Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy

by Kolossal Games

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    1. Miguel Michan

      “can confirm, at the minimum, it will be $139.99”... That price makes no sense in the current market.

    2. Svenn

      Please make an option for a larger box that can fit both the base game and expansion content. Stretch goal, add-on, or whatever. There needs to be an option for fitting everything in one box. Also, it seems silly to have these fancy trays that can't fit everything. It makes the trays pointless.

      Additionally, please make another tier with the base game and Worlds Afar expansion without the extra human ships.

    3. Rodolfo Cavalcanti Bezerra

      Hello, backe from mexico here a possibility for shipping here is through aethertower, william is the ceo and you can contact them at

    4. Miguel Michan

      Why in the hell it will be so expensive?! (Sorry for the double post)

    5. Evan on

      "Expect all future stretch goals not yet spoiled to be more substantial rewards."

      I am VERY excited to see what's next. Hope some are convinced from this update that Kolossal and Lautapelit aren't trying to screw people over. Games development is *hard*, time-consuming, and costly and I'm happy to be supporting such a great game.

    6. Connell Miller on

      Thumbs up to the voting on the box art! (Personally a fan of what you have listed currently as the World’s Afar box... hope that’s one of the options for the main box!)

    7. Missing avatar


      That alternate box cover is 100x better than that cheesy sci-fi TV series cover currently used!

    8. Missing avatar

      Dave Chandler on

      So will the retail version of Worlds Afar be crippled if stretch goals here are not met?

    9. Missing avatar

      Bo Musial Jensen on

      140usd.... Eclipse new damn is about 60 usd. 80 usd will give you a whole lot of expansions.....

    10. Missing avatar


      @Kolossal Games
      You are going to try to sell just the core game for $140??? LOL
      Let's do some simple math to show why your KS is awful and doesn't work.
      Let's do a simple comparison. Currently my pledge which is the "all in pledge" is ~$170 dollars (150+20 for shipping, god help you if you live outside of the US). Let's say what you said is true and that the $140, Is anyone one in their right mind going to buy this game at $175? No, you can buy the base 1st E game plus all the expansions for less than this, (just go check BBG market). Plus twilight Imperial 4 MSRP is like $140 which comes with 354 minis vs your 135, lots more other stuff too. Even though Eclipse plays way different it is always been consider the lighter, cheaper less heavy version of TI4. There is no way it would could be price the same as TI4 and sell (people who just buy TI4 instead). SO let's say eclipse 2 is price slightly lower than TI4, $120ish. NO one sells at MSRP price, you can buy it from several places for 20-30% off MSRP price with free shipping, there are several places you can get TI4 for $120 with free shipping. SO right now looking at the $120 MSRP price (which is still high for E2), I am paying an Extra $50 for what? TO make you guys rich? You said so yourself there is no KS exculsive, since it is an established production line already from E1, i am probably not getting it any sooner than the retail copy, so what is the extra $50 I am paying you UPFRONT that i could be using to buy another game to play til the retail copy comes out? Now let's say you realize that the $170 is a BS price, and drop it to $120, would it still be a good deal? No it would still be awful, kickstarter is suppose to be a place where both developers and buyers gain some benefit by helping each other out. Developers to "free money" from backers early to help make their produce and backers get the game cheaper and better for giving the developer a "interest-free loan" to make their game. If this is a foreign concept to you, please read this:
      In short that link from stonemaier (which has run many great KS campaigns and made a lot of wonderful games) backers should be getting the game for well below MSRP price and/or lots of great stuff in addition to the core game via stretch goals to reward them for giving you free money. If the MSRP of E2 was $120 and when it hits retail and most places will sell it at 20-30% off MSRP ($84 to $96, which seems high but close to right, I could see buying E2 for $100) then backers should be backing the game for $75 to $80 IF the shipping was cheap, with some niffy KS only stretch goals. Currently you are asking backers to pay DOUBLE what they should $170 vs $80, for NO real stretch goals, so why should anyone back this project?

    11. Vladimir Orellana

      Please consider:

      1. Playmat option
      2. Larger box to fit everything.
      3. Options for people like me with first edition. ( Conversion, mostly // Chance to get old game content )
      4. Give more value with current stretch goals. It feels not rewarding enough.

    12. Will Baker on

      Why would anyone drop $140 for a second edition of a game? Maybe if it was an anniversary edition or something like that is limited but not just for a reprint. Granted it does look beautiful.

    13. Missing avatar

      Bo Musial Jensen on

      Gonna be fun to see what happens, when this campaign strikes out and doesn't unlock all stretch goals of expansion. 50 usd for half and expansion nobody knows about....

    14. Missing avatar

      Ryan Abrams

      Literally the first thing I did on reading this was go to BGG to find the poll to vote for the new/alternate box art, then discovered I'd misread and that's coming later this week. So then I liked the update, and got excited about the concept of new minis, etc. Hopefully as we inch forward, we'll see some new, more attention grabbing stretch goals coming into play, so that momentum can resume, and the hyperbolic haters can either fade back, or more likely just get drowned out.

      Personally, I'd have backed just for the revisions and fancy ass trays. The game is awesome. But I can't wait to see what type of /new/ things can get added into the 2nd edition. I'm ready to be surprised, and putting a lot of trust into Kolossal to deliver on that.

    15. Missing avatar

      Ryan Abrams

      And yeah, I'd totally add on a big box or a playmate or both.

    16. Malarialist on

      Please make an option for a larger box that can fit both the base game and expansion content. Stretch goal, add-on, or whatever. There needs to be an option for fitting everything in one box. Also, it seems silly to have these fancy trays that can't fit everything. It makes the trays pointless.

    17. RLL on

      Ryan, lower your expectations. They aren't going to give you a playmate.

    18. Moondog on

      It's astounding, really. Even as one of those 1st Edition owners who has spent many hundreds of £££ of on all the expansions, wooden insert and custom components, I just came to this campaign an hour ago, ready to go "all-in".

      And then I saw the price. And the stretch goals. And a put in a $1 pledge just like so many others. I hadn't even read any comments by this point, though I suspected what many might say.

      This campaign has got off to a shocking start, and I will be cancelling my pledge completely before long. $170 for an incomplete game is absurd, and quite disgusting really. I've given you enough of my money in the past; you don't deserve that extra dollar I just pledged.

    19. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      Hey, all! The game has lots of varied bits, lots of sculpts, lots of content. The price assessment is based on the costs. I cannot speak to the price of TI4, as I do not know their print size, their sculpting costs, art budget, and much more info. Our goal is to produce the best game possible. The good news is, as a backer now, you will get the savings from retail with stretch goal content as well.

      We understand some people want more, but all of the decision being made on are on data regarding costs to produce, ship, etc.

      As far as this KS being a failure, we are in the first 30 hours of the campaign and have funded and then some. We are happy and look forward to interacting more with everyone here over the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks again,


    20. Missing avatar

      Bo Musial Jensen on

      @kolossal Games Nothing you just said is making me think you are listening to the actual valid points people are making about this kickstarter. People don't want more. People want transparency, and you not willing to listening to it and calling this a succes, does in any way boost my confidence in this.

    21. Missing avatar

      Jose O on

      So lame explanations on why they did not "spoil" the expansion: they needed Stretctch Goals! Seriously? So I you are selling me something that I dont know what it is, just because you need me believe I am getting extra stuff although it is not extra....

    22. Ada Leigh on

      I am from China and I hope the shipping cost can be less than $15

    23. M on

      I have never seen a KS with so much negativity. Eclipse is such a great game it bothers me to see it this way. I say dump the custom ships in the base game and Ancient sculpts. Keep the inserts and give me a game for $75 (I paid $60 for E1). Make the custom sculpts with the four mini expansions $35.

    24. Missing avatar


      @kolossal games
      You are calling this a success? Have you not notice the amount of money you were funded actually went down? It was near $340k sometime this morning and actually drop to $320k. No one designs or sells games in an void, if you are saying you didn't even do any market research to see what the proper price point for the game should be, doing common sense things like looking at your direct competition (TI4 and just rebuys of the original eclipse), what kind of KS campaign are you even running here? The whole "we did not want to make up new SG's, so we just parted out the expansion as one" makes me think you guys are not taking this seriously. I hope someone from Lautapelit takes a look at this dumpster fire and puts a stop to this, because this is hurting their eclipse brand far more than it is helping it.

    25. Theodore Hans Seifert III on

      2nd art is 1000% better than the one shown originally.

      Thanks for the campaign, I am fine with paying $140 for a refreshed game and expansion together. Shipping costs are shipping costs... everyone is spoiled because Amazon can eat 7 billion in shipping costs. Don't believe me?

      I do agree that 1E buyers should have an option to pledge an "upgrade kit." In the end it does not matter to me as I do not own 1E but, it would seem fair.

      My 2 cents. Flame on!

    26. Moondog on

      Oh dear, it's all gone a bit 'The Last Jedi' over on this campaign.

      So, we have to pay $50 extra for a load of human ships that many people probably don't want, just to get those few extra tiles (most of which many of us own anyway - and these were originally FREE promo tiles in the 1st Edition) ? Nice. It makes no sense. But then we also have to pay over the odds for base game ships many if us already own? I'm sorry, but this stinks. Wouldn't have been wiser to have included the newer human ship molds in the base game, with Ship Pack One ships as an extra add-on? That way us Ship Pack 'There Can Be Only' One owners wouldn't have to fork out extra for no reason. But then again, that would be putting loyal customers before profits. Silly me. Anyway, I've been curious to see the backers drop from over $300000 raised to under $250000 in a few short hours.

    27. Moondog on

      Ah, scrap my last sentence. My laptop and phone were showing different currencies. Phew! I really do want to see Eclipse flourish into the future, but I just can't back it the way things are. Good luck regardless

    28. Missing avatar

      Paul P on

      I'm on of the people sitting on a $1 pledge, waiting to see if things change to a more reasonable cost for AU. At the moment it's going to cost us around $320AU - For reference, that's about 3-5 other games which range from $60 to $110 for a premium game. The original Eclipse is about $100AU new with a good deal. I already have the original plus all the expansions and ship packs. I came to this Ks fully intending to back it. Now I'm just playing the waiting game before I decide.

    29. James on

      @Paul P .. +1 I am in the same boat.

    30. Ken

      I'm from Australia. Try shipping with Aetherworks. They ship for many Kickstarter projects.

    31. Missing avatar

      Paul P on

      Seconding Aetherworks. Never had a problem with them. Prompt delivery, good pricing and excellent communication.

    32. MadScientist

      Good update. Keep up the search for good shipping to Australia.

    33. Missing avatar

      Frederik Vogel on

      Backer from Japan here.

      Backed Nemesis at the beginning of this year. They had the same problem with high Shipping costs due to the high Oil price as well. In fact they had to even rise the price after the campaign. Don’t think that much can be done about it, especially for Japan but hoping for the best^^

      Nevertheless looking forward to all the new stretch goals to come! :-)

    34. Ken

      I'm from Australia. Go with Aetherworks! waiting on shipping update before doing a full pledge.

    35. Iconography on

      I know Travis and have met him several times at an Indy local game shop. He’s a good person, a hard worker, and takes Game production seriously.

      I get that this is Kolossal’s (Action Phase’s) first “big” BGG Top 100 Game in KS (though Aeon’s End is a good title). They are going through growing pains and learning curves with delivery and packaging and pricing. But I have faith in them. I can honestly say that Travis and company will make it work out before the KS project ends.

    36. Ryan Tiberius Thornton on

      Aetherworks in Australia will sort you out!

    37. Kraylore on

      Australian here, thanks for the update.

    38. Missing avatar

      Ken Sandars

      Another Aussie here, adding to the cosmic energy which seeks lower shipping charges. I balked for a moment when I saw the estimated cost was $65AU. That delay dropped me out of the first 100 backers! But seriously, anything you can do to get that down will help an already successful campaign. And thanks for producing Eclipse - I'm really excited to get into this game!

    39. Missing avatar

      Ken Sandars

      Another Aussie here, adding to the cosmic energy which seeks lower shipping charges. I balked for a moment when I saw the estimated cost was $65AU. That delay dropped me out of the first 100 backers! But seriously, anything you can do to get that down will help an already successful campaign. And thanks for producing Eclipse - I'm really excited to get into this game!

    40. Sisada Ransibrahmanakul

      Please consider an option for a group buys. Combine with VFI Asia (their price and tax policy) I'm pretty sure that the order from Asia zone will increase significantly!

    41. Benjamin Stewart Cowley on

      +1 for I’m in Australia, ship with Aetherworks.

      I paid $40USD To ship Mythic Battles with a heap of expansions that would be at least 3 times larger than what you will be shipping here.

    42. Ashley Gardiner

      +1 for Australia.

    43. Benjamin Stewart Cowley on

      You know on second thought it’s a bit bloody disingenuous asking us to say which country we are from, you can see where the supporters are from in the community tab - I can see there are 88 Australian supporters right now, so Kolossal you are either being a bit thick or trying to misdirect. Get your act together.