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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day 20: An Epic Finale

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)


You backers have rallied here in the final 24 hours, pushing us to our final stretch goal and even beyond. For this, Touko, and Kolossal Games would love to extend our genuine gratitude for all you have done in these last 20 days for this campaign. Eclipse has been one of my very favorite games for many years. I feel confident that it will remain as such for many more to come.

Since last we spoke, our last two stretch goals were smashed! 30, that's right 30, goals were unlocked in the last 20 days! At $850, 12 more translucent dice were added to Worlds Afar--for a total of 24!

At $900, the Rift Cannon module was unlocked. 

This module originally appeared in Shadows of the Rift. Ship part: Uses a special Rift Cannon die. The Cannon ignores all Computers and Shields. It may deal 1–3 damage to the opponent, miss or damage you.

The Tech tile allows you to add Rift Cannon ship parts to your blueprints.

Rift Turret this ship part provides the ship with two Rift Cannons and consumes one Energy.

This morning we received the first official teaser for the 24-page storybook that was unlocked at $550k. We encourage backers to take a moment and enjoy this sample of the story, featuring one of six pieces of artwork for the final version. Click here to read a snippet

Again, we cannot thank you all enough for your support and love for this game. We truly cannot wait for each and every one of you to receive your copy of the game and enjoy years of galactic gameplay to come. Updates regarding progress on the manufacturing and fulfillment will be shared as we navigate the process. We will continue to monitor the comments and BGG to answer questions and inform backers. Until then, you all are amazing. We look forward to interacting with you more in the coming months.


Travis R. Chance


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    1. Rick on

      Rift Turret - is this a discovery tile?

    2. Missing avatar

      Edward Winkler on

      @Jeff Lefebvre If you’re in a $25 shipping zone, that’s correct

    3. Jeff Lefebvre on

      Just to confirm, the total to pledge for everything is $213 USD?

    4. Tom on

      Any chance of using some of the extra funds raised to update/fix the IOS/PC implementations of the game? I love the game, but the software implementations of it are really buggy and I often can't get through a game without it hard crashing.

    5. Dean Gardiner on

      Loved this game when I first got it, and I am looking forward to playing this upgraded version.

    6. Nicolas Corai on

      I was expecting another two alternate blueprint tiles... Are you sure, you don't have a last stretch goal lurking around 950k?

    7. BreezingThrough

      So no final SG... booooo

    8. Craig Tubbs on

      First comment on the update. Haven't even read it. But well done everyone!!!