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Hiya is a simple design which allows you to enjoy cold, freshly brewed green tea anywhere, in a matter of seconds instead of hours.
Hiya is a simple design which allows you to enjoy cold, freshly brewed green tea anywhere, in a matter of seconds instead of hours.
694 backers pledged $24,478 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Missing avatar

      James Lin on

      I finally got around to trying the sencha from the 100-pack pledge (I was trying to save it for as long as I could, but it was cold today, so I broke into it)

      I think I'm on my 10th mug of the stuff, and it still tastes delicious!!!! :)

    2. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Thank you so much for the compliments everyone! It is truly amazing that Hiya is already being enjoyed all around the world!
      Matthew, the idea was that it won't get bitter so our thought was that you can keep it in there while you're drinking it, but we'll keep thinking about how we can help you adjust the strength!
      Paik, we'll drop you a note!:)

    3. Paik on

      Anybody have an extra Hiya bottle that they'd be willing to sell? Let me know!

    4. Paik on

      Halfway through my original 60 pack supply...need to restock soon. Also, I need another bottle or two! Please have them available on the site!

    5. Max Raymond on

      I love the taste of this!!

    6. Matthew Muir on

      Any hints for removing the bag from the bottle? I don't like my Hiya particularly strong, but I don't really want to decant the bottle,...

    7. Missing avatar

      DMou on

      Received my package about 10 days ago here in Lebanon. I wanted to tell you that you have done a great job with a quality product and your updating has been exemplary. Well done!

    8. Erik Geshaev on

      Hi, Ko! I received it now and I want to try it very much! Thanks!

    9. Erik Geshaev on

      Hi, Ko! I didn't get any notices about issues. But I'm still waiting for Hiya and I think it will be very tasty! :)

    10. Missing avatar

      Derek on

      Got my tea and bottle a couple days ago--I'm in Montreal. Fantastic product. I've found that i like it stronger than the instructions suggest so I shake it for a few seconds and then just leave the bag in the bottle. It lasts me through most of the afternoon!
      Fantastic product, great work!

    11. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Oh no! Did you get a notice from the post office that said there was some issue? International shipping can take a while especially over the holidays. One backer from within the US just received theirs and some of the international backers got their's this week as well. It may take a while since you're in Russia and it's pretty far from us. It's in a regular sized envelope and we filled out the appropriate customs form so it should get their shortly without any issues. Keep us posted! Thanks for your enthusiasm for Hiya and waiting so patiently!

    12. Erik Geshaev on

      bad, very bad!! i didn't receive my tea!

    13. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Thank you to everyone for their comments! Happy New Year, Akemashite Omedetou!

    14. Missing avatar

      Kevin Courtney on

      Just had my first taste-great job. I'm a little upset I only backed the smallest amount, want more already

    15. Missing avatar

      David Evans on

      My wife just had her 1st bottle and just loves it! I ended up giving it as a gift and now need to go order my own set. Are you going to be selling the bottles as well as tea on your site?

    16. Missing avatar

      Maweng on

      Hi all, I just received mine today in Belgium! The bottle is really nice and the taste is fantastic! You did an amazing job! Thank you!

    17. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    18. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      I love it! I've never drank so much green tea! Will there be other tea blends?

    19. Zach Jolly on

      I just received my tea today. I can't express how delicious it is. Thanks

    20. Missing avatar

      Titan on

      Just received mine today! Canada Post is delivering on a Sunday so hell must have frozen over. Gonna try one right now.

    21. Antoan Lee on

      Update: my wife is dumbfounded at how you guys accomplished this. haha! I usually fill my bottle up to the "T" and put a teaspoon of light agave nectar in, shake and enjoy. The flavor is amazing b/c I usually drink my tea hot. But this cold tea is oxoboxo said, there is no bitterness at all!!

    22. Antoan Lee on

      I got mine yesterday!! The bottle is even bigger than I thought which was a nice surprise. It's great, some of the best tea I've ever had. My wife is gonna order some herself. Thank you!!!

    23. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Thank you everyone so much for your support and compliments! We are so happy you are enjoying it. It makes all of the time and effort worth it:) Please keep sending us your thoughts!

    24. Missing avatar

      James Lin on

      Just got mine. It tastes delicious! I was able to get about three "IloveT" bottle's worth of tea taste. bottle #4 is clear, bottle #3 is barely green.

      I'd say the first two bottles are solid :D, and the third one is where it loses a good amount of the tea flavor. I dunno how I'm gonna make my tea bags last til summer! :)

    25. Missing avatar

      David Del Rosario on

      Amazing tea - good job guys!

    26. Missing avatar

      Adam Blanton on

      Congrats guys! Awesome product!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jonah Manning on

      Got mine last night. It is absolutely delicious, like the previous commenter mentioned, not one bit of bitterness. I'm also impressed with how far one bag can go. As an experiment, I made a bottle last night and left the bag in a little water in the fridge overnight. Refilled the bottle and it still tastes great.

      Congrats to the Hiya team on a great product!

    28. oxoboxo on

      The tea tastes amazing! Not even a hint of bitterness. I'm afraid my stash won't last the Winter, when will you guys make another batch???

    29. Erik Geshaev on

      We're waiting for Hiya!!
      when will we have it?

    30. Eduardo Brugman

      Thanks for the update Ko!

    31. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Hi Russell! We definitely appreciate the support. We wanted to share exciting updates, which we don't have much of... but since you're curious!:) Basically we're in que at the facility and just patiently waiting for it to be our turn in line so they can make our packaging. The facility has other customers that were in line ahead of us. We're working with a place in Japan so it should be nice packaging, but the culture is unlike the US and we can't buy our way to the top of the list. The packaging will seal the tea pouches and they'll get rid of most of the oxygen in the packaging so the tea doesn't oxydize and will stay fresher which is why we went with this place. We also had to order 140,000 packaging, even though we're only making 40,000 tea pouches. This was definitely an unforeseen surprise, but we did this because if we bought an entire roll of aluminum, they can do our run all at the same time (instead of with some other order). This will reduce the wait time since they don't have to print it with some another order. We'll also have extra packaging onsite so when we make more Hiya, the turnaround time should be much shorter. They told us the printing for the packaging should be completed by the end of September. At which point it gets sent to another facility where they are making the sealed tea pouches and they will put everything together. This should be happening early to mid October, which is when we'll probably head over to Japan! We won't get to film the packaging printing but we hope to capture some of what's going on with the tea. That's basically the update. We're looking to share more exciting stuff with you soon! Thank you again for your patience, we really do appreciate it. And thanks also for sharing your interest in wanting to know the behind the scenes stuff!

    32. Missing avatar

      Russell on

      Hi Guys, Would be good if we could all get an update, let us know when we are likely to be get our tea, what you guys are currently doing, any problems or challenges you guys have or have had to overcome. We are here as a communitity to support you guys; otherwise we would not have backed you in the first place; so let us in with some more info ;)

    33. Harit Patel on

      When will we getting out Hiyas !!!!!

    34. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Atley, we're working to meet your cravings for the tea! That is intense that you are already dreaming about it.

      Jessica, we are deeply appreciative of you and everyone else's patience and support. We're working back and forth with the production facility in Japan to make sure that the quality of everything is up to our standard.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jessica on

      Tea please. Hot summer is fading fast! Will it be here soon? I told so many people about this...waiting to show off my tea...

    36. A. Joseph

      So, I musta been dreaming about Hiya, cause I woke up this morning, goes out to the kitchen and grab my water bottle outta the fridge with some cold water and then to my cupboard looking for the Hiya packet. I'm like where the he*# did I put it, then it dawns on me and I'm like wow dude really your sad. What makes it even worst is, I went for PT this morning (Navy) come home to freshen up and did the exact same thing...... so yea, I need a fix of some Hiya. (any psy majors out there can tell me why this happened?)

    37. Missing avatar

      Lisa Yanz on

      Todays realization: instant unsweetened tea is awful! Can't wait for my Hiya!

    38. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Thank you everyone once again for your support! We are getting prepared for the production, and aligning all the dots. As many of you know, the production process isn't an instantaneous thing. The great thing about many Kickstarter projects including this one is that you can follow us on the exciting process of making things! As soon as we have exact dates, we'll reach out to you. Thanks and please follow us on facebook and twitter too!

    39. Erik Geshaev on

      Ko, when will I have tea?

    40. Missing avatar

      Morio Murase on


      Congrats, Ko! I can't wait to try some Hiya!

    41. Missing avatar

      Jonko on

      Awesome project guys! I can't wait to get my fresh brewed ice tea drink on! I do have a question though, if I pledged $104 would I be able to get 2 HFF packs mailed to me? Thanks!

    42. MOKU on

      $5.00 for 6 tea bags is such a great deal Ko. After this ends, how would we go about ordering more? Chris

    43. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Hi Jeremy, thanks for your support and congrats on going to college in London! Some friends went to RCA and loved it there. Kickstarter lets us send out a survey to request the shipping address after the funding process, which we'll be sending out near shipping time, we'll keep everyone updated when we have definitive dates for shipping and if your address has changed by then, please let us know and we'll send it to your new home. As for the water bottle, it's currently a part of HFF pack, but in the future we hope to offer a similar bottle separately since people have been asking about it! Thanks again for your support and have a great time in college!

    44. Jeremy Stewart on

      First off, awesome idea! Second. Is there anyway I can add the cost of a bottle to my order without ordering the 60 bags? I would really like to get the 30 bag and a bottle if possible please just tell me what amount of money to add to my pledge. Also, I am going to England for college and I am leaving in 41 days. Will it get to me by then or should I ship it to my address in London? THANKS!

    45. Ko Nakatsu Creator on

      Hi Everyone, we are humbled by your support and thanks for your compliments, encouragement, and enthusiasm.

      Ryan and Grace, we are already in talks with all of the key players (processing facility, Morita-san, etc.) to start the production of Hiya for Kickstarter and carefully assessing how we can actually scale up to meet continued demand. With such enthusiasm we believe it can be a viable opportunity to keep providing Hiya to you. We certainly would love to continue to spread our passion for tea and Hiya!

      For now, please stay tuned to our updates on Kickstarter, Facebook Hiya page, and follow us on Twitter as forms of communication for after the project is funded and we start going into final design and production. We'll also use those spaces to keep you updated on how we can get you additional teas! You can also message me (Ko) at for any direct messages. We'll also start to develop where we'll create a space where people can share Hiya Recipes too. Thanks again for all your support!


    46. Ryan Westphal on

      As we near the end I was hoping you could let us know when and how we can get more after the kickstarter campaign. Tea clearly a consumable item, so what should I do when I run out and want more?

    47. Ryan Westphal on

      @Grace Woo: Agreed, I wonder that about a lot of kickstarter projects, once that first batch goes out of anything consumable or not. How do I get more, or another one when my friends discover how awesome it is?

    48. Missing avatar

      Grace Woo on

      Awesome idea! Please don't make this a one time deal!

    49. Daniel Haarburger on

      Great stuff! I'm excited to get my set when the project reaches its goal! Hiya should look into distribution in Boulder, CO. Specialty teas (and coffee for that matter) have developed a large following here and the entire community is all about supporting new, innovative projects. Could be a good lead :)

      Keep up the good work!
      Daniel H. (

    50. Eddie Tsai on

      Really dig the hat! Can't wait to try some hiya! Also admittedly your video is 10x better than ours...

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