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Free/libre OS for x86 computer. Written in Assembly. Uses only 8MB RAM and 1MB disk space to run. Less than 10 sec from power-on to GUI
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Flies And Spiders

Posted by KolibriOS Project Team (Creator)

This update is a happy one, because 2 good things happened since the last update:

Student application results announced!

On Monday we have announced the results from our closed voting on KolibriOS forum. Many thanks to all 4 students that have applied this time, and we are very sorry that one of the students had withdrawn his application before the deadline (the application seemed a good quality, even though the proposed work did not fit our project).

After carefully considering the remaining 3 applications, our team decided to select Shikhin and dunkaist as our students for KolibriOS Summer of Code 2013. Both projects will focus on filesystem support improvements:
  • Shikhin will work on write support for EXT* filesystems (ext2/3/4), and filesystem caching support;
  • dunkaist is going to implement XFS filesystem, starting from read support and continuing onto write support as time permits.

Since both our students will work in the same area, they can also potentially help each other if one of them is stuck. And they both will touch the same code in kernel, so if there are bugs, they are more likely to pop up and be solved.

All backers that pledged £10 or more, are going to receive links to both students' work as soon as the students start writing their code.

Money received!

On Saturday morning Kickstarter has sent us an e-mail, stating "Your funds are now being transferred to your bank account. Please allow a few days for your bank to process the transfer." We have checked our bank account on Monday, and were happy to find the money there (minus Kickstarter and credit card fees and VAT charges on the fees). Here is the detailed break-down:

  • Gross pledges: £5,000.00
  • Dropped pledges : −£15.00
  • Collected pledges: £4,985.00
  • Kickstarter fee: -£249.25
  • Payment processing fee: -£167.17
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) : -£83.28
  • Net transferred to bank account: £4,485.30
If we translate the amount to $USD, it is roughly equivalent to $6800 (please don't judge us very strictly, as the exchange rate fluctuates daily). Our expenses so far are:
  • Registering our project on DistroWatch: $200 (incurred)
  • Advertising our Kickstarter campaign on the internet: $200 (incurred)
  • Stipends to 2 students: $4,500 (projected)
  • Payment to 2 mentors: $500 (projected)
This leaves us around $1400 for producing and shipping all your rewards, as well as for bank transfer fees (we need to transfer the money to students and mentors after all!). It also gives some slack for any unexpected things, such as a backer not happy with his/her reward and willing to get his money back.

Some people might be curious why the heck we have spent $200 for DistroWatch registration? Well, the answer is very blunt: our project's Wikipedia article got threatened for deletion. We are a real and legitimate project with great community and open-source code, but we are not so "mainstream", to put it simple. Therefore some people have questioned our notability, which in Wikipedia terms, means "Your page can be deleted anytime without prior notice, if you don't prove us it's worth staying." You certainly agree that having our Wikipedia page disappear in the middle of our Kickstarter campaign wouldn't be fun, and it would definitely raise some red flags. Fortunately for us, having our project listed on DistroWatch meets Wikipedia notability requirements, so now we are safe (barring acts of internet vandalism, of course).

We are sending the backer surveys this week - please check your e-mails soon!


Trivia hint: Since none of our backers have found the "Easter egg" so far, we are giving out the promised hint: "Guess how many updates our project is going to have?". Now it should be easy :-)

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    1. KolibriOS Project Team Creator on

      That's correct! :-)
      We will make sure you get some prize shipped together with your reward.

    2. Michael on

      Sorry, i have not seen link to chatlogs at chat page, so i tought there is no logs at all.
      You have used chapter names from "The hobbit" book of Tolkien as update subjects on your project on Kickstarter.

    3. KolibriOS Project Team Creator on

      You have spoiled everything - now everyone is going to check our chat :-) Ok, tell the answer here :-)

    4. Michael on

      If i saw "Easter egg" in KOS chat, can i still win?