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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day 19: The Final 48!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello, backers!

The end is near! That's right, we have entered the final 48 hours of the campaign for Second Dawn. All of the backers that hit "remind me" throughout the campaign have been notified, which you can see reflected in the funding surge.

Today has been our 2nd highest funding day! This means we have a very realistic shot at hitting all of the remaining stretch content we have ahead of us. If you have not yet checked the campaign page, please do. Let's end this campaign with a bang!

We unlocked the cargo hold storage tray by Game Trayz! Noah is working with on the design still as we all want to make sure it is useful. The tray will live in the open area we mentioned in previous updates in the base box were the bagged components would rest. This may be one tray or two stacked Trayz. More to come!

At $850k, we add 12 more translucent dice to the Worlds Afar! And our last goal for the campaign is at $900k, which adds the Rift Cannon module to Worlds Afar.

Thus far, backers have unlocked 28 stretch goals for this campaign! Be sure to share the campaign with your friends and fellow gamers. Consider increasing your pledge--if you have not already. And don't forget to add to your pledge for ship wash ($10) or the play mat ($49-29, based on your pledge level).

We had a few questions come up about Dized and so here is some additional info. The $675k stretch goal was for Interactive Rules on the Dized app. This means the Dized app will have the most recent version of the game rules available with built-in FAQ and search functionality. It is also possible for us to have an Interactive Tutorial on Dized. The Tutorial teaches players how to play where Rules are mainly used by players who already know the game. Would you be interested to get the tutorial for the game as well? Let us know in the comments!

We have also seen some new chatter about playing two-player. If you haven't seen this awesome play through from Ant Lab Games, now is a great time to check it out!

We'll be back with you again tomorrow! Have a great night, everyone!

Travis R. Chance

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    1. Missing avatar

      mischa on

      @Anders sorry, that is confusing info, do I add it or wait till the KS is over?

    2. Missing avatar

      Anders Stuhr Nielsen on

      The add-on option will come when the KS is over.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anders Stuhr Nielsen on

      Yes, just add it :)
      Mine is 149(GC)+10(Wash)+29(Playmat)+20(Shipping) = 208 pledged in total.

    4. Missing avatar

      Joseph Triche on

      How do we add add-ons? Does anyone know? Do I just add 10+25 dollars (35$) to my galactic councilor pledge to get them? There isn't like an option or add-on box to check or anything like that...

    5. Dan Wetzel on

      Another yes vote for the tutorial

    6. helderman86 on

      Yes to tutorial!

    7. Missing avatar

      James Philpot on

      That's a big yes to the tutorial for me. We use dized for Blood Rage and the tutorial is awesome. It makes it so much easier to bring in new players.

    8. Philippe PETIT

      A big yes to tutorial

    9. Gordon Hart

      Yes to tutorial

    10. Missing avatar

      Björn Prömpeler

      Tutorial: maybe,
      sample first and second round of gameplay: sure
      and if we do not hit 900k: rift canon add-on in pm please please please pretty please!!

    11. Braden Green on

      Yes to tutorial, easiest way to transition new players beforehand.

    12. Petr K.

      This app is importand only with many translated languages! English, German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Polish, Italian and many others.

    13. Richard Dobson on

      Tutorial would be great for getting new players up to speed!

    14. Craig Tubbs on

      +1 for the tutorial!

    15. Matous Kurz on

      +1 for a full tutorial!

    16. David F. Bryden

      Full tutorial is a must!

    17. Fredrik Brander on

      A full tutorial would be extremely helpful!

    18. Jon Mercurio Knight

      Tutorial, yes!

    19. Missing avatar


      Just to spam more and collect the info I could find. The announcement of a new version from lautapelit was Oct 2017, Pegasus announcement was apparently even before that. So those would seem pretty outdated (especially the date of Oct 2018). The full scope and content might not have been known at the time (explaining the big difference in announced price and KS pricing). Some shops might not have been informed (at least one still allows pre-orders).

      So, for now I really hope that the original announcements are indeed null and void, because if the game does show up in retail before March and at a significantly lower price, it would look like deliberately lying to people to trick them into backing the KS. So far I haven't made that kind of experience with lautapelit and hope it's just a big mess of premature announcements...

    20. Missing avatar


      Ah, I found a discussion on bgg about that. Understandably, lautapelit denies that the announcement is accurate and had them take it down. Not sure this kind of info should be buried in a bgg thread, when other news sites still have articles about that online.

    21. Missing avatar


      " does plan to explore other language options in the future."

      You realize Pegasus already announced the German version of 2nd Dawn for fall this year (in stores)? You can preorder it for around €65 with shipping ($75-80), though online shops aren't allowed to ship before March. That sounds like a lot more than "exploring it in the future".

      Since you're only handling the KS for them, you might not even be aware of that, but it really makes this campaign extremely unattractive (at least for German backers). An official statement would be nice. For example, if someone could confirm that the Pegasus version will NOT contain all the same content (no trays to reduce the price or something), I would see it as a good reason to stick with the KS. But if the versions are identical, I'd feel ripped off (pay more, wait almost half a year longer).

    22. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      @David No additional languages will be part of this campaign. However, does plan to explore other language options in the future.

    23. Missing avatar

      David Sellars on

      tutorial would be a great addition! Any chance of including different languages?

    24. Craig Shackleton

      I would like to see the Dized tutorial happen. I tried one of their other tutorials, and it seemed awesome. They need to add a lot of content, but what they have looks good.

    25. Patrick Krüger on

      As new player I would strongly appreciate a tutorial for the dized app.

    26. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      So Jeffrey, if I had a picture it would make you take me more seriously? If mine is a fake account, it's a really long con, since I've backed over 30 projects since 2014.

    27. Jeffrey Parry on

      Love all the no picture blue circle icon dudes bugging up Kolossal.. fake or what...

      Money money money.. we want your money.. even when we offer pieces of cr@p..

      And oh yeah... don't forget to double your pledges in the last 24hrs .. wouldn't want you to keep any from us ;)

      If not they may just double the pledge amounts. like they have done for the mat on the lower pledge lvl..
      Ya know those poor off who love the game should pay twice as much.. right!

      It's a rich man's world $$$$$:)

    28. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      Yes, please do a tutorial!

    29. Victor Pluntky on

      The DIzed app is crap... just bugs. Nothing works...

    30. Paul

      Yes, a tutorial would be very helpful

    31. Hans Møller-Poulsen on

      Sorry, but aren’t dized dead? Their app seems very beta anyway.

    32. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      A Dized tutorial would be excellent! I'm new to Eclipse, and this would be a great way for me and my family to learn the game. Thanks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Noel Dillabough

      Here's hoping for Rift Cannons!

    34. Missing avatar

      Edward Winkler on

      Thanks for the update, I’m beyond stoked to hit the final two SGs and believe in the community to push it over the top. I believe your wording confirms there are no further goals which I think is great, we know what we’re working towards and it is very achievable!

      As for the tutorial, if it doesn’t come at great expense to the designer, I think it could be invaluable. With all he new components the game has become much more streamlined and welcoming to new players, giving them the ability to run through a tutorial rather than pour through the rules would be amazing for onboarding new players!

    35. Ismael on

      Tutorial will be great too and very wellcome