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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day Four Update: Galactic Counselor Pledge Update & Add-Ons

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Good afternoon, backers! We have some exciting news to share in today's update. Designer Touko,, and Kolossal have been working daily to integrate as much of your feedback into the campaign for Second Dawn. Our hope is to best align our goals for Eclipse with what fans love and want out of this new core experience. 


The Galactic Counselor pledge level will now include a brand new rules module for Minor Species. These 9 tiles allow players to forge alliances with exotic alien species much in the same way they do with other players.

Diplomatic relations with a Minor Species can be formed at any time on any of your turns. Pay the Money cost shown on the Minor Species Ambassador tile and place the tile on one of the free spaces on your Reputation Track. The ability of the tile is immediately in effect. You are allowed to have multiple Minor Species Ambassador tiles. You are not allowed to discard them.

If you head to the campaign page, you will also see that we have added an option for miniatures detail wash to your pledge. This wash is applied in the factory to all the minis (ships, orbitals, ancients, etc.), which better shows off the details of the sculpts for backers that won't be painting their minis, but want an elevated aesthetic. To do so, manually add $10 to your Terran or Galactic Counselor pledge levels--an additional 108 ships detail washed if you are backing at the highest level. This can also be done later during pledge management. has also been working hard on a playmat for the game. While this has not yet be added as an option to the campaign, we expect it will be finalized by early next week as we await pricing and shipping info.

The playmat will be a 90cm X 90cm, two-sided neoprene add-on. One side will be for the basic game setup, while the other addresses the 5-player setup, allowing the two players that are slightly farther from each other to have equal access to the galaxy.

And that's all for today. Thanks again for your passion for this project, this game. We will be back later tonight for a quick update on what new has been unlocked on the fourth day of the campaign.


Travis R. Chance

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    1. Missing avatar

      Johann Georg Strobl on

      Only to be clear - if I would raise my pledge by $10 and currently I'm on the GC pledge level than I would receive all Terranian ships with a wash - if I'm on the Terran pledge level I would receive all alien ships with a wash? As in this update as well on the campaign page its stated of 'that pledge' as well as 108 ships (on the GC level it would be 216 for the players ship plus the other minis as well).
      I know this is maybe semantics, but I only want to be clear in the expectation/understanding .-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Seems people like the wash option. My wife and I prefer to do the painting on our own.
      90cm x 90cm playmat looks great and luckily it fits to our dining table.
      Now waiting for the price.

    3. Missing avatar

      Michael L on

      Jeff, that wash effect looks great. Want to make sure it isn't like the Lords of Hellas sundrop effect. Heard very negative about that.

    4. Missing avatar

      Richard Jones

      Good job, especially the mat. Keep it up. :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Joni Pennanen

      I’m glad to see this campaign going into right direction. I just wish everything would have been revealed in the beginning and funding target would have been set accordingly to accommodate the production costs. At this age and time we are spoiled and used to flashy stretch goals. I still believe that Eclipse appeals more to euro-gamers who put game mechanisms ahead of miniatures. Now it feels like marketing is more geared towards miniatures game than the actual gameplay.

      I believe many disappointments could have been avoided if the contents of both pledges were just thrown out in the beginning and backers would have known what to expect for their money.

      I just ordered playmat from 3rd party yesterday since, based on the communication during the campaign, I did not believe we could have an official one. I would rather have supported this campaign with that optional buy instead.

    6. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      Happy to oblige!

    7. Missing avatar

      Brady Bennett

      Thank you for your continued effort and hard work to make a great game even better. It doesn't go unnoticed and is vey much appreciated!

    8. Jeffrey Parry on

      Im not going to say Well done...just, finally. ;)

    9. Jeff Lefebvre on

      basically, makes the models look badass

    10. Jeff Lefebvre on

      This is an example of what a "wash" does to a miniature:

    11. Missing avatar

      Carl Bevil on

      $10 add-on for a wash is a great deal! Thank you!

    12. Eric

      Looking forward to seeing the wash/no wash images!

    13. Bry Hearn on

      Brass final product is worth the wait!!

    14. Missing avatar

      Steve Ball on

      Good update - thanks!
      And a +1 for an extra dice add-on from me, too.

    15. Dmitriy Lyakhovnenko on

      Yes, but sometimes failed test copies can cause production and shipping delays (Brass is a sad example for me), thats why I hope Lautapelit already considered specific features of the fabric they've chosen.

    16. Kevin Young on

      True, hopefully the wash will be similar quality to Mechs vs Minions

    17. Clint Conner

      Can you guarantee consistency with the wash? I made the mistake of getting the wash with Lords of Hellas and it was a joke, highly inconsistent.

    18. adrsol on

      I always hated the player alliances, this is great

    19. Missing avatar

      Johnny Russell on

      I'd think any production company worth a damn would make some test copies first.

    20. Dmitriy Lyakhovnenko on

      Hope you guys know that neoprene can shrink. Hexes on the playmat might become smaller than the sector tiles after printing.

    21. Missing avatar

      Johnny Russell on

      I would also still be interested in an extra dice set add-on, especially if you can make some fancy unique ones (swirly, semi-translucent, bigger, aluminum, etc).

    22. Kevin Young on

      Wow, what an awesome update! The wash is a great idea and great price also. Playmat looks awesome.

    23. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      We do not have the final wash images yet, but will share when we do!

    24. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      Updated! should have been cm not mm :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Korey Kolberg

      Is there a sample picture of the wash?

    26. Evan on

      There's an extra $10 from me, more once the playmat is officially added I'm sure.

    27. Hugues Lessard on

      Mat might be 900mm x 900mm... 90mm x 90mm would be pretty tight for a galactic conquest =)

    28. Van Willis on

      Exciting news all around, as someone that doesn't have the skill to paint minis I love the idea of the wash.

      I'm going to go out on a limb with the playmat and assume they mean 90cm x 90cm and not 90mm x 90mm as listed :)

    29. Missing avatar

      Johnny Russell on

      I think you mean 90cm x 90cm!

    30. Steven Townshend on

      The minor species mechanic looks cool.

    31. Craig Tubbs on

      I am so happy right now. Well done, team. Great update!!

    32. Missing avatar


      Awsome news!