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An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
An innovative game of area control, conflict, and Mayan mythology designed by John Clowdus.
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Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Good afternoon, backers! Happy Wednesday! It's been a little over a week since we relaunched. We have managed to unlock a total of 8 stretch goals thus far! Additionally, I have slightly adjusted the existing goals to unlock the new god Zotz sooner.


At $167k (formerly $170k), we will unlock the Prophecy mode. This is a competitive objective variant that allows players to combat on yet another front.

At $175k (formerly $185k), Zotz swoops into every copy of Souls for Xibalba!

After that, we have 3 new ritual cards at $180k!

Most exciting to announce, the results are in for our variant player count mode of choice. Solo mode won out against 2v2 by 53.2%! We have added a social stretch goal that will unlock this new solo mode for backers, yet another goal added to Souls for Xibalba. We have been aggressively testing solo in the office, which manages to capture the core action system of the game, utilize gods, and is quite challenging.

To help us unlock this new solo mode, we are asking backers to help us reach 14,000 fans, followers, and subscribers on the following platforms:

We currently are slightly over 500 total fans, followers, and subscribers away from this goal. Click on the above links and contribute. If we can reach this goal by next Friday the 19th, our developer Chris Hamm will battle head to head against the Wrathful god on a livestream!


There has been some discussion on the comments and over on BGG about why backers should pledge now instead of later. We thought this would be a great opportunity to share some insights into the benefits backers gain from supporting this campaign now as opposed to afterward.

As a publisher, we enforce MAP pricing on our games. While we have an exclusive distribution partner for supporting our games in retail, we do not sell to online discount sites whatsoever. As with our first game that is hitting retail now, Western Legends, backers received a $10 discount on the price of the game in addition to the free expansion model we are using with this campaign. On average, backers received $25-40 total savings by backing Western Legends. It is common practice for these sites to list products, even while a campaign is still live, as being "out of stock." With Kolossal products, this is not accurate whatsoever.

For Mezo, our current pricing and product estimates are as follows for after this campaign.

  • $90 Core Experience (Chieftain pledge  equivalent without stretch goals)
  • $30 God pack (just the 5 additional gods and their components from the Devoted pledge)
  • $20 5th player expansion (just components for the 5th player with the altars and Wrathful tiles in the Devoted pledge)
  • $40 Souls for Xibalba (all stretch goal content unlocked during campaign)
  • $30 Pyramid Upgrade
The pricing estimates above are the minimum amount after the campaign. Prices will not be less than these estimated sums after the campaign--though they could be slightly more depending on quantities printed.  For future campaigns, we will be sure to share this info so backers can see the value from the moment we launch.

  • Backers at the Chieftain pledge level are receiving $50 total savings before shipping
  • Backers at the Devoted pledge level are receiving $85 total savings before shipping
  • Backers at the Tribe pledge level are receiving $40 savings total before shipping
  • The pyramid add-on now saves $5 total (shipping including)
Additionally, we are still working on just what will be available in retail and what will be available directly through Kolossal. At present, only the core experience (the Chieftain pledge without the stretch goals) is planned for a retail release, while the other content will be printed in smaller quantities and sold directly through Kolossal's website and at shows. We are unsure that we will produce any additional units for the Tribe pledge or the standees at present, since those quantities will be small. We are still very happy to provide this option, but our vision of the game is with the minis.

Lastly, we will be retiring the term direct exclusive from our campaigns in an attempt to clarify our model. To be clear, Souls for Xibalba is a free expansion which is comprised of unlocked stretch goals throughout the campaign. The majority of all unlocked goals will go into this expansion. Kolossal will sell this expansion directly through our site and at shows after the campaign. We hope this clarification is helpful. There are no exclusives for this campaign in the traditional sense as we do not want to alienate fans that discover the game after the campaign.

That is all for this update. We really encourage all of you out there backing for $1 to consider increasing your pledge based on the information above. This will help us to unlock more content. We want nothing more than for our supporters to feel rewarded for everything they do for us. This relaunch was meant to be proof positive that we listen, we care, and we can adapt. Mezo is an incredible game. We firmly believe in what John and our team has made. Thanks for being a part of this project. It means so much.


Travis R. Chance
The 12 gods in all their glory!
The 12 gods in all their glory!

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    1. Peter Sikachev on

      @Kolossal, could you please address zachhorn117's comment?

    2. Missing avatar


      Does the Devoted pledge include the pyramids? It looks like you added them to the amount saved section, at least according to my math.

    3. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      @Peter, sculpts are sunk costs, yes. But they still cost money that is factored into a budget. What is not a sunk cost is using PVC material to create thousands of units of 100mm god minis, which increase production cost, overall freight, to create packaging to protect each of those, the separate box with a SKU that has to be bought and registered, and expensive replacement parts to ship carefully if any issues are encountered. We could eat sculpting costs, yes. But without funding to produce the large minis, it is not a wise decision. However, I feel confident we can meet our goals.

    4. Peter Sikachev on

      Everybody knows KS stretch goals are BS. It doesn't make sense to do the sculpting and then throw it away. Therefore there is no real incentive to pledge more than $1 now.

    5. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      @Kell, I believe as a company we have the right to place a price based on our costs. I also believe consumers have the right to buy or not buy. What I do not agree with is selling our game for slightly above wholesale, which hurts brick and mortar, and creates a lower perceived value.

    6. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      @Casiodorus, they are like events, yes, but they make the game play pretty interesting as they change an entire age.

    7. Streams

      I really like the natural finish all of the minis have... they look like ancient stone. Is there a video of how that technique is done?

    8. Missing avatar

      Kyle (FLIPSID3 Gaming)

      Wicked cool of you to lower the threshold for Zotz! Great update as always and a very considerate reply to those questioning backing now or later. It all makes sense to me!

    9. Missing avatar

      Casiodorus on

      Are Ritual Cards anything else than ramdom events ?

    10. Kalen Allen on

      The reason we should back now is because of your predatory pricing policies with board game webstores? MAP policies barely qualify as legal in the US and are anti-consumer.

    11. Galitos

      Nice Update. Thank you