Free Jerky Taste Test Tomorrow

Hi everybody,

join us for a free jerky taste test tomorrow (june 8th) at the Ink-N-Iron Festival in Long Beach CA. at 6pm. We will have sample bites of all three mouth watering flavors and we would love for you to come by. We will be wearing our Kobe Red "Raising Sun" t-shirts, we hope to see you there.


Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter and comments are closed on project updates. For more on project suspension, please see our FAQ.

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      deleted on

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      Lisa Migliorini on

      Question.... I recently read an article stating that Kobe Beef is actually illegal with in the US. If Japanese Kobe beef is illegal in the US, how do you expect to legally import and sell this with in the US?

    3. Ricky Wright

      Hi after reading all the post I have no way to know if this project is real and now thinking of pulling out ....
      Please show me some proof .


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      deleted Creator on

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      deleted Creator on

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    6. Winnafred on

      hey guys are you guys going to be inside the event/concert area where you have yo pay to get in or outside near the festival itself?

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      Aaron Baloney on

      When you coming to St. Louis?

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      dave parker on

      Please be there Sunday!

    9. Jacobi on

      um tomorrow? really im on the east coast. ya coulda given me a heads up ya know.
      instead please just send said free samples to my addy I will then reply with my thoughts.
      Thank you so much and yes I am joking. ( about sending free samples of corse I will pay postage)

    10. Samantha Erin on

      Come to Jersey!!!