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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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Delivery schedule on schedule?!

Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Dear backers, 

We like to give you an update about how production is going in relation to the delivery schedule. A few of you backers mentioned that they were in the understanding that they should have received their order based on their backer number. This was right, in the last two weeks we faced some hiccups in the production process which resulted in a delay when it comes to shipping. That being said, we solved these issues. 

With the shipment that goes out this week and early next week, we will be on schedule again, even a little ahead of schedule. 

We already received a lot of positive feedback on the product from people that used Knops. We will share some of these experiences any time soon. 

We will keep you posted about any development regarding production and the delivery schedule. 

Much love,

Team Knops

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    1. Missing avatar

      Megan Whitehouse on

      I'm backer number 1725, I ordered on the 26th April 2017 so they were due 9th-13th July but I haven't heard anything yet... I'm guessing delivery is behind schedule? Any ideas when I can expect to receive my knops or at least a shipping schedule update? I really need these as I have sensory issues

    2. Missing avatar

      Elisha on

      I backed in April 26th of last year and haven't heard anything. I also sent an email to the info address and haven't heard back.

      It's almost been a year since we were supposed to start getting them. If I didn't need something like this because of sensory issues I'd ask for my money back too at this point. I hope it's worth the wait and frustrations.

      I know people gave you flask for updates before that weren't accurate, but it wasn't the updates that were the problem. It was the lack of communication when information changed and we are all left twiddling our thumbs. We shouldn't have to ask for updates when things change and you should let us know about changes as soon as you do.

    3. Missing avatar

      Gnomad Ink on

      Also have received no info on shipment. Backed April 28. Look forward to an update.

    4. Norma Gombok on

      I ordered on the 02.05.2017 as Backer 2604: no tracking number and no Knops. Really regret supporting this project now :(

    5. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      I received no tracking number on Friday despite the latest update info; two sets ordered on 04 May 2017, backer 3221, so hopefully I'll hear something soon.

    6. Kees Suijkerbuijk on

      And another promise broken... Still no tracking number... As I said before: Don't make promises you can't keep!


      this is taking way too long.....really regret supporting this project now....

    8. Richard Creator on

      @all, a big shipment is going out this week. I expect tracking numbers for these orders to be sent on Friday.

      We shall post a new update about the delivery schedule this week!

    9. Missing avatar

      Stefan on

      Same for me. I ordered on the 21.04.2017 as Backer 1100. Please update the delivery schedule or inform us via mail. We are already used to wait for your KNOPS, but this misleading information here is getting me angry....

    10. Missing avatar

      Monique Schaap on

      Same for me. I ordered on the 6th of April, backer 282, still no info!

    11. Missing avatar

      Sevina on


      Same for me. I ordered on the 28th of April, backer 1959, still no info, while I should have had at least the shipping details last week.
      Could you give me an update? Thanks!

    12. Missing avatar

      Eugene on

      Guys....Ordered 19th of April. So delivery should took place between 2 and 6 July. Still no pre-alert received ..... still no goods received! And i live in the Netherlands so it shouldn't take so much time! I'm backer 938, could you please give me an update. Thanks!

    13. Woody Goldsack on

      Well, one pair turned up, the black pair, they look nice, are the white ones delayed?

    14. Missing avatar

      Oliver Scheer on

      I ordered my knops on 26.04.2017. I don’t received a delivery message until know. Any update?

    15. Missing avatar

      basset on

      @ Raoul Valstar : does your message mean that your schedule is not up to date ? I've ordered my knops on April 25th (last year of course) so if you're just starting to send orders from April 8th, should I expect 2 or 3 week delay ?
      I know people keep asking you that kind of questions but I think we are all really fed up with your constant misinformation. If you're late, just admit it, stop giving us false hopes that make us even more impatient.
      Can get a quick and HONEST answer please ?

    16. Raoul Valstar Collaborator on

      @Nicole de By Your order will ship this week. This is due to the delay we described in the update.
      @La Dutchessa , Your order will ship this week.
      @Anand, you can send an email to
      @Sue straw , you can send an email to
      @Edgar Dumea, we ship all orders from the Netherlands. Track and trace shipment to Canada is 5-6 days. You can send an email to
      @Felipe Rivas-Struque Drago, Your order will ship this week, you ordered 28-04-2017.
      @JiminyJickers, Your order will ship this week.

    17. Woody Goldsack on

      OK, so according to your chart I should expect my Knops between 20 days ago and 10 days ago. That is reassuring. Maybe it would be a better idea to not put out a chart that is already wrong?

    18. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      Ordered on 8 March. Still no shipping. Your schedule is not even remotely correct.

    19. Missing avatar

      Felipe Rivas-Struque Drago on

      do i get a tracking number???
      i should've got the package already

    20. Missing avatar

      Edgar Dumea on

      Ok, so according to your schedule, i *might* be sent my order between the 16th and the 20th of July... How much time does it take for it to arrive to Canada? What is your shipping method? Are you sending it with some sort of priority or with a 1500 carriage driven by horses? The reason i need to know this is that i will be moving around that date and i simply want to know what to expect and to prepare. If i need to buy the postal service to get my mail forwarded, that's gonna cost me half of what i payed for this project(that's how shit works here). In case you were wondering, YES, I AM PISSED OFF(and i don't accept any apology)!! What is the email address where I can update my delivery address?

    21. Missing avatar

      Damien Leroux on

      Nevermind my comment, it was actually may 2017. I hope you're on time… :-)

    22. Missing avatar

      Sue straw on

      I concur with what Anand said:

      "Let me know procedure for claiming refund, I no longer need this. It has delayed beyond acceptable limits.

      Thanks // Anand"

      I, too, would like a full refund.
      It has been well over a year since I paid.
      This was my first kickstarter backing, and it will be my LAST.
      Never again.

      I would like a full refund asap.

    23. Missing avatar

      Carolyn on

      So people who ordered 16th-29nd April are going to receive theirs soon? Thanks for the update!

    24. Missing avatar

      Anand on

      Let me know procedure for claiming refund, I no longer need this. It has delayed beyond acceptable limits.

      Thanks // Anand

    25. Missing avatar

      Damien Leroux on

      So, I ordered early 2018, and am going to move from France to California by end of august. I'm getting pretty confident that the knops won't arrive in time for the plane (again…)
      Is it still possible to change the delivery address? I would be pretty cross otherwise that the knops finally arrive in France after I'm gone for good.

    26. Missing avatar

      La Dutchessa on

      hi, my order was on the 13th of april and also no news. maybe you should update the schedule to a more up to date planning :-) thanx!

    27. Missing avatar

      Nicole de By on

      Hi! I placed my order as one of the first on April 7. But I still have not received my knops. Did everything ship alright?