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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Dear backers!

A new update, and so soon? Yes, because we aren't fully satisfied with how we communicated in our latest update(s) with you and want to set things right.

First, we received some feedback that people think we are unclear in our communication. Backers want to know how many Knops we have sent out and what we expect to ship in the short term as well as the long term. We can very much understand this and want to start putting your minds at ease.

Secondly, we have been very busy optimizing production. This meant having the whole Knops team at the different actors that are involved with our production cycle. These actors are our assembly department and our production facility here in Amsterdam, our packaging partner and our fulfillment partner. We cooperate on an intense level with these 3 different companies. We currently have over 12 people working fulltime in our assembly and production line producing knops during daytime and optimizing the assembly line and the machinery at night and during the weekends. We have had many hurdles that we managed to fix and now have a good thing going. Because of this intense workload on our entire staff, we had less time to react to emails, messages on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and comments on Facebook. However, we owe it to you guys that we keep answering all your questions. So now we have reallocated our resources to ensure that we can react to all your messages (swifter).

In this update, we want to tackle your questions. We are going to be transparent over the different amounts of Knops we have shipped. 

Now, here’s an overview of the Knops we have produced and shipped (of which some are still to arrive):

Knops Original Black: 700

Knops Original White: 140

Knops Knurled Black: 50

Knops Knurled White: 10

Knops Gold Black: 10

Knops Gold White: 10

This means that we still have the following Kickstarter pre-orders that have to be delivered:

Knops Original Black: 1286 (produced)

Knops Original White: 589

Knops Knurled Black: 381

Knops Knurled White: 112 (produced)

Knops Gold Black: 43 (produced)

Knops Gold White: 24

Don’t worry, though. We have been working around the clock and there are a lot of Knops ready to be shipped. Next, we’ll give you all the stats:

Knops Original Black: done

Knops Original White: 238 still to be produced

Knops Knurled Black: 252 still to be produced

Knops Knurled White: 51 still to be produced

Knops Gold Black: done

Knops Gold White: done

There are 264 sets of Knops Original Black waiting at our packaging department. These will be packaged and ready to be shipped Tuesday.

There are 650 sets of Knops Original Black ready to be shipped as we speak. Our fulfillment party is sending these out right now!

This means that we still have quite some finished products at our production facility. In the next week, we will produce the remaining Knops, send them to our packaging department and then to our fulfillment party for shipping.  As stated in our latest update, we are expecting to send out the remaining Kickstarter orders next week.

Please remember that within the Netherlands, your Knops will be delivered within one or two days. Alas, in other countries waiting times are longer. In this document, you can find how long the Dutch shipping party expects it will take to get your pair of Knops to your country.

For now, have a nice weekend!

Much love,

Team Knops


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    1. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Mike Raynard @Sam Houston @Elisha @Norma Gombok @David Iglesias Troche @shadaya mcconneghey you will receive a track & trace once your product is shipped. We are shipping the last Knops as we speak to Kickstarter backers, so if you haven’t received a track & trace, you’ll receive one today or tomorrow.

      @linda blom we spoke via email, right?

      @James Poh we are sorry for not replying to your message. We have been very busy with the production of Knops and are sorry to say that we let that consume our time. We should have communicated with you better and reacted to your email.

    2. Missing avatar

      Shadaya McConneghey on

      Hello, my email is More than two weeks have past my shipment date. I have not received my Knops as of yet.

    3. Missing avatar

      Linda Blom on

      Really strange: I had a problem because I’m moving. You asked me what to change my address in, but then you sent an email which said you would sent it to my old address last Friday.... but still nothing. And then again: no reply to my message or any message or anything. I moved out yesterday and the house will be broke down next week. Please reply to my emails. Because it will be a problem!

    4. Norma Gombok on

      Ordered on the 2nd May 2017 and still no tracking number and no Knops. What about an accurate update?

    5. Missing avatar

      David Iglesias Troche on

      Hi, When my Knops will be shipped?

    6. Missing avatar

      Oliver Scheer on

      I ordered on the 26th of April and still nothing... Please give me an accurate update!!!

    7. James Poh on

      Hello! Good to hear that, but in the light that even then i have yet to get any reply pertaining to either my email or my comment on the 14th of August, about the Knops i've ordered or any relevant tracking info.. its baffling that you would reply to later queries and neglect an answer to mine.

      Would it help if i'm peeved and irate about it? I most certainly can be but am refraining in hopes of hearing good news from you soon (within the next few days, allowing for timezone differences and your busy schedule).

      email as per 14th August:
      Greetings: Kickstarter Backer 1652 here, ordered on 26 April 2017;

      I'm concerned about there being no tracking order so far given that your scheduled shipping period was 23-28 July 2018 for orders placed between 23-29 April

      I have previously given the necessary details and would appreciate if i can clarify whether is there a tracking order given out once its been shipped, and also, if there is any delay so far since i have yet to receive any form of contact since it is already 14th August 18.

      Appreciate your efforts & hoping for a reply from you soon.


    8. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      @raoul, I'm sure you'll be just as flabbergasted as I was to hear I did not receive any shipping info.

      Siri says it's the 18th where you are. You said the 17th.

      You know if you've sent them. If you haven't, please be honest and return my money.

      Thank you.

    9. Sam Houston on

      Are we not getting any indication of shipment or tracking numbers for our items? Mine was shipped to have been shipped 2 weeks ago (ordered 4/27/17 and supposed to ship by July 28th). Any information would be useful.

    10. Mike Raynard on

      Just wanted to check in and see how long I should be waiting for receiving my Knops in Virginia in the US.

    11. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Koen Verhaeghe you can find that information in the document shared in the update, 1-2 days. With us sending out the last Kickstarter orders this week, you should have your Knops at the latest next week! :)

      @Chaput, we are very sorry, but a refund is not possible. We have invested the funds in the production of Knops. With your pair of Knops being shipped this week at the latest, you’ll have them very soon though!

      @Mark, dit is helaas niet mogelijk. We hebben het geld geïnvesteerd in de ontwikkeling van Knops. Maar met het deze week versturen van de laatste Kickstarter orders heb je jouw Knops uiterlijk volgende week.

      @Elisha. This is also something that we hadn’t foreseen, that it would differ so much between the different Knops. In the update it seemed as though we are prioritizing shipping Indiegogo orders before the shipping of the (last) Kickstarter orders, that is not the case. Sorry for the confusion! We are shipping out the last orders this week, so you’ll be receiving your Knops very soon. You can check how long it takes to ship them to your country in the link given in this update. A track and trace will be emailed to you once they are sent.

      @Adriano, you are completely right that we should have communicated in another way. Stating that we would be shipping the product, but then not making good on that promise has not been a wise move. We were trying to give you guys an idea of when you might expect your product, but should have done this differently. Now, however, we can state that the last orders will be sent out this week. You will receive a track and trace of this shipment. Also, we use Track and Trace, so it will take between 3-5 days.

      @Clmono, Send us an email at

      @Michelle Wong, you are very welcome.

      @Lawrence Bandini, you’ll get an email with a track & trace once your Knops is sent. You can then follow your order. This week, the last Knops are sent out.

      @Niccolo C. M. Bianchi, good to hear. Enjoy your Knops.

      @courtenay Penick, check out ‘Verenigde Staten’ which is Dutch for the United States.

      @Linda Blom Sent us an email at

    12. Missing avatar

      jared on

      Hey guys,

      I sent an email already, but hopefully this will get your attention quicker. Like a few others, I'm also moving in two weeks. I need to change my address if it hasn't shipped yet.

      Also - can anyone comment if they actually received shipping notifications or tracking information? Or did it just randomly show up?

    13. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Yu on

      I’ve sent you an email and no response. I’m moving in a couple weeks and if my shipment had not been sent out yet, I’d like to change my address! I wasn’t expecting it to take this long to ship them out and now my plans have changed and need to change the address. Please respond!

    14. Missing avatar

      Damien Leroux on

      I ordered 2 pairs of knurled knops on may 4, 2017, backer #2899. I'm moving out and changing countries on august 30, in two weeks. Can I expect to receive them in time or should I change the address already?

    15. Missing avatar

      Linda Blom on

      Your e-mail said today my Knops would be sent. But still no shipping details. I also sent you an email with my new address. But no reply,even though I sent a reply to your email because I’m moving this week. What can I expect? Please send a reply on my email. So I know it will be sent to the right address. Greetings Linda

    16. Courtenay Penick on

      US Shipping? The pdf is in Dutch, and I see nothing on the United States?

    17. Niccolò C. M. Bianchi on

      I did receive it, to confirm that they are trustworthy. Great product!

    18. Valentina Concha on

      So, since I choose a black pair and a white pair, do I need to wait longer than people in my same bracket?

    19. Missing avatar

      Lawrence Bandini on

      I was in the first 400 backers batch and I didn't recieve anything yet, is there a way to see where my parcel is at the moment?

    20. Missing avatar

      Michelle Wong on

      Love the transparency! Something far and few seen these days. I appreciate the update, detail and care you've put towards this project.

    21. Missing avatar

      Clmono on

      Baker 1517 (25 April 2017) from Italy. I didn't receive the knops in the estimated week and now I moved from my place. How fix that?! I have already sent you two messages.

    22. Adriano on

      Well said, Elisha. I couldn't have said better.
      I still have a question: in the linked document about estimated international shipping time it says that for Italy (I assume that Standard delivery was the choice) it will take max 12 days. My order was taken on 27th of April 2017 so it should have been shipped at least on 29th of July so I should have received my Knops yesterday but still nothing and still no tacking info provided. What happened? Are still those info realistic?
      Another advice for your updates is to not give info about shipping time if you're not 100% sure about. It gets us really pissed off rather than make us excited.
      I hope to receive something within this month or I will be the next one asking for a refund.

    23. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      Thank you for trying to communicate more clearly. I appreciate the effort.

      I did not realize ordering a specific color would impact the delivery date, so while that's frustrating to learn, it does help me understand your process slightly more.

      I am still not clear on why you're shipping indiego orders before finishing the Kickstarter ones.

      Also, the rest of the information is meaningless to me. What good does it do me to know you made 141 white pairs if I don't know if I'm 141 or 401? That seems like a lot of effort on your part for 0 results.

      The important thing for your backers is when are we getting our ear plugs.

      That's it.

      I don't care about all the super careful effort you've already explained ad nauseum. That's something you should use to get us excited in the beginning. Not to placate us with now. That care should be apparent when we get the product and that is what will eventually get our forgiveness.... After we have them.

      You're almost a full year late with deliveries. There's no reason on this planet you should be shipping any other orders before your Kickstarter orders at this time. It's rude and implies, heavily, you don't care about how long you've made us wait.

      Stop writing emails that are clearly only meant to assuage your guilt and get to making my earplugs.

      I know it probably seems like your customers are mutinying (we are), but at least on my part, it's because I NEED this company to succeed because your product will greatly improve my daily quality of life. I'm on your side. But I need you to be on my side and understand that if I have to ask for my money back on the 18th, it's because you've given me no choice.

    24. Mark on

      Ook hier wil ik nog steeds een refund. Backer #942. Heb jullie al een mail gestuurd. Nog steeds geen antwoord.

    25. Missing avatar

      CHAPUT on

      Backer 2 619, still want my 147€ back please, can you tell me how to proceed ?

    26. Missing avatar

      Koen Verhaeghe on

      Backer 1845 (27/04/2017). How long does it take to ship from Holland to Belgium? According to your mails, shipping between 23/07 and 28/07. Thanks