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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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Shipping our product worldwide

Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Dear backers, 

A lot of good things happened since we started shipping by the end of May. In this update we will bring you up to speed about the last couple of weeks. 

Scaling up production 

In order to ship all orders as fast as possible, it’s important for us to scale up the production capacity. This is something we are working on every week. 

People, People, People 

The coming weeks the production capacity is going to grow quickly. This Monday a whole bunch of new people have been added to the assembly process at our production partner. With this we are able to produce a lot more products every week to ship out! Also, the production team is growing closely together, people are working on Knops with a smile! It is a human process, and it is so nice to see the energy in the team. 


For all the different stations in the assembly process, we made effective and time-saving tools to make the assembly so smooth as possible. This also helps to make it easier for the people to work on Knops. 

Test equipment 

Every single Knops product is still going through our test procedure to maintain a high quality of the acoustics of the product. To be able to keep up with the growing numbers of products made, we had to expand our testing capacity. The current test equipment now has doubled throughput to test Knops! Beside this we are working on a completely new test bench to ensure every single piece of Knops continues to be rigorously tested. 


More products produced means more products to be packed. We are working closely with our packaging partner to help assist with to growing numbers of products that need to be packed. Making sure that they are able to work as efficiently as possible and to add more personnel if needed. 

Fancy versions 

We have different variations of Knops. Besides the Original version with the smooth Stainless steel rings we also have the Knurling and Gold versions. 

These Knurled and Gold versions are much more elaborate to build. The gold versions are treated at a specialist all the way in Germany to make sure the quality is optimal. We received our first batch of the gold rings last week. The Knurled version has a much more time consuming process compared to the smooth ring and is batched separately. We optimized the knurling pattern to best fit the design and function. This week our supplier will provide us with a large batch of new Knurled rings. So we will start to send out Knurled and Gold versions this week. 

Delivery schedule 

As mentioned last time, we have a dynamic schedule that we will update for you as we go. We have the production running well now to catch up with the delivery of all the Kickstarter backers. Below is the schedule. Please note that the open Gold and Knurled Knops orders of the first weeks will be shipped expedited now. 

Knops review by New Atlas

We are thankful for the extended review that Loz Blain made about Knops! You can read the review here.

We will keep you posted about any development regarding production and the delivery schedule. 

Much love, 

Team Knops

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    1. Missing avatar

      Morgan Mcclincy on

      I backed Knops on May 2nd 2017. Still no shipping info or knops to be found.

    2. Zack Zenon on

      Backer #2471, pledged on May 1st 2017. Still no shipping email or knops.

    3. Missing avatar

      M-C Cabana on

      I continue to be disappointed with the organization surrounding this product and wish I had never ordered it. I backed it in April 2017. According to the shipping schedule, I should have received my pair by now - and by the "sound" of it, I'm far from being alone.. Can someone provide an accurate reponse?

    4. Ione Priest on

      Almost 2 weeks now with zero response, Knops team. Perhaps before you "scale up production"... again... You could add a few more people to help answer the growing list of questions. Maybe even using real answers, rather than the generic "it's coming this week"?

    5. Norma Gombok on

      Ordered on 2 May 2017 and still no tracking info. Did I waste my money? Any updates, please?

    6. Missing avatar

      wyndlen on

      Ordered May1 - please send tracking info for shipment. Starting to worry I wasted money based on lack of updates, reviews below and actual lack of product.

    7. Sarah Kemball on

      Ordered 29th April 2017. No updates on delivery and no shipping information has been emailed over. Please provide updates to us backers who have been more than patient!

    8. Missing avatar

      Su Jun on

      I ordered mine on 23 April 2017 and I still don’t have the shipping information yet. Please let me know.

    9. Ione Priest on

      I did get the shipping email 7/31 for at least one pair, and the tracking link in that says it's en route to the U.S. currently.... We'll see what comes of this.

    10. Missing avatar

      Luc Martinez on

      People from Knops, can you read our comments ? Are you a real company ? do Knops exist ? Does anyone here received anything ? just one please...
      It looks more and more like many other fake projects on Kickstarter. Crooks take our money and disappear... And Kickstarter will reply once again that they are not responsable about relations between sellers and buyers...
      This happened to me with OSSIC Headphones : 8 000 people gave them 3 Million $...
      Are we experiencing the same thing ?

    11. Missing avatar

      Oliver Heinrich on

      My Knops haven't send yet and after 2 eMails I got 2 different Shedules and they're both over the correct date I should have received my Reward :( Please check exactly and don't send another shedule! THANKS

    12. Missing avatar

      Danielle Euzent on

      Hi, I ordered April 28 so my knops should have shipped last week. I still don't ha e shipping info, any update?

    13. Nicky 'Dollface' Jones

      Work this one out...I'm seriously confused. My knops turned up today.. or should i say the box has turned up, but the box is empty. There is nothing in it. Why?
      Could you please send me my reward. Ive waited all this time got excited its coming to open the beautiful packaging to an empty plastic container inside. Ive taken a photo etc.
      Please contact me i have emailed you.

    14. Missing avatar

      Sevina on

      I ordered on the 29th of April and still nothing... Please give us an accurate update!!!

    15. Missing avatar

      Eugene on

      UPDATE: Out of the blue my pair of Knops have arrived but on my old address!!! I have updated my address more then a year ago and still send wrongly. I was informed by the new owner of our old home. Really bad from Knops not to send it to the correct address. Now for the Knops itself...i orders pair of silver! The left one is working ok...the right one is bad...the 'wheel' is going not as smoothly as the left one. Summary: after 17 months i got my order, delivered on wrong address, not what i have ordered and not functional well.

      Where can i send my Knops to get a a new pair of WORKING Knops??

    16. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      Not only did this update say my knops should be sent this week, I recieved an email from your info team saying the same thing on Wednesday. However, I have not received any shipping info. One would think by Wednesday you'd know if you're on schedule for the week or you'd let someone who took the time to email you, know you were wrong.

      I had told a few people about these and they wanted to know how I liked them when I got them because they know people with similar sensory issues as mine. If they aren't shipped by next week, I'm going to have to tell them to find an alternative because this clearly isn't happening.

      I'd be interested to know if anyone has actually recieved a refund.

    17. Missing avatar

      Linda Blom on

      In your last update #36 there was a time schedule, it said my Knops would have been sent this week. But (again) I haven’t received no shipping details. I’ve pledged on April 25, so it would be sent this week. I think it’s really strange the last information still isn’t correct. Please send correct information.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michelle Baker on

      I backed this on April 4, 2017. Based on the shipping schedule I should have received them. Can someone check into this please?

    19. Adam Schuetze on

      I was backer 1608, for 1 Euro on April 25, 2017. I was curious and if I pledged this amount I could see the updates and see how the project was going. I updated my pledge to 90 Euro and on April 28, 2017.

      I have yet to receive shipping details. Even by the usual delayed schedule one can expect with new product developments on Kickstarter, this getting ridiculous.

      Can you please post an updated shipping schedule. When can I expect these?

    20. Missing avatar

      Cittone on

      Hello. How long will it take to ship to France? Ordred over a year ago. Do we get gold star treatment for our patience? How about a gold star reduction for backers who may find the knopps so wonderful that they wish to order a second pair ? Have a good day .

    21. Missing avatar

      Johan on

      Hi, which shipping service do you use in the Netherlands?

    22. Missing avatar

      Car Ina on

      Hi, I ordered on April 15 (backer number 738), but still haven't got any shipping number or anything. Can you please let me know if they have been shipped? I have ordered the "normal" version

    23. Missing avatar

      Jose Niaison on

      Thanks for the update but OMG... I ordered Knops on April 24, 2017 and can hardly stand it any longer. The two pairs I purchased are neither knurled nor gold... so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this week is indeed shipping week. I understand that it will take a bit of time to get to Canada, but seeing the messages below makes me hope that when you ship, you also let buyers know that their Knops are in transit. Thanks!

    24. Missing avatar

      Carolyn on

      Thanks for the update! I'd encourage you to post more updates like this as the schedule evolves.

      Your chart starts at April 23rd, will those of us who ordered before that receive ours soon?

    25. Ione Priest on

      For those who have ordered prior to April 23, and who have NOT received any shipping information, what is the expected shipping date? And will they, too, be sent expedited (given they were already supposed to have shipped)?

    26. Missing avatar

      Katie Corcoran on

      I ordered mine on April 21st and still don't have any shipping information.

    27. Kees Suijkerbuijk on

      Ik zou mijn Knops -wederom- al ontvangen moeten hebben. Nog steeds niets!