Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

by Kolossal Games

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    1. Todd on

      Anyone else getting an invalid format error on the rules link?

    2. Jon Mercurio Knight

      Todd, worked fine for me.

    3. Missing avatar

      Bob Whitaker on

      @Todd FYI: I got an "invalid format message" while using my tablet. I had no problem from my PC

    4. Nick King on

      Android phone here, invalid format

    5. Chris Krajci on

      Love the trays, everything looks really nice.

    6. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      Where do the extra 2 orbitals go? There are 12, but only room for 5 per table tray?

    7. Morten on

      The mat is Looking good :)

    8. Captain

      Updates like this are why I changed my pledge from $1 to all in. Well done Kolossal, well done.

    9. MegaProtoMan

      So only a discount at the galactic counselor. More money grabbing I see. You guys just don't get it.

    10. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      @ Kolassal I love the LOOK of the trayz, but how do we get the tiles out of the tray? They seem to have tight tolerances and no finger holes.

    11. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      The rules opened for me... And I have an Android.

    12. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      @MegaProtonMan I think they are striving to add additional "value" to the Higher Pledge Level

    13. Shawn Charney [TundraThunder] on

      @ Robert- Good catch on the #'s. It looks like the trays were designed for 10 orbitals & 12 monoliths (instead of 12 orbitals & 10 monoliths - as stated in the campaign summary)

    14. Big Tom Casual (Orange Nebula) on

      @shawn Gametrayz engineers the snot out of these things. My guess is one side of these is recessed under the tiles so you can push that side down and the other side tips up and is easily grabbed. Much more elegant than a bunch of finger holes!

    15. Kevin Young on

      Gametrayz already confirmed on BGG that the tiles sit on a short pedestal so you can push and tilt the tiles up for easy access.

      This is standard for all their trays, regardless of the game.

    16. Markus Leisner on

      Great update, maybe it’s time to raise my pledge. The mat is awesome, how about a vote for the map Art? I also like the trays. It’s one of my top reasons the back this campaign. The rules look like the game i love.

    17. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Great update.
      I really like the trays.
      The rules link works well. I use a laptop with Linux operating system.

    18. Missing avatar

      Noel Dillabough

      So awesome, can't wait even more! Please add an extra set of dice addon, only thing I think is missing.

    19. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      @Shawn Charney: I realized after posting that they got the monoliths wrong as well. I checked the rules and they agree with the campaign page on components (and that also makes sense to me, as we always build way more orbitals than monoliths in our games)

      I hope Kolossal can address this issue with the trays, and if it is indeed a mistake I hope it can still be corrected.

    20. Cynthia Snead

      Looking good! I raised my pledge from $1 to all-in. I've never played this before so really looking forward to jt!

    21. Missing avatar

      Michał on

      so to clarify things. if i now pledge 1usd and in pm jump to galactic consuelor level, will the mat be 29usd for me or more?

    22. Missing avatar

      Brenton Mallen on

      Came here to comment on the component count vs tray space (orbitals and monoliths) but saw that it was already mentioned so I just wanted to reiterate the discrepancy.

    23. Anthony Simons

      How strong are the trays?

      Not like I'm going to be sitting on them or anything, but you never know.

    24. David Francisco Garcia Owen on

      Please!, more expansions as stretch goals!