Knops - The volume button for your ears

by Richard

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    1. Patrick

      According to this delivery schedule, my Knops should've shipped Saturday the 28th. When I asked you last week, you said they'd ship last week (presumably by 8/4). Today is 8/7 and I still don't have tracking information. What's going on?

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      Elisha on

      What do you mean "in the mean time [you'll] start shipping indiego orders?" If you can ship those why can't you ship the ones that are weeks over due?

      If mine are not shipped by the 17th with the afore promised email with tracking info, I'm done. This is absurd.

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      Erik Bax on

      Received them about 1,5 week ago!

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      Jesse Squire on

      This update still references the previous delivery schedule as being accurate. Yet I am in the April group, and have emailed your support many times, and still have received absolutely NO SHIPPING INFO. My patience for this is growing very thin.

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      Cittone on

      Dear Team Knops,
      Thanks to us, knopps is a reality... for who? I m still waiting,according to your schedule my shipping period is latest 3rd of august. How about giving us delivery dates and not shipping dates. As we do not know where you are shipping from how are we to know when we will be delivered?
      Am seriously thing of asking a refund - if I do I hope will be just a quick as it took you to receive our participation. Please tell me if I can count on receivng my order before mid august.
      Not so much love
      Irritated Backer

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      Rafael Antunes Peres on

      Once again, this is so disappointing.
      August 17th is my deadline as well.

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      Jan Kortbeek on

      I ordered april the 29th. Still no sign of a delivery... When can I expect my knops? It frustrates me that you are talking about indigo deliveries before you take care of your backers first...

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      Melissa Schutz on

      According to the email I received, I’m receiving a message that says my Knops were delivered but I have not received them.

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      oliver on

      same again - excuse over excuse. Its quite embarassing what you guys are doing. Too bad as the project looked very promising until we got these bad emails explaining how you failed to plan the production - I very strongly doubt that you were able to design something that is worth the money you asked from all your backers. And the worst - there was never a real sorry - it was just always excuses. NOT the way you treat clients.

      I think either you send everyone an extra pair of knops (but as mentioned before - not sure if they are worth anything) OR refund part or all of the money........

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      CHAPUT on

      Good evening,
      I want my money back, tell me how to proceed.

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      Rafael Breuer on

      Since i ordered april 16th 2017 and that date is not mentioned in your delivery schedule anymore, im a little bit confused. Does that mean the order should have been delivered?
      Kind regards

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      Felipe Rivas-Struque Drago on

      im in the group of the 23-29 of april and haven't received my knops
      what can i do about it¿?

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      Oliver Scheer on

      I’m in the group of the 23-29 of april, too. I haven't received my knops or a tracking number or other notifications. I want to have more details and no excuses!

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      Sushma Joseph on

      Same issue. Backer #1722. No shipping confirmation/email and according to your updated schedule, shipping period is long gone. What is going on?

    15. BeRewt on

      Same here. Backer #1947.

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      Oliver Heinrich on

      Same here. Backer #1731.

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      Markus Zimmermann on

      You guys are kidding us again, only bla bla bla.
      And there is noone, who writes "oh, great, I received mine and they are awesome"! Nobody! In the end it's not even worth half of the money or all the waiting.
      Nothing happens, no answers on mails for refund, no Knops which should have been delivered, nothing!
      You guys are joking on us, fact.

    18. Dave W on

      Same here. 4/23 backer from USA and nothing... should have gotten a tracking number weeks ago. What is going on?!?

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      Sue straw on

      USA Backer #2819 on May 2, 2017.
      NOTHING. :(
      This was my first and LAST Kickstarter backing. Never, never again.
      I would prefer a full refund, but probably no recourse since these cats are not in the USA. NEVER AGAIN!

    20. Norma Gombok on

      Backer #2609 on May 2 2017: no mail, no tracking info, no knops. No more Kickstarter backing!

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      Oliver Heinrich on

      + + + Yesterday (August 7) a Guy with #323 said, he got the shipping Notification. So they were able to deliver to the first 300 backers. Looks like, I have to wait as Backer #1731 some more month.

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      Henri Gerniers on

      Hello, #2264 here, I backed on April 29th so I too have concerns. Haven't received any shipping notification or tracking number.

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      Florence Bugnon on

      Received mine yesterday and I couldn't be happier! They fit well, they are amazing and they are clearly worth the wait. Keep up the good work!

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      Joana Cerejo on

      Dear Knop,
      How can I confirm which address is related to my order? Since I did the pre-order, in May 2017 by address has changed. Best regards, Joana Cerejo

    25. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @all, all remaining Kickstarter orders will ship with the next shipment, by the end of this week.
      @Patrick Harris, your order will ship with this weeks shipment.
      @Elisha, This week we finish Kickstarter orders, that will be packed early next week and shipped by the end of this week. In the meantime, the first orders for Indiegogo will be finished and also shipped.
      @Erik Bax, Good to hear!
      @Jesse Squire, I replied to your email. In the update, we made a reference to the schedule. We mention that all Kickstarter orders will be shipped by the end of this week.
      @Cittone, in the update we mention that we work with a Dutch courier, we ship from the Netherlands. This week all remaining Kickstarter orders will ship.
      @Jan Kortbeek, This week all remaining Kickstarter orders will ship. The people that ordered via Indiegogo are also our backers.
      @Melissa Schutz , I replied to your email.
      @Chaput, I sent you an email.
      @Markus, a lot of backers already received their Knops, see the comment section.
      @Florence, good to hear! Thank you for the compliments!
      @Joana, I sent you an email.

    26. Patrick

      > @Patrick Harris, your order will ship with this weeks shipment.

      You said that weeks ago.

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      Baldeyrou on

      Hello, I am backer #2231 from France and I received nothing.
      Could you email me the status of my delivery please ?
      According to your schedule I should have received my knops more than 3 weeks ago.
      Thanks for your answer

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      Ana Haller on

      I backed this project on 27th April 2017 and still waiting... what's going on guys? Do you have a tracking number or anything like that?

    29. Cuan Ham on

      Hi I backed In May2017 still havenʻt received any tracking details

    30. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Baldeyrou @Ana Haller @Cuan Ham we are sending out the last orders today and tomorrow. You will receive a track & trace when your order is shipped.