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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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Delivery Schedule

Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Dear backers, 

As promised, we would like to share with you the delivery schedule. This schedule will give you a good indication of when to expect your order. 

This schedule, as mentioned in our previous update, will be a dynamic schedule which we will update according to how the production is going. As said, we are improving production and are accelerating as we go and we will update the schedule accordingly. 

If you need to update your shipping details, please send us an email at When we ship your order you will receive a tracking number from us via email. 

Much love, 

Team Knops

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    1. Missing avatar

      fenglin qian on

      I backed on 4 May and still no shipping. Any update?

    2. Woody Goldsack on

      As a backer from the 14th April, any update to the schedule which shows my Knops coming sometime between 16 days ago to 6 days ago?

    3. Jorick on

      w000t! Just got a notification from PostNL that a package from Knops is currently in transit and will be delivered to me tomorrow!! Really excited!

    4. Missing avatar

      Edgar Dumea on

      You claimed in your previous update that you've completed(sent) about 30% of the orders, yet people who were early birds still haven't received anything.
      So what the actual f**k?

      You also said that delivery will start in May(god forbid you should've mentioned a date from the start)... We were so naive to believe you!

      When you set up time frames, you build up expectations. Now, deliver!

    5. Missing avatar

      JiminyJickers on

      I backed on 8 April and still no shipping. Obviously this "live” schedule isn’t accurate. Any update?

    6. Kees Suijkerbuijk on

      In plain dutch: Dit is gewoon ruk mensen van Knops! Communiceer nu gewoon eens. Wachten al erg lang en belofte maakt schuld.

    7. Missing avatar

      CHAPUT on

      Sorry, just found your answer in the "commentaries" section. But you're not responding at all, anyway. I was asking "what's the interest to have been a super early bird", still not seeing anyone...
      And a lady is saying that your delivery schedule is not right (she hasn't received anything yet whereas she should have). Still worried because, like Nicole is noticing below, the delivery may arrived (I'm still believing it will one day, we humans are so fun of hope, ha ha) exactly when I'm out of my home for the holidays...

    8. Missing avatar

      CHAPUT on


      Reposting a question you've not answered yet :

      I'm quite surprised to discover I've paid 140€ more than one year ago* for a "knurled duo pack" which only costs these days... 141€ !
      What's the interest, then, to have been a SUPER early bird ?!
      Shouldn't we get a discount, a present, well, something to thank us for that extremely long wait ??

      *2017, may 4th

    9. Stef Ross on

      I need to change my delivery address. Sent a message 4 days ago, but no reply. Please advise!!

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Culotta on

      Day one backer, and still no shipping confirmation...?

    11. Kees Suijkerbuijk on

      I should have got my Knops by now (ordered in the very beginning). But still no package to open!

    12. Missing avatar

      Nicole Hoevenaars on

      Hahaha, pretty amazing how in a timespan of well over a year, you managed to ship my set right in the middle of my vacation.. Hope my neighbours will be able to receive it for me. And too late for Yet another festival. Bummer! But on the bright side: at least finally there is a delivery date!