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Update #4

Hiya Recipes!

We're using Hiya's ability to cold-brew fresh green tea and experimenting with its potential.

Mixing ingredients with tea is pretty difficult because they need to compliment the subtlety in the tea flavors. Mixing the premium tea with other fresh ingredients though could lead to something amazing.

We're thinking about setting up a space online after the production has completed (discussion forums, blogs, etc.) where you can share your own recipes with each other. Would you be interested in something like that? We hope the videos below can inspire you to create your own drinks when you get your hands on Hiya. Thanks again for your support and check out the videos!

We were hanging out at Sanctuary T in Manhattan and asked Mixologist East if he could make us a drink using Hiya. This is the result!

We also experimented with other fresh ingredients to compliment the tea flavors.

This one is with pomegranate lime!


    1. Kevinzittleportrait.small

      Creator Kevin Zittle on July 9, 2011

      Love the idea for sure...always looking for new ways to drink my tea!

    2. Icon_large.small

      Creator Kay Rhodes on July 8, 2011

      I like the idea of a place to share recipes online, but think that you should definitely be able to vote on them and have ways to see the highest rated, new, etc...

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