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15+ FEATURES: Phone Charger, In-Built Neck Pillow, Cushioning in Hood, Bottle Opener Zipper, Optional Embroidery, Tech Pockets...
16+ FEATURES: This hoodie can charge your phone and much much more! Sign up at to be the first to find out when it's released:
16+ FEATURES: This hoodie can charge your phone and much much more! Sign up at to be the first to find out when it's released:
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    1. Kathryn Baker

      Thank you, just been united with a Hoodie in a size that does up (I'd still say it's coming up small compared to the advertised size, but it fits me, so I'm happy). Thanks for the help, and I'm glad I contacted you to get it sorted.

    2. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Hi there,

      As we have consistently said here and in updates during and after the campaign we are always available at

      We sincerely apologise if your hoodie was not as expected and we are doing all we can to provide replacements those that require them.

      Best wishes,

      Team Koala

    3. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      As with others below, they took the money and ran. Arms are way too small, by at least 4 inches. The word large has no meaning as is lucky to fit in any way an average person.
      No customer services, no exchange, no conscience, no morals. A bad reflection on kickstarter - buyer beware etc.
      The Sale of Goods act seems to not apply to them so I wonder if Trading Standards would be interested to hear about them...
      Avoid them, the 'inventors' and any future products - they're an embarrassment.

    4. Keit Kollo on

      I ordered L to be sure the hoodie would be nice an loose for travelling. The one I got doesn't even zip completely, definitely more like an XS-S than L. Super disappointed in the fit - ended up owning £80 neck pillow.

    5. Brad

      I just wanted to give a quick shout out to Ben and team for being awesome with replacing my hoodie for one that fits. Thanks again guys! Love the hoodie and will recommend to everyone!

    6. otherguy on

      @gary cook @creator I would like to know that as well! It seems that arm length was an issue for almost everyone, it would probably be helpful to increase that by 1cm for every size.

    7. Missing avatar

      gary cook on

      Are you offering exchanges for new/improved/more accurate sizing? SO if I swapped an XL for an XXL, would the new hoodie be as originally advertised, or are we just swapping for the original batch which clearly had an issue with sizing?

    8. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Hi everyone,

      For those of you who would like to exchange you hoodie - we will let you know our manufacturing status next week. We do apologise for the inconvenience.

      If you have any queries about how to use the Koala Hoodie, check out this video and do let us know if you need further guidance:…

      Best Wishes,

      Team Koala

    9. Rinonka on

      Is there any approximate time when can we expect exchanges? I have emailed you guys twice in March and ended up with answer I should wait. Now I have the hoodie at home that's way too small and it's only gathering dust. Bit dissapointing.

    10. otherguy on

      Guys, I really hope you sort out your production soon! You did offer exchanges in your campaign!

      (as a matter of fact, it's just freezing cold and snowing over here and I'd love to have a Koala hoodie that fits)

    11. Missing avatar

      Anthony Storms Akins

      Sizing is a definite problem with the two hoodies I ordered. I like the concept, but at this point the only keeper for me is the pillow as the large men's hoodie is way too small for me. More like a smedium...

    12. Missing avatar

      Janice De Vito Munir on

      Amazing product! The Koala Hoodie team thought about everything! Super warm, highest quality material, multiple pockets/compartments. Ordered the blue in a size small. Size is perfect and color is vibrant even after multiple washes. Love the custom embroidery also! Getting so many compliments on it!

    13. Bill

      Sizing and duty issues aside, I wish you'd included an insert with the pocket locations, like the one on the top of the campaign page.
      At least my husband and I can get ours on and zip them up, and they do seem very good quality and comfy, if in need of a bit of a stretch.

    14. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Thank you for your comments everyone.

      As always we are available at if you have any comments, questions or suggestions.

      If you have any queries about how to use the Koala Hoodie, see this video:…

      Best Wishes,

      Team Koala

    15. Thai Yee Chong on

      i already received the hoodie a few days ago,it is excellent,good job,but can i know how to put the neck pillow into the hoodie?

    16. Missing avatar

      Jamio C on

      HI I got a XL hoodie & I like it. It is way warmer than expected and fits well. I always try & think that this is a great 1st run of the product and I am sure they can & will take it forward.
      The Koala brand is also v good.
      Great start guys, thank you

    17. otherguy on

      OK since I was also told to wait... I have an unused hoodie in men's S (grey) and I'm looking for a size M (grey or blue). Anyone want to trade?

    18. Missing avatar

      Shantanu Bhanja on

      I waited for ever for this and if finally arrived after I paid another £30 as import duty on this, and then it's way too small!!
      My daughter has been looking so forward to it, and it's such a disappointment that she can't even use it; she made me order a L while the charts would have indicated an M,and it's still so tight!
      What does one do?!

    19. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Thank you for your comments everyone.

      We are doing everything we can to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. As always we are available at

      Best Wishes,

      Team Koala

    20. Missing avatar

      Murlen Champness on

      I just received both of mine - size small for me and a size medium for my daughter. I will say that they are on the small side and i don't think that they have included all the pockets etc adding to the bulk of the sweater on the size chart. Consequently they are too small. A pity as was really looking forward to getting them and they are very well made which is a positive. Have asked to exchange for a large in both. Burgundy color is gorgeous.

    21. Missing avatar

      Maggie Strzelecka on

      I'm sorry but this is absolutely ridiculous. Just got an email saying we can't offer you a replacement, but you know, wait for 3 weeks and we will see if we can do anything. I've waited for this for ages to arrive to be the smallest in the world, I've given you so many choices, for replacement, as i didn't care about the colour, and I have to wait further 3 weeks to 'maybe' get some response? this is unacceptable.

    22. Thomas Unterseher on

      I got my Hoodie yesterday - it's awesome, I like the feel and cool features. Just one big problem (and it seems I'm not the only one): I ordered one men hoodie in L and it's really tight. Usually I wear M, sometimes L shirts and hoodies, but this one isn't made for wider shoulders :(

    23. Brad

      I too received my hoodie today and glad to see I am not the only one with a very tight fit. I wish I ordered a size larger as while I can zip mine up it is super tight. I fear I will never be able to wash or dry this hoodie cause if it shrinks at all I will not be able to wear it.

    24. Missing avatar

      Whitney Cole on

      I totally agree Gary! We had to wait forever and it's not even like it's us they literally do not even match the specs they gave. Therefore they are technically faulty. I'm never this big of a bitch but I think they need to accept returns.

    25. Missing avatar

      gary cook on

      Changed mine for a bigger hoodie. XXL still doesn't match the specs given in the campaign and still doesn't fit the larger frame. Sleeve length is borderline acceptabel but its still way too tight across the chest. I guess I'll chalk this up to a bad project to back. Shame as the concept is great and the materials were first rate.

    26. Sal A on

      Is there any way I could order another hoodie ?
      I just got mine in the mail I love it so much I want another one in a different color.

    27. Missing avatar

      Whitney Cole on

      Tightest hoodie ever! I ordered a ladies xxl just so it can be big and comfy but it is literally the strangest sized garment ever. The sleeves are great, super roomie and extra long and the hood is big and roomie so it's also great. However, the body is soooo tight I feel like I'm wearing a straight jacket! Is there anyway to return it? I am very sad because we waited forever and mine also wasn't able to be embroidered, which now I guess is a good thing.

    28. Missing avatar

      Frances Gerhold on

      Very happy with my hoodie which arrived just in time for a flight - the hood was so cozy for sleeping and the pockets were great for keeping all my stuff in. Sizing was perfect - exactly what the measurements said and I'm really impressing by the quality. Already had a few complements on it!

    29. Thai Yee Chong on

      i received mine,really good job

    30. Missing avatar

      Stephan on

      By far the best hoodie i've ever owned. Looking forward to get my hands on another one ;). Congrats for making it!

    31. Missing avatar

      Tim Bennett on

      When my hoodie arrived (about a week ago) it was snug and wondered if I was suffering the sizing issue. Using the thumb holes in sleeves suggested the arms too short.

      However after wearing it a number of times this week the fit is relaxing rather well. It's nice, warm and comfortable.

    32. Lee Kai Xiang on

      Just received the hoodie. Man, it is definitely the best hoodie ever! Sizing is perfect as well, followed the chart and it fits just nice! Snug and warm, not too tight nor too loose � definitely look forward to using this awesome hoodie in my travels (P.S. where im from, its too hot 365days a year to use it for daily purposes)

    33. Missing avatar

      Geryn Evans on

      Just received the hoodie. Absolutely love it and super comfy fit. Thanks guys!

    34. Bill

      Edit: The $25 was for another item. The $110 is the duty charge for both hoodies.

    35. Karen Christine Borsholm

      My hoodie doesn't fit either. I ordered XXL because I wanted it to be comfy & oversized (I'm usually a L), but I can't get it closed at all. No chance. :(

    36. Bill

      WOW. Ok. The duty on the hoodie that arrived yesterday was $25. That's fine. But I just had to reschedule the second hoodie that they tried to deliver today because the duty was $110.
      That.... is a really expensive hoodie. Also, what the *expletive deleted*.
      Has anyone else gotten this?

    37. Bill

      re: sizing: mine (men's XL) was hoped to be loose but is instead snug. I can do it up at any rate and it does zip over the biggest problem area (La Buste). The husband's is a size smaller, I hope it fits him!

    38. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      As always if anyone has any queries then please get in touch with us at and we'll get right back to you.


      Team Koala

    39. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Great to hear @Twinmom - enjoy! :o)

    40. Missing avatar

      Twinmom on

      Heyyyyy, I received the hoodies yesterday, and what can I say? It was love at first sight!!! :o) Best hoodie EVER!!! Thanks guys!!!

    41. Bill

      I just got one today - but I ordered two. Is it perhaps because one has embroidery (the one that arrived) and one doesn't (the one that didn't)?

    42. Missing avatar

      Harrison Nguyen

      Just got mine today and I must say it is a very comfy hoodie, I love it :)

    43. Missing avatar

      D'Aundre Horton on

      Anyone find the secret pocket?

    44. Missing avatar

      Christian Bong on

      Sorry, but it really doesn't fit. Very disappointed. The measurements are not even close to men XL. The fabric is really good and feels so good in the hands but I hardly can close the zipper. Way too tight :(

    45. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Hi Sheila,

      We just posted an update that should answer this for you. Do email if you have any other questions.


      Team Koala

    46. Missing avatar

      Sheila Sandford

      Could you please advise when I might receive mine?
      Thank you

    47. Koala Hoodie Creator on

      Thank you for your comments everyone - do get in touch with us at and we will do all we can to help.


      Team Koala

    48. Missing avatar

      gary cook on

      Thanks all. It seems that my measurements are closer to the Womens XL, which leads me to believe this might be the error.

    49. Missing avatar

      gary cook on

      Sad to say mine doesn't fit. measure my chest and the fit of the XL and chest and arm measurements are both smaller than advertised. I can zip it up (just) but you couldn't get a Rizla paper in the pockets. Very very disappointing.

    50. Missing avatar

      Maggie Strzelecka on

      I've measured mine (I'm a seamstress so my measurements are pretty accurate) and I got a ladies L - the chest is 94cm instead of a 100cm, the length of the hoodie is 63 instead of 68 and sleeve is 63 instead of 65, so something definitely went wrong there:)

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