Free Jerky Taste Test

Hi everybody, we have a free jerky taste test coming up this weekend and we would love to see you so please check back tomorrow for location and time.

Thank you.


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    1. Johnny Rowe on

      Will it be in LA? Looking forward to it if you're showing a little home town love!

    2. Markana Smith, on

      YUMO! Looks Good!

    3. Markana Smith, on

      Sunny Lake City Florida

    4. Wade Prindle on

      Wisconsin is looking pretty good

    5. Mark Pulver on


    6. Missing avatar

      TheMeatBridge on

      The weather in Philadelphia has been really nice, wink nudge.

      Aw, who am I kidding.

    7. Missing avatar

      keo on

      *crosses fingers for hawaii*

    8. Missing avatar

      WLM on

      Vegas, baby

    9. Stephanie Fung on

      *Crosses fingers for northern California*