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Wait, what? Juice? Yes, indeed. We use a unique technology to clarify a blend of nine juices into liquid amazingness!

Wait, what? Juice? Yes, indeed. We use a unique technology to clarify a blend of nine juices into liquid amazingness!

Wait, what? Juice? Yes, indeed. We use a unique technology to clarify a blend of nine juices into liquid amazingness! Read More
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Rewards for Your Gracious Support

Reward Packages

Every donation qualifies you for a group of reward items that you can read about in the section below.  We call these groups of reward items, "Reward Packages".  We can't thank you enough for your help and support! A visual summary for each Reward Package is listed below to help you make your decision:

 Reward Items

Each reward package is actually a grouping of various items. Interested in learning more about each item? Cool, this section is for you. See the graphic below for a brief description of these uniquely awesome items:

What is Koa?

Calling it Juice 2.0 sounded a little bit too 'techy' to us, but don't we all agree that it was about time for juice to receive an upgrade? Come join the evolution. Koa is the world's first "Olakino". Olakino is the industry term used to describe juice without all of the "Bad Stuff". Bad Stuff? In juice? Well, yes!  Bad Stuff like sugar, calories, and taste. Not a huge fan of the taste of coconut water, kale, or spinach but want all of that delicious raw nutrition? We did too! So, we developed a way to make a juice that retains the "Good Stuff" and leaves the "Bad Stuff" behind. Pledge over $25 right now and we will send you some Koa to see for yourself just how juice has evolved!

How is Koa Made, You Might Ask?

Koa is made from a group of nutrition powerhouses!  Using a blend of nine (9) fruits & veggies, Koa clarifies and blends each juice into an incredibly refreshing beverage. The result? Koa can boast about its natural nutrition, which includes 19 essential vitamins and minerals, zero sugar, zero calories, and we even come in a taste that everyone already knows and loves - premium water!

Really, it tastes just like water.  Pledge over $25 right now and we will send you a bottle to test against your favorite water!

Koa... as Easy as 1... 2... 3... and, umm 4!

We know, you are still perplexed as to how something this cool could be possible. We can assure you, it isn't a magic trick. In fact, Koa is made in the same way as your favorite fresh pressed juices! We just decided it was time to evolve juice a little further. This evolution is done using our proprietary technology that we call the "Koa BlackBox". The "BlackBox" is the technology that actually "takes out the bad stuff" from the juice. Juice goes in, Koa comes out.  It is that simple!

After clarification, Koa is ready to bottle! Koa is bottled just like any of your favorite beverages. Currently, we have one BlackBox in Ramona, California and we work with a local co-packer to bottle and ship each case of Koa Olakino. We will work with different bottling facilities in each location where we place a "BlackBox" to ensure that everything is handled at the local level!

Still want to see more? Check out the section below called, "Koa: From Farm to Bottle"

What Kinds of Fruits & Veggies Go into Koa?

Yes, you DID read that correctly! Koa is made, 100% from fruits and veggies. We don't add even a single drop of water during our production. Koa’s blend of specially selected fruits and veggies offer the precise mixture of nutrition that your body craves and each fruit and veggie is locally sourced and sustainable. Can you name all of the fruits and veggies you see in the picture above?  If you want to cheat, here is the answer key (in no particular order):

  • Pomegranate
  • Orange
  • Amla Fruit
  • Annatto
  • Guava
  • Holy Basil
  • Red Sea Lettuce
  • Heirloom Carrots
  • Lemon

This group loves to hang out together and they make for an amazingly fresh, "spa water" taste!  Want us to prove it to you?  Pledge at least $25 right now and we will send you some Koa to taste!

Where is Koa Made and Where Can I Get Some?

We are so glad you asked, because this is where we need your help! We are currently working with local organic farmers to produce Koa in the beautiful San Joaquin Valley in California.  We have begun the process of producing Koa locally in Dallas, Texas, and we believe that all people should have the opportunity to have fresh tasting Koa Olakino produced right from their own local farms. In the mean time, you can pledge over $25 right now and we can mail you some to try!

Texas Pride

Our team is located in the beautiful city of Dallas, Texas. Wait, Dallas? Yes, Dallas, Texas! This might not strike anyone as the heart of the green movement. Some people think of Texas and these images pop into their head: big hair, big boots, big trucks, lots of oil, and even bigger egos! And, yes, we admit that some of these stereotypes are spot on, but, there’s a lot of positive change happening down here and Koa is proud to be a part of it. In fact, the famous slogan “Don’t mess with Texas” was one of the most successful recycling campaigns of all time. We are proud to join a growing movement in Dallas and throughout Texas that supports green living, and the environmental benefits of going local. 

Koa Wants to Go Local Everywhere (We Need Your Help!)

As we’ve mentioned, part of our mission is to be kind to the environment. One of the most important decisions we've made in this process is to produce Koa locally. Local production minimizes our carbon footprint by reducing the energy costs of transportation, and it ensures that our Olakino is made with only the freshest ingredients. It's certainly not the way most companies do business, but we hope one day that the Koa method will be considered the norm. 

What does this mean for the future of Koa? It means that in order to stay local, we need to build a local installation of our unique technology in towns all across America. Each "Koa BlackBox" costs $50,000 to construct. The $50,000 goes towards the equipment, supplies, and labor involved with producing a "Koa Blackbox".  The boxes are built in Dallas, TX and then must be transported and installed nearby a vegetation source. Do you want Koa in your town first? Make your pledge now and you might just get your wish!

Origin of the Name, Koa

The name "Koa" comes from a tree that is prized for its exceptional beauty and fine wood. It is also a member of the legume family, making it the tallest veggie in the world! Native to the Hawaiian Islands, the majestic Acacia Koa Tree falls under the endangered species list of North America. When we learned of the efforts of those fighting to preserve the Acacia Koa habitat, it struck a chord. In the Hawaiian language, Koa means bold, brave, fearless warrior. Like the Koa tree fighting for survival, we would like to think we are a tribe of fearless warriors bravely fighting the issue of water scarcity one bottle at a time! Pledge your donation now to help support our cause!

A Little Bit About the Koa Tribe

We are Koa Warriors. A fearless tribe of passionate, hardworking professionals that just can’t stand the status quo. Here is a little bit more information about our tribe members. You are welcome to cyber-stalk the rest :-) Won't you join our tribe? Please donate now and we will make you an official member!

Adam Louras, Tribe Chief & Chief Executive Organic-er

Jonathan Rosenberg, Tribe Leader & Chief Operating Organic-er

Betsy Wolcott, Tribe Captain & Marketing Manager

Casey-Lee Waldron, Tribe Captain & Brand Ambassador

Taylor Watts, Tribe Captain & Brand Ambassador

Garrett Weber-Gale, Tribe Legend & AthleticFoodie

Ani Phyo, Tribe Legend & Wellness Expert

The Courtney Kerr, Tribe Champion & Fashionista

A Few More Videos for Posterity

Koa Over Here! @koawater #KoaOverHere

We love seeing pictures of all of the places where you can enjoy Koa. Follow us on PinterestInstagramFacebook,  and Twitter and share with us how you live the Koa lifestyle.  Don't forget to tag #KoaOverHere! Below are a few of our favorite places:

Koa: From Farm to Bottle

For those of you that really want to understand how Koa is made, we can't blame you! It took us over eight years to perfect the process of production and we are learning new things every day. If you bid at the "Tribe Chief" level, we will take you on this tour, live!

Learn More

To learn more about the Koa Family visit us on:

www.koawater.comPinterestInstagramFacebookTwitter or our Blog.

Risks and challenges

We Need Your Help.

One of the reasons why many beverage companies don’t produce locally is the cost. To maintain our mission of local sourcing and production, we must raise funding and your contribution could help us overcome this hurdle. The technology needed to produce Koa locally costs $50,000. With every $50,000 raised through Kickstarter, we can bring Koa Olakino to a new city. It may not make sense to an accountant, but to a growing number of us who want a more environmentally friendly marketplace, Koa Organic Beverages favors doing the right thing over saving the most money. As a Koa Warrior, your contribution to our mission is a step toward a more sustainable society and a potential cure for water scarcity.

The biggest challenge we face, after the cost, is simply the reliability of our vendors to source components and build each set of technology. While we understand exactly how to make our technology, we are not engineers and cannot build it ourselves without the help of highly trained, technical specialists. With that said, we have an amazing partnership with a vendor here in Texas, and they can complete each build within 5-months.

Once the technology is built, we must identify partners within each geographic market. These partners are typically co-packers that allow us to house our technology on their property so that we can clarify the fruits & vegetables on-site. This allows for Koa to be bottled rapidly after harvest so that we can ensure its great taste and quality.

After we have our technology in place within a geographic market, we can then begin working with local distributors and retailers to send out Koa into the wild! We can't wait to be in your town! Thank you so much for your support!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Much like the terms, “coconut water” and “water melon”, the term “Organic Water” is not meant to be taken literally. “Organic Water” is an industry term used to describe ultra-clarified juice. The origin of the industry term derives from the idea that “organics” are “from life” and can be of a form that look, act, and taste like water. Also, we haven’t yet found conclusive evidence, but we are fairly confident that Apple doesn’t build Airports for commercial aviation, you can’t really buy a whole Galaxy from Samsung, and you won’t find Peter Pan roasting any peanuts in Omaha. :-)

    Last updated:
  • This question stems from marketers incorrectly using the word “organic” as a synonym for the word “natural”. “Organic” and “natural” are actually two very different concepts. While most H2O could be considered “natural”, it most certainly is not “organic” in the literal sense. The term “Organic Water” is actually not used to describe H2O at all, rather, it is an industry term that is used to describe ultra-clarified juice.

    Last updated:
  • We love juice and all the things that come with fruit; however, there was one thing that juice offers that isn’t great for you … all that sugar. Koa started from a simple idea which was ‘How do you remove the sugar from juice but keep all the good things that comes with it?’ Through this journey to figure out how to remove sugar from fruit juices, we also decided to remove the flavor and color. This was a natural move for us since we didn’t really like the taste of other healthy alternatives like coconut water, wheat grass shots, and other detox juicers that blend non pleasant tasting vegetables like celery, kale and spinach. We believe Koa is the natural solution to being able to drink the nutrition of the most healthy fruits and vegetables without having to worry about their taste, calories, or sugar.

    Last updated:
  • Koa organic water is juice without the color, odor, or taste. We call color, odor, and taste the "bad stuff" because this is where all of the sugar, calories, and carbs reside. This "bad stuff" is what makes orange juice taste like orange juice or coconut water taste like coconut water. To make Koa water, we squeeze fresh fruits and vegetables in an innovative way that retains the healthy nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes but leaves the "bad stuff" behind. This way you get all of the goodness of juice in a taste just like water.

    Last updated:
  • We have worked diligently over the last few years to find the right farmers and co-ops in order to ensure no part of any fruit or vegetable goes to waste when we make koa. We have several dozen great partners in California that, without their help, we could not make this dream come true. This is an essential part of our DNA at Koa. We want to provide healthy, sustainable and organic water for people around the world while promoting a healthy lifestyle and keeping a low carbon footprint. Also, it is extremely important for us to source all of our ingredients locally. We take pride in our partnerships with farmers and the fact that we are helping to combine the ideas of high quality and local. This has the added benefit of minimizing our carbon footprint by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

    Last updated:
  • Since we are a juice, it is difficult to compare us to other waters on the market. The only thing we share in common with other premium waters like FIJI or SmartWater is that great, fresh, crisp taste we have all come to love. Koa is “Organic Water”, squeezed from fresh fruits and vegetables, which retains its natural goodness and can boast naturally occurring vitamins and minerals without any additives, sugars, or calories. We really compare better with Kombucha, Coconut Waters, Juices, Cleanses, and other fruit and vegetable based beverages because, after all, we are from plants too!

    Last updated:
  • Koa is sold locally in Dallas, TX at luxury lifestyle retailers such as boutique hotels, day spas, and premium yoga and Pilates studios. Our goal long-term goals is to make Koa available locally in every city in the U.S. With the help of Kickstarter and the crowdfunding community, we hope to raise at least the $50,000 necessary to build our next BlackBox and offer Koa in a new city.

    Last updated:
  • As we continue to grow the brand, we are excited to bring to market a variety of limited-time, seasonal flavored Koa waters like Koa Pomegranate. This would mean that we only produce Koa Pomegranate, or any other fruits our customers select, during the fruit’s natural growing season. The reality is, most fruits grow locally only a few months out of the year. We believe our customers want fresh and natural flavors and we are doing our best to provide that. Since we pick all of the fruit that goes into Koa each morning, we are able to pack all that great fresh taste and nutrition into our Koa bottles the very same day.

    Last updated:
  • We are constantly looking for innovative ways water from fruits and vegetables can be used. Koa is a juice product that can be used in place of water, which gives it limitless possibilities. It is too soon to tell, though, as we continue to remain focused on providing a great, sustainable, and healthy beverage option.

    Last updated:

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