altar!

The other altar provides massive VP, but excludes the victor from ever having the Calendar or Codex bonuses for unit majorities. Not only that, but all of your units will be sent to Xibalba as well!!! This can really shake things up in the course of the game, providing tension and planning.

If you head to the main page we spoiled the next goal at $210k. Xolotl awaits you all for the campaign end, as do more rituals, prophecies, altars, and even wrathful tiles! Let us not disappoint him.


Tonight we will enter the final 48 hours of the campaign. All of the potential backers that asked to be reminded will have the opportunity to pledge and help us unlock those aforementioned goals. All of the backers currently backing at no pledge level will also have the opportunity to contribute toward those goals by increasing their pledge. We cannot stress enough how much this helps in us reaching the remaining goals. Backers now receive not only a discount on their Mezo pledge, but also Souls for Xibalba for their support. This expansion will be available after the campaign in limited quantities for $40 through Kolossal directly. The expansion currently contains:

  • 2 new gods: each with their 6 action cards, god reference card, mini (or standee for Tribe pledge), and reminder god token
  • Ritual card module: 9 cards
  • Tribe power module: 5 tribe power tiles
  • Prophecy module: 7 cards & 15 tribe tokens
  • Solo mode: 24 cards & 9 tokens
  • 6 new altar tokens
  • 3 new wrathful tiles

The city module lies just ahead, as well as our final god Xolotl! We encourage backers to also consider our two add-ons. The pyramid upgrade has 55 plastic pieces to upgrade the pyramid tokens in the game. These are currently $25 for backers and will be $30 with shipping later in limited quantities. The other is the god standees for those not pledging at the Tribe level. These are simply replacements for the god minis in the Chieftain and Devoted pledge levels, but cool nonetheless! These will also be extremely limited after the campaign. These add-ons help to increase funding toward unlocking goals and making Mezo a campaign worthy of the gods.

Lastly, we want to remind our backers in Australia and New Zealand about the recently discounted shipping prices: $20 now instead of $35 originally. Also, group pledge details can be found on our page, or right here for your convenience.

That's all for today! We appreciate everything you have done for this campaign: your passion, your feedback, and of course your time. Thank you so much and looking forward to the coming days and what they bring our backers.


Travis R. Chance

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    1. Cbyer on

      @Ashley tarr pyramid upgrade is an add on. It is NOT part of any pledge level.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ashley Tarr

      The pyramid upgrade add on is not necessary for the Devoted pledge though because it already comes with it, right?

    3. Cbyer on

      For anyone who missed the playthrough here is the link to the video.

    4. Kolossal Games 9-time creator on

      @Casiodorus! Thanks so much for the catch!

    5. Missing avatar

      Casiodorus on

      We currently unocked 12 Ritual Cards, not 9. The first 6 when we unlocked the Ritual module, 3 more as the 155K SG, and the last 3 as the 175K SG.