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The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
The all-new edition of the acclaimed 4X sci-fi strategy game.
6,512 backers pledged $958,792 to help bring this project to life.

First Day of the Second Dawn

Posted by Kolossal Games (Creator)

Hello and welcome, backers! 

Firstly, we cannot begin to express our gratitude and excitement for the first day of this campaign. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing such profound support for Eclipse and its official second dawn.

As you all know, we have funded and already unlocked a number of stretch goals. We have lots of exciting content ahead of us, so do make sure to check updates like these for information regarding new rewards. Further, please consult our FAQ, as many answers are provided therein.

Now, onto the goals! We have unlocked 5 goals in total--with many more on the (event) horizon!

We unlocked two new rare technology tiles!

  • Opponents will now need two ships to pin each of your ships. 
  • You may take two additional Ship Parts when taking the Upgrade action.

We also unlocked two new sector hexes!

  • These lost systems introduce new advanced grey planets!

Lastly, we have one new discovery tile--with another fast approaching!

  • This ship part provides the ship with one Soliton Missile and one Initiative.

After the next discovery, we have a substantial goal that includes sector hexes, blueprints, and ship tokens!

If you have not yet subscribed to the BGG page, you can do so HERE. Lots of conversation happening there and here on our page. We appreciate your patience while we answer backer questions here in the comments and elsewhere.

Once again, thank you so much for (inter)stellar show of faith in Eclipse. We look forward to interacting with you all in the coming days as we share more about this new edition and what it holds for the fate of the galaxy!

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    1. Markus Leisner on

      Okay, this looks better, I’m back on counselors pledge. Keep going on. Maybe something exclusively for backers?! Just one piece or gimmick no non backer has.

    2. Francesco on

      @Kolossal Games: looking at Zhi's and your answer, I have again the feeling there is a huge gap between your perception and the feelings of some backers.

      You said you paid a full price for Eclipse and price is expected to be lower after 7 years.

      Well, many gamers know quite well that nowadays you can wait just for a short amount of time and get a considerable discount from the retail price. Often even preorders offer good deals.

      Board game consumers are getting smarter and smarter, they evaluate different purchase options and prefer to wait for impartial evaluations or testing the game itself if possible.

      Unless they see a really good deal, of course. :)

    3. Missing avatar


      @Kolossal Games
      Let's do some simple math to show why your KS is awful and doesn't work.
      One of your main reasons you stated on BBG for why you should KS this one instead of buy it in retail because the MSRP will be higher, I will call BS on this. Let's do a simple comparison. Currently my pledge which is the "all in pledge" is ~$170 dollars (150+20 for shipping, god help you if you live outside of the US). Let's say what you said is true and that the MSRP will be higher than this, let's say $175. Is anyone one in their right mind going to buy this game at $175? No, you can buy the base 1st E game plus all the expansions for less than this, (just go check BBG market). Plus twilight Imperial 4 MSRP is like $140 which comes with 354 minis vs your 135, lots more other stuff too. Even though Eclipse plays way different it is always been consider the lighter, cheaper less heavy version of TI4. There is no way it would could be price higher than TI4 and sell. SO let's say eclipse 2 is price slightly lower than TI4, $120ish. NO one sells at MSRP price, you can buy it from several places for 20-30% off MSRP price with free shipping, there are several places you can get TI4 for $120 with free shipping. SO right now looking at the $120 MSRP price (which is still high for E2), I am paying an Extra $50 for what? TO make you guys rich? You said so yourself there is no KS exculsive, since it is an established production line already from E1, i am probably not getting it any sooner than the retail copy, so what is the extra $50 I am paying you UPFRONT that i could be using to buy another game to play til the retail copy comes out? Now let's say you realize that the $170 is a BS price, and drop it to $120, would it still be a good deal? No it would still be awful, kickstarter is suppose to be a place where both developers and buyers gain some benefit by helping each other out. Developers to "free money" from backers early to help make their produce and backers get the game cheaper and better for giving the developer a "interest-free loan" to make their game. If this is a foreign concept to you, please read this:
      In short that link from stonemaier (which has run many great KS campaigns and made a lot of wonderful games) backers should be getting the game for well below MSRP price and/or lots of great stuff in addition to the core game via stretch goals to reward them for giving you free money. If the MSRP of E2 was $120 and when it hits retail and most places will sell it at 20-30% off MSRP ($84 to $96) when backers should be backing the game for $75 to $80 IF the shipping was cheap, with some niffy KS only stretch goals. Currently you are asking backers to pay DOUBLE what they should $170 vs $80, for NO real stretch goals, so why should anyone back this project?

    4. Kolossal Games 10-time creator on

      We appreciate all of the feedback. New content is in fact coming. The core idea is to improve on the already great foundation upon which Eclipse is built.

      With regard to the price of the game, I personally paid $100. Yes, 7 years after the fact the price dropped and/or could be found on online discounters for less--like most games. Publishers have to value their products based on the cost to produce and get it to the customer. This is a pricey game to make with a lot of nice bits and some custom components in the trays. We understand that different customers want different things, but our goal is to make a product that covers as many of those wants as humanly possible.

      With regard to the campaign and crowdfuding, I humbly disagree. Kickstarter started out as such, yes, but it has not been just that for years. We appreciate the opportunity to bring the game to crowdfunding and absolutely appreciate the support and passion.

    5. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    6. Valentin Dumitriuc on

      @Kolosal Games: I do not have enough info and context on this business, so I will try not to judge and hate. I am a sucker for this game, and it took me about 3 minutes to decide I will back the Galactic Counselor Level. Despite having all of the original expansions, both big and small, and even if this 2nd edition duplicates basically all of them, and there appears to be little or no new content, besides many things that are not here (maybe yet - like the expansion races). I have the money, so I do not necessarily think this in terms of value. I like the game, and this is the way I choose to support the game, because of the many hours of sheer fun it offered me.


      I do have my own opinions, and I see a lot of criticism around this game. While I am sure there is a business model behind it, that may not seem obvious or nice to the community, some things really stand out. Like the Stretch Goals that seem massively underwhelming, some duplication, some lack of customization regarding pledge levels and so on, I'm sure you know them. As I said, I do not know exactly what is the model and the target behind this campaign, so I will not jump to criticize. But, as you collected feedback for the game itself and came up with a better product, maybe there is room and time for taking some feedback into consideration and improving this campaign as well?

      Regardless of this, I still think you are doing a pretty good job, but I feel it could be great instead of good. Just a thought.

      A faithful Eclipse player

    7. Kuba M. on

      KS is for making a game with a community. Did You know that? You are breaking the main fundament of this site.
      Give us something innovating. Give us the game cheaper. Give us exclusives. Give us something great. Sort of it is what we all want I think.
      And this expansion. Who came up with an idea like this, that it depends on SGs? So people who don't want to spend so much money are double screwed.
      In my opinion, SG and expansion should be separated things.
      And about SGs... One tile? Really? WTF? And every 25k xD And You are assuring us (lying to all of us) that You have a lot new super goal to make. Stop fooling around. Start making changes.
      But apparently, my opinion doesn't matter. You are not replying to any critique. Because I'm not a backer You care for. I'm just a person You want to take money from. Nothing more...
      If You won't change Your way of thinking and won't start listening You will lose a lot of Your backers.
      I'm just sad because I was waiting for this campaign and this game so long. But now I'm not sure I want this anymore

    8. Missing avatar


      @Kolossal Games, wow this is one of the worst one KS campaigns I have seen. If the main reason you are giving for KSing the game now is because you are going to make it more expensive in the future, then please give the game back to original creators instead of screwing up what could be a great game. You have basicly done the opposite of what all KS do for a successful campaign:
      1. make the product cheaper to buy because you are using backer money instead company money= FAIL (the MSRP will be more $$? PLEASE might as well just throw your profits away. Twilight Imperial 4 MSRP is $140ish and you can easily find it online for the 120's. Are you going to try to lie to me and say all the stuff in this KS will be MORE than TI4? ( have you seen the amount of stuff in the TI4 core box?)
      2. NO KS exclusives? really? 90% of the time people KS for the exclusives, because if for some reason you didn't like the game you could make your money back by selling it on the secondary market because of the KS stuff. This because of reason (1) you are going to take a loss if you want to sell it on the secondary market. FAIL
      3. make something really new and innovative that might not get funding from investors because it is something new and different and might not have a true player base yet. FAIL, other than some trays and minor changes this is just a reskin of 1st edition.
      Please fix your campaign.

    9. Francesco on

      @Kolossal Games: just backed 1$ hoping for considerable changes before the end of the campaign.

      “Thanks for your feedback Erik. Kolossal and Lauatpelit are reading through all the comments and we're working on something for 1E backers. More details will be revealed soon.”

      In doing so, please consider that the retail price of 99$ of the 1st edition you quote, it is way more expensive than the one many of us has paid in the past. In many countries you can still easily get a new 1st edition copy of Eclipse for a price of about 62-69 $ (free shipping included). Without mentioning the secondary market.

      I am wondering which prices you could have set up for:
      1) An “old” style 2nd edition without additional miniatures and trails (I would have excluded also the supposedly expensive custom dice…).
      2) A 2nd edition without trails.
      3) A galactic counsellor pledge without the additional ships.

      I have the feeling many potential backers would be happy to have the possibility to buy an essential 2nd version of the game with the possibility of adding “deluxe” components according to their taste. Then, of course, nothing prevent you to apply discounts for backers buying more add-on.

      Thanks in advance for taking into consideration. 😊

    10. Missing avatar

      Adam Brenton

      No comment on Australian shipping then? Disappointing.