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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day three reward update!

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Good evening, all! Quick update covering what we have unlocked today through your amazing support. For those of you that may have missed the earlier update, we would recommend you check it out. With regard to content, we have amended the content that is brand new to the game for players to more easily differentiate.

First up, we unlocked the player turn order components variant!

With this variant, the player order is determined by the order the players passed on the previous round. In the Action Phase, take actions in the order shown on the track, from left to right, instead of regular clockwise order. When you pass, place the lowest available Next Turn Order Tile below your marker on the track. At the end of the Cleanup Phase, reorder the Turn Order Markers so that the marker that has the tile "1" below it goes in the leftmost circle, etc. Remove the Next Turn Order Tile from the board.

You also unlocked two new discovery tiles!

  • Morph Shield: After each Engagement Round, remove one damage cube from each ship with this part. 
  • Jump Drive: With the Move action, you may move the ship to any neighboring hex, regardless of Wormholes.

Next, we have two new blueprints! One for Ancients and another for Guardians!

Two big goals await us next: Guardian ship and Monolith minis! We have even more new content on the horizon and some exciting news we will be sharing tomorrow with backers!

Thanks again!!!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Paul Rumohr on

      @Kevin, with a poor kickstarter campaign making the rest of their fan base wait for retail would be the dumbest thing they could do. That would be pure suicide and downright insanity.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kevin Parkerson on

      @zhi then wait and buy it on retail dude. I and many others want V2 of Eclipse ASAP, so we're helping make that happen with our pledges and will get our copies long before you do.

    3. Mr. John on

      Potential exclusives that avoid the 'Blood War' problems where people don't want the game without the KS exclusives: Upgraded or alternate pieces/playmats, including 3rd party style organizers that won't be part of the retail package, and silly exclusive expansions that people would only play once ina blue moon ad add amusement, but not serious play, to a game. Also, making something "limited exclsuive" so that it will not be released in retail for a period of time (anything from 6 months to a couple years) after the retail release also works. While people may still cmplain about these, reports from other companies indicate they hve little impact on future sales. If there had been KS exclusive purchasable playmats, alt sculpts for some of the ships, upgraded planet hexes with 3d parts (perhaps just for the home planets), and an expansion that added a tile that unleashed a Galactus like monster that ate the universe round by round if found (highly unbalancing and random, but a fun idea) - and they were all KS exclusive for 3 years but would be available in retail after that point, 90% of the complaints here would be gone and future sales would be pretty much entirely unimpacted.

    4. Missing avatar


      @ryan Actually whatever happens in this kickstarter will not affect what we will get in the retail. They have actually stated multiple times on BGG that this game is going to retail no matter what, they have already decide what is going into the box and mostly how much it is. This kickstarter is just to maybe help them reduce the cost a little of the retail version. The stretch goals are not even stretch goals, they are what was planned in the "expansion". Even if this kickstarter bombs and fails, we will still get a retail version of the game with whatever is listed in the core box plus whatever "stretch goals" they have not shown us and there will be a retail version of the expansion with all their plan stretch goals, even if we did not unlock a single one of them. That is the problem, the developers painted themselves in a corner with how they insist on doing this. They already stated they have planned out what is going into the boxes, (this is why they can't add new content that backers are asking for, because they have playtested out everything in the new version), they have insisted on a set price they want backers to pay for the boxes and insisted on what the final MSRP price should be, to "show us it is a good value." The stretch goals are not real "stretch goals", it is just random stuff that will be included in the game they have not decided to reveal to us yet, but they HAVE to add it into the retail game no matter what or it will mess up their playtesting.They have stated that clearly on their facebook page, there will be a retail version and there will be no difference between the retail and kickstarter version. They keep insisting that we should back now because the cost (MSRP wise) will be higher in retail. What they just can't seem to gasp is if they ship a MSRP $150 game of eclipse out, almost no one will buy it at that price. It will just sit in a warehouse or a store shelf until the store owner is tired of having it take up their room, then it will be discounted to get ppl to buy it. This is NOT a new game, it is a upgraded version of an existing game that still is in print. I would like/love to have it, but I am not dying to have it right away, because I can always play first edition, until the pricing drops to an acceptable level for me to buy it. It is not going to "sell out" because at $150 price, a common boardgamer is not going to randomly drop that much money to buy it when there is a cheaper substitute they can get that provides almost the same experience. ALL the factors are on MY side to set the price and conditions for how and how much I want to pay for this game, the sooner the developers realized that sooner we can get this campaign where it should be ($1 million+ funding). I want to support the developers but right now fully backing this is not "supporting them", it is "supporting stupidity", you fanbase/customers are telling you one thing and trying to help, but you are burying your head in the sand and telling us to take it or leave it. I still have my pledge at $170 right now, but the more I think about it, the more I realized the best thing I can do for the developers is to drop the pledge (i'll probably put it down to $10 instead of $1. Giving them $10 to show the support for the idea but not how it is being implemented). Well that is my 2 cents or $10 dollars, hopefully someone wakes up on their side and realizes what a dumpster fire this is.

    5. Ryan Dorendorf on

      @zhi I'm in for the $170 now and the main reason is I want to see more stretch goals unlocked so I can find something to be excited about. And I hope more people don't take this "wait for retail" approach, though it may be cheaper with what is currently being offered. Because that would end up reducing what everyone would be able to get, both through kickstarter and retail, due to unmet stretch goals.

    6. Svenn

      @Kolossal Games
      You keep saying that you get Worlds Afar for free, but it's $50 more for that...

    7. Missing avatar


      @kolossal Games Sorry but I disagree. There is no way the KS pledge will be "cheaper" then if someone waits to buy it retail. You can quote me a MSRP price all day long, but that does not mean that is what I am going to end up buying the game at. All the big online game places, coolstuff, miniature market, gamenerdz, etc... sell for less than MSRP and give free shipping once your order hits $100+. If your MSRP is $140, it is going to be sold at $120 at the most (looking at pricing of gloomhaven and TI4), which means I am playing +$50 more for core game. Now you can say the MSRP of worlds afar will be $50 which is way more than it should be, then if you apply the same discount it would be like $35-$40 to buy it online, so you still end up paying more to pledge now than wait for retail. This is also not taking into account any opporunity cost for having $170 of your money tied up for a year waiting for the game to show up. I love the game and will buy it eventually, but there is not reason just because I love the game I would go seek out the most expensive place on the internet to buy the game just to backup your claim that the KS pledge price will be "cheaper" than buying it on retail.

    8. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      @zhi. There will be no exclusives. We do not use this model as it just inverts the issue later, creating alienation for later adopters. The game price is cheaper, you get Worlds Afar, which will have cost later, for free. Backers get the content first. There are more goals ahead.

    9. Missing avatar


      Those guardians look so cool! Glad the turn order variant is in, seems like it makes for a fairer game. Really love the artwork on the tiles too. Can't wait to see more!

    10. Missing avatar


      @kolossal I think the biggest failing here is that without any Kickstarter exclusive items there is no real reason anyone show back this rather than retail. Whatever "savings" we get from the kickstarter pledge price being cheaper than the "MSRP" price is lost in the fact that we have to pay for shipping most stores sell for less than MSRP. I do not care about paying more than MSRP if there was something "special" about that kickstarter compare to the retail version I can just wait for. It doesn't not even have to be anything that affects game play, it could have just been an extra alternate mold for the ships or the GCDS mini and everything would have been all well and good. For example, I backed the KS for roll player, the pledge ended up being $10 more expensive than what I could have gotten if I just waited for retail, but the KS came with metal coins instead of card board ones. It doesn't affect gameplay at all but I was happy to play the extra $$ because it made my KS special. I know you don't want to add any KS exclusive items or not planned items because you are afraid it will effect your careful playtesting, then don't add anything that would affect gameplay. Add some kickstarter stuff that makes the backers free like they are getting something special for backing this early but doesn't affect gameplay. Examples: a special bigger box with alternate art to fit everything, a different mold of the GCDS, plastic ambassador tiles, etc... Yes it would add some cost to the ks boxes, but I would think if you got double/ triple the funding because of it, you net more money in the end.

    11. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      I like the new guardian ship models. they look really cool. I hope there will be way more blue prints for ancients and guardians though. I always liked the variety of opponents. different blue prints also adds a layer of exploration and uncertainty.

      eclipse has always been an awesome game and I think every change you made is an improvement so far. the KS has received a lot of criticism, but that does not change the fact, that your game is awesome. I am glad to back it.

    12. Des Lee

      I have almost always used the pass order is next turn order variant, even before they made it "official" in an expansion. IMO it's the fairest way to play. I agree with Anthony, this should have been part of the base set to begin with.

      In any case it's easy enough to proxy in using coloured cards or chits.

    13. Anthony Rubbo

      This was my only eyebrow-raising moment of the campaign. Turn Order Tracker should no doubt have been part of the 2nd Edition core, not a stretch goal, add-on, or expansion.

    14. adrsol on

      @Kevin I think that's just a tracker of turn order

    15. Nicolas Corai on

      @Kevin - With the standard rules, the first player to pass gains the first player token, and play will proceed clockwise from him/her on the next turn. Which means you could pass second and still be last on the next turn. The optional turn order is more fair, at the cost of being slightly more fiddly.

    16. Kevin Young on

      And what's wrong with the usual turn order?

    17. Kevin Young on

      Thank you for describing what these things do! Very helpful.

      When should the variant turn order be used? Is it better in all circumstances?