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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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The last Kickstarter orders

Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Hi backers!

This just might be one of our last updates, as we have (finally) made it: the last Kickstarter orders are being sent out this week. It has been quite a ride, but one that is now coming to an end.

This week, we are sending out 642 Knops. Last week, a total of 1.007 Knops were delivered to our fulfillment partner. So, in total 1.649 Knops will be shipped this week. See here the stats per variation:

  • Knops Original Black    613
  • Knops Original White    525
  • Knops Knurled White   104
  • Knops Knurled Black    357
  • Knops Gold Black         34
  • Knops Gold White        16

As mentioned all these orders will be shipped this week. Also, outstanding orders due to for example the wrong addresses will ship this week. Once your order ship, you will receive tracking details to track your shipment.

We would like to once again stress how thankful we are for you guys. You are the ones that have made it possible to produce Knops. The last months have been tough for us and we have certainly made mistakes. However, you guys were always there to give us the right feedback and motivate us to keep on going. Thank you again for your patience and we apologize one more time for the delay. Now the wait is over, we hope that it was all worth it for you and you love your Knops.

Now, we must again stress that it can take up to a couple of weeks before you get your Knops because of the number of days it takes for an international shipment to arrive. If there are any problems with shipments, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line on

For now, we say thank you once more and we’ll keep in touch. You can expect another update next week to tell you how our last week of delivering Knops went. Furthermore, we went into the Knops factory to show how the Knops production process goes. Here are some sneak peaks of the upcoming footage.



Much love,

The Knops team.

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    1. Tom Bird on

      How about instead of giving me false "shipping soon" updates you can refund my money so that I can get away from this company? I made my original pledge based on your promise of the product being shipped by November of last year. Then it was a few months later, and so forth, with it now being 10 motnhs after the original shipping date and no product, but plenty of excuses.

    2. Missing avatar

      Daniel Collaborator on

      @Matthew Duddington @ your order has been shipped and you can find a track and trace in your email inbox. We wish you a lot of fun and silence with your pair of Knops! Kind regards, Daniel.

      @Karl Hill I can see your order is at our shipping partner and ready to be sent. You’ll receive a track and trace in your email inbox. We wish you a lot of fun and silence with your pair of Knops! Kind regards, Daniel.

      @Ondřej Svoboda @Zack Zenon @Linda Amaya we are looking in to it and will send you an email as soon as possible! Kind regards, Daniel.

      @Linda Blom we have sent you an email August 30th that your new address has been changed. Also, I can see that your order has arrived at our shipping partner, so you’ll receive your Knops very soon! :) Kind regards, Daniel.

    3. Missing avatar

      Ondřej Svoboda on

      Come on... 3 days ago you wrote (and I quote):
      "you’ll receive a track & trace once your order is sent out. The last orders are shipped today and tomorrow!"

      How come we still don't have our tracking numbers? How are we supposed to trust you? You're 9 months late already... (according to the campaign).

    4. Missing avatar

      Karl Hill on

      Backer #1247. You advised a few days ago that I'd have a shipping email by now but nothing as yet. Please can you advise?

    5. Missing avatar

      Linda Blom on

      And again no Knops! Every week the same thing: we will sent them this week. And now again ALL Knops would be sent last week. And then again 27nd: all remaining Knops today or tomorrow. But still nothing....
      Because I moved I’ve sent you a couple e-mails. Only after leaving a couple of public message at Facebook I got a reaction. Every time they will be sent this/next week. But still no confirmation of my new address, so I think it will be sent to my last address, that house will be demolished next Monday.
      Please confirm the right address, and even better: sent them!!!

    6. Zack Zenon on

      Backer # 2471, May 1st 2017. Still no shipping email. No response to my email asking for clarification.

    7. Matthew Duddington on

      @Raoul Valstar
      You indicated that all remaining rewards would be shipping "today and tomorrow" two days ago, but I have not yet had any shipping or tracking information. Can you please confirm that my order has not been overlooked, as the logic behind the shipping schedule has been very difficult to understand so far. Backer #2,954.

    8. Missing avatar

      Linda Amaya on

      Hello Raoul and Richard,

      Good morning, I bought in total three pieces: 2 pcs of Knops Original Black and 1 pc of Knops Knurled Black, I am waiting, I am worry because I see the delivery schedule in your actualitation No.37 and I don´t received my Knops, I love this product, I understand that is a long process of production but I am understand now the products are ready, I am worry because think that maybe your company forget to delivery these 3 pieces to me or lost my information; please check, and help me, my country is Colombia, if you sent me the products please sent me the tracking number, or when you will send the knops please remenber send me the tracking number.

      I will wait your reply for to know when I will receive the three knops, have a good afternoon, thanks for your time.

      Yours Sincerely,
      Linda Amaya (Whatsapp: +573006785298) e-mail:

    9. Missing avatar

      Kim on

      Is there again a delay? Last week you said:

      “As mentioned all these orders will be shipped this week. Also, outstanding orders due to for example the wrong addresses will ship this week”

      But I still did not receive a shipping mail...

    10. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Neeltje Drijfhout how very nice to hear. We are happy you like our product and wish you all the best!

      @olivier Heinrich @Valentina concha @Jesse squire we are sorry for the mix up, the issue is now fixed right? Somehow, the connection between the email template and the information that had to be loaded in was lost.

      @leigh David desormeau you’ll receive a track & trace once your order is sent out. The last orders are shipped today and tomorrow!

      @Lawrence Bandini please don’t loose faith. The last orders are being shipped out as we speak.

      @whitney Ryan @verdes andrei-vlad @Peter lindenbergh @Melissa cooke @warren reman @karl hill @koen paquay @felip rivas-struque Drago we will send a track & trace once the order is shipped. If you haven’t received the email yet, your order is going to be shipped today or tomorrow.

    11. Norma Gombok on

      Backer #2604: no tracking number, no Knops, no update. Such a shame...

    12. Missing avatar

      Whitney Ryan on

      I have repeatedly been promised my tracking number and it still hasn’t arrive let alone my product. This is a scam.

    13. Missing avatar

      Verdes Andrei-Vlad on

      Hi, still haven't received any tracking number so far, backing number 2,372. Thanks.

    14. Peter Lindenbergh on

      I have received nothing so far, nor a reply from you guys on my message. :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Melissa Cooke on

      no shipping details yet?

    16. Warren Rehman on

      I have not received shipping email nor the order yet.

    17. Missing avatar

      Karl Hill on

      Hi please can I have an update on my order? No shipping email as of yet. Thanks

    18. Cuan Ham on

      When will we receive our Tracking details?

    19. Missing avatar

      Katherine Catchpole on

      Well, this is the third (at least) update which has promised my knops will be shipping out by the end of the week, so I don't really believe it.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jesse Squire on

      @Oliver Heinrich & @Valentina Concha I recieved the same email with little to no information.

    21. Koen Paquay on

      Still no Knops received. My order was placed in may 2017. When I ask for any insights I get general answer to check shipping dates.

      Please sent me an actual status update.

    22. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Bandini on

      I was in the first 400 backers and as today not even an email about the shipping...I'm really begining o think it's all a big scam!

    23. Missing avatar

      Felipe Rivas-Struque Drago on

      Hello, as lots of people here I'm very concerned because I haven't received any news regarding my order other than your almost automatic answers saying: "you should receive the email......."
      I should've received them over a month ago and no email in my inbox..

    24. Valentina Concha on

      @Oliver Heinrich I received the exact same mail as yours. I assume they forgot to add the personal informations for everyone and just sent them in bulk (?). I hope they send us another mail with all the correct and not-missing informations

    25. Missing avatar

      mable on

      After reading all the comments and going through the same frustrations as everyone else, I'm not sure how I feel about updates anymore and just hope to one day receive my order eventually. Oh wait, I have to see if I even get an order sent and tracking notification first.

    26. Leigh David Desormeau on

      I was in the May 1 2017 purchase group but got no shipping notification yet - as per schedule it was supposed to ship the week of August 6. Any news? Really getting a bit frustrated at this point.

    27. Missing avatar

      Marina West on

      OMG I'm so excited!! Can't wait!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Oliver Heinrich on

      I got a shipping Mail today, but without any Link or Data filled in, just the blank formular:

      Dear Costumer,

      Thank you again for your pre-order and your patience!

      Your order is on its way! Today we have sent your order to the address provided in the order, via [Vervoersbedrijfnaam komt hier]. You can track the delivery at:

      [Track & Trace URLs komen hier (URLs voor 3 codes zouden deze regels gebruiken)]
      [Als er geen T&T code URLs beschikbaar zijn wordt dit gemeld.]
      [Als er geen T&T code URL geconfigureerd is voor de shipper, dan worden deze regels niet geprint.]

      Please use the following code:

      [Track & Trace codes komen hier (2 codes zouden deze regels gebruiken)]
      [Als er geen T&T codes beschikbaar zijn wordt dit gemeld.]

      Depending on the selected (local) partner, [Vervoersbedrijfnaam komt hier] will try to deliver your order. When your package can not be delivered you will receive a pick up notice and will be able to retrieve the delivery from the local postal office.


    29. Neeltje Drijfhout on

      Dear Knops, i’ve received and used them for 3 weeks now and i really love them; cinema, concerts and busy trains are more bearable. Thank you very much for your innovation and design ❤️