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Hiya is a simple design which allows you to enjoy cold, freshly brewed green tea anywhere, in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

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Update #5: is information about the green tea master sommelier!
Update #4:  are some recipe experiments with Hiya!
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About Hiya

We wanted more people to easily enjoy the taste and health benefits of tea. We’ve come up with Hiya, a simple design which allows you to enjoy cold, freshly brewed green tea anywhere, in a matter of seconds instead of hours.

We need your help for the final push to produce our first batch of Hiya.

Old way to enjoy a cold cup of tea:

1) Brew it in the fridge for 4-12 hours
2) Go through a series of steps and use different equipment

3) Buy a pre-bottled tea at the store which went through an industrial process to leech out the flavors. (It's why the tea is brown instead of green)

Our way to enjoy a cold cup of tea:

We designed a specialized tea bag to solve this problem that contains the highest quality all-natural green tea from Japan. Together, it can freshly brew the tea in seconds and only requires a resealable bottle.  

All you have to do is put the specialized tea bag in a water bottle and shake for 10 - 15 seconds. That's it!

In one of my dad’s past research projects on green tea and its positive effects on health, he found that you can transfer the essence of the tea by agitating it in cold or room temperature water and its just as effective as using hot water. He's been promoting this idea for a number of years in Japan. 

Bag Material

The bag material is a fiber filter instead of a woven nylon mesh or paper filter like many teabags. Because the filter is super fine, we’re able to put a finer granulated tea inside, allowing for a faster brewing time without releasing the leaves into the water. It has the perfect porous properties to allow only the essence of the tea leaves to transfer into the water and not the leaves themselves. 

The Tea

We love great quality tea and wanted only the best for Hiya. We have a relative in south-western Japan who’s a green tea "kanteishi", which is basically a green tea “sommelier” and he’s ranked number one on multiple occasions for identifying and mixing the best green tea in Japan. Simply put, this is some of the best green tea that you can get in the world. He’s agreed to directly supply us with his best choice of green tea for Hiya.

Won't Oversteep

We found that the tea won't over steep even if you keep Hiya left in the water. The combination of this size, amount of tea, specialized bag and the high-quality tea prevents the water from over-steeping. Even if you leave it in, the taste may get stronger, but it won't get bitter.

Take it Anywhere

The resulting design is so simple and because it doesn't need hotwater or equipment, Hiya is great to take anywhere. Camping, hiking, biking, beach, or even in your office right before a meeting.

Reduce Carbon-Footprint

Bottled beverages that travel thousands of miles are heavy and takes a lot of energy to ship. Because this isn't shipping a liquid, it takes less energy to ship and makes less of an impact on the environment too.

photos and video (c) 2011 K. Nakatsu and E. Lai.


  • To get the "right" ratio of tea to water depends on a lot of objective and subjective factors like your preference for the strength of the tea, the type of water, how long you let it brew, the time you agitate the tea leaves, and the temperature of the water. Generally, we think the mid strength of the tea is around 500ml (16.0 oz) (a typical bottled water size in the US) This Hiya bottle holds ~800mL (27oz) so you have the option to adjust the strength of the tea to your liking depending on how much water you use. In other words if you want a lighter flavor you can increase your water, or if you want it stronger, to decrease the amount of water. You can also increase the strength based on agitation. This means with the 27 oz bottle you can shake it more and still get the rich full flavor.

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