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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day 18: Product and Campaign Details

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello, all! We have a lot to share today on numerous topics. As the campaign is closing in on the final days, let's hit warp and jump in.


The creators also shared updated play mat images with us. On one side, it will accommodate players up to 9 and will show places where to put Outpost Sectors. There were slight adjustments to the darkness to the colors of sectors to separate different Sector rings (I, II, III). On the second side, wanted to add the great variant for 5 players from Antti Autio. "Using the Large Warp Space, the five-player setup becomes as balanced as possible by eliminating 1 Inner Sector Zone and two Middle Sector Zone hexes from the game."

Galactic Counselor Pledge Info


These are 320gsm, as well as double-sided--one side for tech tiles while the other is the rules summary. These will have all the rules and tiles summaries from Galactic Counselor pledge level. These include rules for the base game and Worlds Afar expansion. You'll get six of these reference sheets, one per player. These reference sheets will help people learn the game quicker, as well as check rules in mid-game swiftly. 


Next, check out how the score pad will look like for the game below. These double-sided, A6 sized, full-color score sheets will help you count up the score and help you take notes while playing and after the game. These notes might prove precious in the future.


Lots of new goals shown today! Firstly, the Cargo Hold storage tray at $800k! This is a WIP tray Game Trayz (Noah) is working on now to fit in the open space in the box to help organize the extra content. 

At $850k, 12 more translucent dice going into Worlds Afar (for a total of 24). 

At $900k, the Rift Cannon module, which was formerly in Shadows of the Rift. This module comes with a number of components for players.

More to come once this goal unlocks.

That is all for today's update! We will be back tomorrow with more info for all of you amazing backers! Thanks so much, as always!

Travis R. Chance

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin on

      Things get cool (at least)...I am happy :-)

    2. 7 B on

      ENGAGE! MAKE IT SO (800k!)


    3. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      @frotes: looks like this is a work in progress (WIP). Something they didn't plan for but backers asked for (moar storage!) so they are adding on!

    4. frotes on

      Now these look like a good goals

      What are cargo trays?

    5. Missing avatar

      Chad on

      @Kolossal - Your images for the metallic species boards and spot UV box/sectors disappeared earlier today from the bottom of the Terran pledge overview image. FYI

    6. Tom on

      Can't wait for this game. Eclipse has been my top game for a few years now. Q: Are there plans to release the scorepad in PDF format?

    7. Missing avatar

      James Lapalme on

      @Rick... me too!

    8. Christopher Paul on


      In 1E there are expansions so you can play up to 9 players. This means they're looking forward so that when they expand 2E, this mat will be good at every player count from 2-9.

    9. Felix Chu

      "One side it will accommodate players up to 9.." wait.. how many players?!? 9!?!?

    10. Christopher Paul on


      I'm hoping we'll get to vote on the art print!

    11. Rick on

      For the first time in a while, I'm actually feeling excited about this campaign. Really hope we can unlock the extras you highlighted here!

    12. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      @Kolossal: Also, is the art shown for the signed print considered final? Really like it!

    13. Christopher Paul on

      Playmat is perfect.
      LOVE the reference sheets.
      Scorepad, never needed this, but neat nonetheless.
      Cargo tray seems like a must have.
      Very excited to unlock the Rift Cannon Pack!

    14. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      @Kolossal: Thanks for the update. FYI, your graphic on the campaign page says there is only 1 trifold reference sheet included, not 6.

      Also, is the rift cannon "new content"?

    15. Lindsey Rose on

      Omg, I really want that 800k SG, cargo storage by game trayz— I’m a sucker for pretty and organized.