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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

Day Three Update: Campaign and Shipping Revisions

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Good afternoon, backers. Travis here again! Massive update today on a number of topics which many of you have been patiently waiting to be covered. We thank you for that patience, as we have thoughtfully collected feedback over the first 48 hours of the campaign to address concerns and concepts from fans the world over. So without further delay...


There has been some confusion about this new edition of Eclipse. In particular, we have seen comments about the game being "incomplete." With so many revisions to content and components and the incorporation of content from prior expansions, I thought I would take a moment to illuminate the intentions of and Touko.

Second Dawn has even more content than the original base game. As mentioned, some content from expansions like Rise of the Ancients now finds itself in the core game. Why? Because over the many years fans have enjoyed this content, it became evident it should be part of the new core experience. Additionally, a great deal of development has been done by the publisher and designer. Considerable updates to species, technologies, and overall play have been applied to improve upon the already outstanding experience Eclipse has brought gamers for years.

Think of the content moved from expansions into the new base game and/or stretch goals as starting fresh. Yes, Eclipse will have more content in the future, but the expansions on the horizon will be tremendously different than the ones fans now own. This truly is the second dawn for this game, wherein the accumulation of years of feedback and additional development has resulted in much more refined and robust experience. There is nothing incomplete about this edition, nor the prior one. This is merely a new chapter for what Eclipse will offer as a game based on feedback from fans like yourselves. Old fans will see issues with the prior base game addressed and new players will be able to enjoy this new core experience at the highest level.

A list of the revisions to Second Dawn can be found here.


Another comment we have noticed is the mention of nothing new in the stretch goals for Worlds Afar. To better illustrate what is brand new that players have never yet seen, we have revised the graphics on the page to denote new content.

We have already unlocked a few new rewards, with even more new content ahead of us. Further, I have spent some time with on how to better show the value of Worlds Afar by revising the funding cadence of our goals, as well as some of the rewards themselves. If you look on the page, you can see we have added something exciting to the stretch goals at 400k

As we have shown the Guardian minis, which will replace the Guardian tiles, originally introduced in Rise of the Ancients, this will encompass all of the miniatures for this campaign.


We have seen comments that the promo packs contain more than 1 tile per pack. These were originally released through platforms like the BGG geekstore (selling out instantly) and at conventions. This content adds new options and even more replay value for each game of Eclipse you play.

We are currently awaiting some assets, but we will have some exciting news about new content for this pledge level tomorrow.


Lots of opinions on the existing cover image for Second Dawn. has provided two new cover options. We have created a poll on BGG for fans to vote on which cover they would love to see for the game. You can vote for which cover you want by clicking here.


Last bit of info for today--so thanks for your patience--is that we have been able to improve shipping costs to a few regions. Knowing that we can reliably subsidize costs to backers in a specific part of the world is massively helpful, so we appreciate all of you vocal backers out there for letting us know!

We have been working on new smaller regions, using an Asian hub rather than the original plan to ship to the "Rest of World" from Germany, which now allows us to reduce the costs and prices for the Asia region but also Australia and New Zealand.

New Rates: 

  • $30 (China, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan)
  • $38 (Australia/New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand Philippines)

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are backing and have one of these regions selected, we need you to change to a different region OR switch to a no reward pledge so we can go in and update the shipping for your region.

Once we have made the updates, we will send out a note to let you know to go back in and update your pledge.

And that's all for today! Check back tonight for a wrap-up of the goals we have unlocked in our third day of the campaign!

Thanks so much,

Travis R. Chance


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Parkerson on

      @Jeffrey Parry seriously dude? Get help. There's no reason you should be this angry at strangers over a KS campaign you feel is run poorly despite the fact that it met it's funding goal in 2 hours and is now at nearly $400,000 funding.

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Below on

      Monolith model looks great.
      +1 for the image in this update as cover art.

    3. Missing avatar

      Alexander on

      nice update. cool monolith model. I am looking forward to what is to come.

      +1 for the image in this update as cover art.

    4. Moondog on

      Yup, the Cover above is better than any of the 3 on BBG. Could this not be made an option please?

    5. Corey Hastings

      +1 For the image in this update as the cover art. It is the best, in my opinion. The ones on BGG are not that great. I do not care for the factions on the cover of the first option, the second option is too plain in comparison (but is the best of those three options), and the third option has that line through it that kills an otherwise good image (what is it, part of a gate?). Use the image in this update, and I think you will be golden.

    6. Will Baker on

      Gotta say I’m pleased with the updates. You have earned my full $150 pledge. Travis, you really have a lot of patience. I tip my hat to you.

    7. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      We will check with game trayz for precise clarification. Thanks!

    8. David Siskin

      I, for one, really don't see what all the fuss is about. I feel like I'm getting a better version of the game, and if I didn't, there is nothing compelling me to back this project. But I am backing it, and that is because I believe in where you are taking this game.

    9. Jeffrey Parry on

      Are you kidding me. .. after 3 disastrous days of Kolossal f##kups you now want to keep pretending it's all marvelous and sunny, and that we are all one happy bunch and super impressed with what's been happening to a much beloved game.

      You keep making little changes to the KS to try and pull it back. YET never once admit what a mess YOU'VE made of it all.

      How impressed we all were with the message from Kira that tried to shift all the blame to .. I bet they are as impressed about being blamed for this mess

      I just wish they could pull the rights from you guys and do it properly. Since I am sure they would at least have a clue on who there target customers would be and what they want.. do you even know eclipse. . And what it plays like.. apparently not.
      Even the 2017 world champion said that the ONLY released (terrible) videos were riddles with mistakes and mostly played by noobs. Who in there right minds in 2018 would showcase a game like that.. where are the other reviewers. .????

      Then this new update just half spent patting your self on the back and the last half repeating the change in shipping that should have been sorted out well in advance of the KS..
      Well congratulations. . Honestly .. obviously we are all happy here.. and we all just love our spoon fed soylent green...

      Keep smiling and telling yourself and us that it's all OK and we are all just not understanding your huge gift to us...

      Oh and thank you for the daily ignorance and condescension. .
      And for illuminating us... such a$$ho1es..
      It's bad enough world leaders that spew this stuff... but fake newsing your own KS is great and doing well and we are all super new low.


    10. TingTong on

      What distributor you use in shipping in Asia, is it VFI?

    11. Keithustus on

      My vote goes for the bottom image of this update with the ships and none of the three images on the actual poll.

    12. Craig Tubbs on

      Great update but +1 Svenn.

    13. Ryan Dorendorf on

      +1 to Svenn's question.
      Making these awesome trays hold only the core game tiles and thus having to keep the expansions tiles in baggies seems like a very undesirable solution for 90% of backers to deal with. And for those at Terran pledge a little extra room in the inserts wouldn't hurt and will actually make them happy when they fall in love with the game and decide to buy the expansion later!

    14. Miguel Michan

      +1 That image is the best cover by far

    15. Mike Fairchild on

      +1 to Dan. That image is the best one by far. Seems to be popular on BGG with multiple postings under the actual vote lol

    16. Missing avatar


      I think the new ROTW shipping rates remain are a rip-off.

      Shipping a game within China is more expensive than shipping a pallet to the USA and then distributing in the USA. How can that be justified? Postal rates in China are ridiculously cheap.

      Further, assuming local fulfilment in Australia, shipping to Australia should be cheaper than the USA given lower freight charges from China to Australia. Yet the shipping cost to Australia is more than double the USA.

      I smell a rat. It looks like the ROTW is subsidising the other USA/EU.

    17. Malarialist on

      +1 to Svenn’s question

    18. Dan Wetzel on

      Also, in the cover voting thread, the image at the bottom of this update wasn't a choice, but seems to be extremely popular. Any chance you could add it to the poll? Please and thank you.

    19. Scotty Ford on

      Ah must have missed that one :( oh well, future expansions is still a thing :)
      This Trayz questions may as well get a +1 whilst I’m here too!

    20. Dan Wetzel on

      +1 for Svenn's request

      Unfortunately Scotty, they said they will not be bringing in any of the additional species, that they're planned for future expansions.

    21. Robert Dijkman Dulkes on

      +1 on Svenn's request

    22. Scotty Ford on

      Nice idea to highlight what is new content on the SGs, makes it nice and clear thanks :)
      Does no more minis in the SGs mean no more species? Or might new player mats surface for the existing ships...?

    23. Svenn

      Can we get some clarification on what the trays can actually hold? Will they hold all the stretch goals? Will they hold the Worlds Afar extra tiles?

      90%+ of your customers (based on current backer numbers) are going to have Worlds Afar, so having trays that can't actually hold that content makes those trays essentially worthless. If I have to pull out the trays, then pull out baggies or something with the extra pieces that go with the pieces in the trays... well, that's just silly.

    24. Theodore Hans Seifert III on

      Thank you for working harder to reduce cost!