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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

DAY 16 UPDATE: Final Week

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello, all!

Firstly, thank you all so very much for your patience while we have awaited information regarding things like rewards for the final week of the campaign. We are excited to share this information with all of our backers today!


We have unlocked 4 goals since our last update! Let's take a closer look...

At $575k, you unlocked the species PSD of the species template! This allows backers that want to create their own species for a more customized experience! Add your art, your ship schematics, even species abilities. The stars are the limit!

At $600k, you added metallic printing to the species boards. This is an incredible cosmetic upgrade backers will have in all of their copies of the game!

At $625k, 36 plastic ship stands for cruisers and dreadnoughts were added to Worlds Afar. These stands will add dimension, aesthetic, and even help organize sector hexes. The bottom of each cruiser and dreadnought has a small hole to accommodate these stands.

At $650k, the box cover and sector hexes will all have spot UV coating. This is a nice cosmetic upgrade that adds to the table & shelf presence.

Today we showed our next goal at $675k, which adds the rules and FAQ to Dized, the ultimate companion app for board games!  We're still working out the details and this will become available with backer fulfillment. has explored the universe far and wide for goals for more rewards in the last week of our campaign. As you all know, Eclipse is thoughtfully designed. Second Dawn is no exception. In fact, it is the culmination of years of feedback from fans of the game. To this end, the creators would like to ensure backers that no superfluous content will be added to the remaining goals.

While we are approaching the end of our goals for this campaign, we still have some exciting reveals ahead of us in the coming days! Be sure to keep an eye on the campaign's main page for new rewards on the horizon.

That's all for today! Thanks so much again for your support, your patience, and your passion. We absolutely appreciate all you have done during this campaign to make it as epic as the game itself!


Travis R. Chance

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    1. Bumpkin on

      I'd like to know where they are getting the stands from, I'd like to get enough for all the ships.

    2. Scott Handren

      Yeah, I just can't get excited about this. I want to be. I know it's very highly rated on BGG and people rave about Eclipse. I jumped on board on day 1, all in. But I've lowered my pledge to $1 now because something is just not clicking for me. For that price I think I'm better off going for Escape Plan plus Lisboa. It's true they are very different games than this, but I only have the one wallet, and I feel like they've done a better job of earning my money.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gary on

      +100 @Trienco

    4. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      @Jean-Carlo Alves Da Silva: They already offer double-sided mats; see the add-ons section.

    5. Frank Jensch on

      @Trienco +1. Couldn't agree more

    6. Etienne Simard on

      @Trienco +1 to eveything you mentioned

    7. Jean-Carlo Alves Da Silva on

      Thank you for the update. Im still on the fence and waiting on how this will pan out in the last 48hours. Hope to see some nice stretch goals. (Dice, double sided mats)

    8. Missing avatar


      As the title points out: it's the final week. Unless you're making up stretch goals as you go, I don't see the point (or wisdom) in still keeping them secret. These are the last days to get people excited and give them a good reason not to wait for retail (other than "you'll be adding minor stuff for others that will pick it up in retail for less").

      A Kickstarter isn't a movie or theater production, so I don't understand why some campaigns feel the need to make it an "exciting event with twists and reveals". It's a business proposition. You are asking investors for their money and good faith. Try approaching any other investor with "well, sure, it's a lot of money for not that much value, but we promise, once we have your money, we will show you something worthwhile". You'll be laughed out the door.

      This is an established game with a huge fan base and with only 4 days left even 1M seems unlikely. At some point one has to realize that this campaign isn't doing remotely as well as it should. I suspect a ton of backers still watching and waiting for those one or two stretch goals that make them go "yes, NOW it's worth it".

      So, again, the two only reasons for not revealing the remaining stretch goals from a business point of view with the goal to raise as much money as possible is if either a) you have no idea what stretch goals to come up with or b) you know they suck and people would just drop their pledge and wait for retail. I really hope you'll prove me wrong.

    9. Sebastian Zarzycki on

      It will also be great for half the price in your local FLGS.

    10. BreezingThrough

      I finally convinced the boy to drop that horrid Blind fanboy Isaac con game. So figured I can support this full price instead. But now thinking of dropping this to £1. Even then still 50/50 if I will rather just get this retail instead... sure I get it cheaper (slightly) on KS and sooner... but starting to think that it maybe best to wait for a 50% sale in retail store to get this.

      There is not much reason to support on KS, flags are starting to show. Nothing superfluous from here on out, if this proves to be a lie I am out completely. Maybe if I see an improved SG push after Dizze or what ever it is advertising, I will reconsider raising pledge but this KS has been rocky and it would been best to get these useless SGs out the way early on.
      Not like I am in a rush in truth, we can just play Eclipse until (IF) we get this.

    11. Christopher Paul on

      Wow, so much nerd rage on here.

      Were you expecting gold plated starbases?

      What we're getting right now is great, anything else is just icing.

    12. Mariano Cetroni Mariani on

      Worse stretch goals ever... I'm really sorry to say this... but I'm starting to regret pledging this game, everything sounds like you're playing with backers intelligence and patience.

    13. Jon Mercurio Knight

      I'm going to keep backing this, I'm all in, but I don't get what is going on in your heads to think that promises are the way to go at this point, especially when the only currently revealed stretch goal currently is one I'm not sure anybody cares about. I don't understand why you won't just post the remaining stretch goals, or at least post stretch goals up to levels that people can get excited about. Every time you just let it slog past a goal people aren't clamoring for, it goes incredibly slow... but then when you post something people can get behind, all of a sudden, it starts jumping.

      That should be the model established by this campaign. I don't think we need to make anymore, unless there are indeed really good goals left to strive for... in which case, POST THEM. Stop pitter pattering around and let's get on with the show. Even my patience is starting to wear down.

    14. MegaProtoMan

      Dropping my dollar pledge. I'm out. Buying this in retail. I feel sorry y'all are being pulled down with lautepelt. But think before you get into business with people who have a weak vision for a kickstarter. This has had very few moments to shine, but at the end of the day the campaign had just sucked terrible. And with no exclusives also out makes this a very easy one to pass on.

    15. Missing avatar

      Eirik Holsæter on

      Please change your stretch goals ASAP!!!
      From your «screen print on bags»-stretch goal and out everything has been shit....But this is horrible!!!
      Interactive rules on Dice?!? Wtf?!?
      And exclusive print???

      Give us new tiles, new Star ships, new game content!!!!

      There is no shame in turning arround when it comes to your stretch goals!

    16. Rodolphe on

      Dized should not be a stretch goal. It is a legitimate goal for a publisher but making backers pay for it!
      "no superfluous content will be added to the remaining goals" Except of course for the 700K goal.
      "we still have some exciting reveals ahead of us" I really hope so. You should reveal now the next ones to gain some goodwill and trust.

    17. Sebastian Zarzycki on

      Agreed. And the award for "we so want to discourage you" goes to... Well, you know, who.

    18. Andrew on

      I finally backed for a dollar today to try to convince myself to buy in... but man, you make it difficult to want to support.

      "No superfluous content" translates to "nothing of real value" will be added.

    19. Missing avatar

      Marco Herreras

      actu 14: meh^14

    20. Missing avatar

      Frickes on

      What is Dized? Feels more like a lame and cheap advertisement instead of a value adding stretch goal.

    21. Missing avatar

      Anthony Doolan on

      Is Dized paid subscription based?