Knops - The volume button for your ears

by Richard

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    1. Adriano on

      Well, good to read. Can you post updated delivery time info at least once a week? Please, it's not good (IT'S AWFUL) to feel scammed

    2. Daniel on

      I have received my KNOPS some weeks ago, thanks a lot! Yes, the waiting time was annoying, but then, it was the same thing as most of the kickstarter projects. Don't back a project if you're not ready to wait. It's a new company, new processes, a new product, new partners, new challenges etc. It's not Scam and I am 100% happy with my KNOPS :-) I believe I can not imagine the effort and sleepless nights the KNOPS team has put into this project. Thanks!

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      Felipe Rivas-Struque Drago on

      still haven't received my knops and i was one of the first to pre order..
      you sent me an email saying that you were sorry because my order was never shipped, but now i have no news regarding this...

      ANY NEWS????????

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      Edgar Dumea on

      @Daniel - don't be a kissass. Keeping the backers in the darkest dark was an awful thing to do and it is unpardonable. Transparency and dialogue would've been much appreciated and i'm sure many, including myself, would've been more understanding
      @knops team - i'll believe it when i see it, not a minute sooner

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      Elisha on

      What convenient timing. I had an update to my user experience today, but I was too lazy to look up old emails to come and post.

      I've barely used my knops since I got them. For a refresher, they don't fit well into my ears and it can be painful tugging to get that zeplin in there and back in every time it falls out. Plus one of the styrofoam tips doesn't stay on and falls out in my ear canal every time and the other tips don't make much of a difference at all.

      Now, the last couple days I've had to wear them because I have misplaced less expensive and better functioning ear plugs I prefer even after receiving these.

      They were slightly growing on me. I still prefer the others and will reorder if I don't find them by the end of the week, but these were at least fitting slightly better so I didn't have to fuss with them as much.

      Then, today, with barely any use, the zipper pull came off in my hand. It can't possibly be that I got a pair where literally every part was faulty. I can't return them because if you wear them, you can't. It's absurd. They are no wear near a sound proof experience. The best they get are that I have to ask the person standing next to me what they are saying, yet while at the store this morning I heard a full conversation of someone at least one aisle over with them all the way shut.

      Good luck to anyone else who bought them. I hope they work for you. I can't believe they still have outstanding orders. I should have pushed them for a refund back in August when I asked for it and they never answered.

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      Hanes Mrd on

      I’ve received mine months ago and am loving it. Thats probably cos I’m one of the first few batch of backers. Keep it up guys with what you do. I imagine how hard it is for you guys to be able to deliver that many in a short period of time cos I know I couldn’t if I were to do it on my own. We’re humans after all. So though there are many who still waits for their knops, and many negative comments due to that..I would like to add a positive one here and letting you know that there are many others who have received theirs and am grateful for the work you guys have put into. Stay strong guys, and keep up the good work.

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      M-C Cabana on

      All the apologies in the world won’t make up for how late these are and the lack of responsiveness. I backed Knops in April 2017. At the time, delivery was promised for November 2017. More than one year after backing them, still no sign. This is completely unacceptable. I’ve backed many other Kickstarter and Indiegogo and have never witnessed such a disaster. My circumstances have changed. I want a refund! I’ve sent many emails to this effect and have never received an answer. A couple of days ago, lo and behold, an email! Unfortunately, it was to say that the Knops I want refunded had been returned to the creators undelivered. It was also to check my address. Of course, they had the correct address and have had it since Day 1. Should I EVER receive them, I’ll be sending them right back without opening the box. Let’s all avoid the trouble: don’t send them, just give me back my money!!!

      have never received an answer.

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      Mirko on

      Guys, you will be even more disappointed once you receive this "stuff"... They just don't work..

    9. David Houghton on

      Feels like a scam. Looks like a scam. Ignored like a scam...
      Emailed several times. Not received a single reply.
      Your communication is poor to say the least. And now it sounds like the lucky/unlucky few to receive them, say they don't work.
      I suppose you have archived something. You have single handedly put me off supporting any other kickstarters.

    10. Norma Gombok on

      After 16 months I've received my Knops and they don't work. Cheaper earplugs on ebay are much better :(

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      Li Kar PO on

      Haven’t received yet. +1 :(
      Yea agreed to Adriano : at least update delivery info once a week

      So we don’t feel scammed :(

    12. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Adriano, We are already in contact about the second set, it's underway now (just emailed you). You already received the first set, so don't understand the scammed part you are mentioning (we also explained why the second sets people ordered were delayed).
      @Daniel, thank you for your comment and understanding!
      @Felipe, We are in contact about this via email, your order is shipping!
      @Edgar, I understand your frustration and you are right about the communication part on our side. But respect other people's opinions/views. Your order is resent and now shipping, I just emailed you about it.
      @Elisha, thank you for your feedback. Knops is a product that could take some time to get used too. I just sent you an email to solve the issue with the zeppelin.
      @Hanes, Thank you for your kind words! I'm happy to read you enjoy Knops! :)
      @M-C Cabana, I understand your frustration about the waiting time. Your order shipped in September and returned, in every case this happens we check with the backer their shipping details to avoid another return. I just emailed you about this.
      @Mirko, I just emailed you to better explain the product and provide some tips.
      @David, We explained the situation regarding the lack of communication in this update. You are right that this could be better! We are already in contact via email about your order.
      @Norma, I just emailed you to better explain the product and provide some tips.
      @Li Kar, Your order already shipped but returned. I just emailed you to solve this for you.

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      Sushma Joseph on

      Nothing from you guys yet. And I ordered two of them! No knops. No email. Nothing! And this is from one of the early backer!

    14. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Sushma Joseph, Sorry for the late response! I just emailed you about this. Best, Raoul