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Free/libre OS for x86 computer. Written in Assembly. Uses only 8MB RAM and 1MB disk space to run. Less than 10 sec from power-on to GUI
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Queer Lodgings

Posted by KolibriOS Project Team (Creator)

Here are the news from this week - as you might see, the ball gets rolling:

Student applications

Student application period has closed yesterday midnight GMT. We got a total of 4 (four) applications, one being from our own seasoned contributor dunkaist (who also happens to be a student in Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia). The other 3 are people totally new to KolibriOS, so we are really happy that our Summer of Code helps to spread awareness of our project and bring new contributors. Two of the submitted proposals are from India, and the remaining one was from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago). Sadly, the Caribbean student has withdrawn his proposal before the deadline, so we are left with only 3 proposals, from which we have to choose 2. That would be still a tough choice, as all 3 proposals are charming to us. You are welcome to read all proposals here:

Today afternoon our contributors team has started a closed voting to choose the best 2 proposals. Voting shall end on Monday, June 17th, 9:00AM GMT, at which time the results would be publicly announced. To all people who pledged us £100 or more - Please register on our forum ( and let us know your username, so we can grant you voting rights for students selection process. And again, in Russian: Вниманию людей, пожертвовавших нам £100 или больше - Пожалуйста, зарегистрируйтесь на нашем форуме ( и сообщите нам своё имя пользователя, чтобы мы могли дать Вам права голосования при выборе студентов.

Funds collection

We are happy to inform that after our reminder to you to correct failed payments, only 2 backers were not able to correct them till June 7th, so we are left with 104 active backers (out of 106 backers total). Which means we are getting most of the money pledged to us. The money transfer to our account is probably going to happen today, June 14th, or on Monday, June 17th. Once we receive the money, we will post a detailed financial report to show on which things it is going to be spent.

Rewards shipping

We will send backer surveys next week (after selected students are announced and start working, so the organization administrator has more free time). Based on the survey answers, we will check in which country it is best for us to procure the USB memory sticks and T-shirts. The estimated shipping dates haven't changed, and we still aim for August to ship all the physical rewards. The access to beta-test versions will be granted once the students create their first pieces of code, which we think is going to happen before end of June (also as planned).


Trivia question: We have planted an "Easter egg" in our Kickstarter project (although completely unrelated to KolibriOS). If you have read up till here and are bored, we encourage you to find that "Easter egg" and report your findings in the comments. If nobody manages to figure that out till our next update, we will give you a hint :-)

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