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Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
Knops are acoustic adjustable hearing solutions that reduce noise in four steps. No electronics, comfortable to use and easy to carry.
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Time to Control Your Volume

Posted by Raoul Valstar (Collaborator)

Dear backers, 

A lot has happened the past few weeks. We started shipping Knops by the end of May and have shipped orders every week since then. We are extremely happy with the first feedback we received from backers telling us they use Knops in all kind of different situations with great success. Check out this review by Unbox Therapy, which is also very positive! 

Most of the team members are working at our production center every day. As Knops is a completely new product, it requires new production processes, and the entire team been working around the clock to optimize and accelerate those processes. We are helping out by providing good work instructions, assisting the employees in the process and fine-tuning and optimizing the assembly process ourselves. We also acquired an extra welding machine to ramp things up, and are almost doubling our output (number of knops) every week. 

Arjen and Richard have spent a lot of time optimizing production and quality control. Each set of Knops is going through an extensive testing procedure on 7 points to ensure perfect fit, acoustic quality and smooth operation. We are testing every single unit to maintain a high-quality standard and making sure we only ship great products.

So now for the news you all have been waiting for: we will share the earlier promised delivery schedule this Tuesday! This schedule will be a dynamic schedule which we will update according to how the production is going. As said, we are improving production and are accelerating as we go and we will update the schedule accordingly. 

In broad lines: We expect to have sent out all orders to our Kickstarter backers by July. 

O yes, some of you have been asking how many Knops we have sent out. By the end of next week we expect to have shipped over 30% of all Kickstarter orders. 

We will share a new update this Tuesday with the delivery schedule. 

Much love, 

Team Knops


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    1. Missing avatar

      Baldeyrou on

      I was supposed to receive my order before July, 13th (having backed on April, 29th 2017), we are are July 22nd and still nothing. Could you give us a real update of the delivery please ?
      Many Thanks

    2. Missing avatar

      CHAPUT on

      Sorry, just found your answer in the "commentaries" section. But you're not responding at all, anyway. I was asking "what's the interest to have been a super early bird", still not seeing anyone...
      And a lady is saying that your delivery schedule is not right (she hasn't received anything yet whereas she should have). Still worried because the delivery may arrived (I'm still believing it will one day, we humans are so full of hope, ha ha) exactly when I'm out of my home for the holidays...

    3. Missing avatar

      CHAPUT on


      Reposting a question you've not answered yet :

      I'm quite surprised to discover I've paid 140€ more than one year ago* for a "knurled duo pack" which only costs these days... 141€ !
      What's the interest, then, to have been a SUPER early bird ?!
      Shouldn't we get a discount, a present, well, something to thank us for that extremely long wait ??

      *2017, may 4th

    4. Missing avatar

      Lukas Weichmann on

      I'm shocked how stupid this review of unboxing therapie is.. he is not getting what the knobs are for at all! I allready have a custom-made-earprotection and it cost me 230 € not including the other pair of linear filters to be able to switch between 25db and 15 db. So i'm just thrilled for the knobs and I am looking forward to enjoy the flexibility and the quietness.

    5. Missing avatar

      Nicole Hoevenaars on

      What a nonsense review, and not at all positive! Bad idea to put that one in the update, did you not watch it?

    6. Stefan Bödenauer on

      so i wouldn't really call the Unbox Therapy video that positive

    7. Missing avatar

      KG Baker on

      Leigh David Desormeau - I'm autistic and these are for me! Good wishes to your family member :)

    8. Leigh David Desormeau on

      Is there any way to know where we are in the shipping queue? I backed this one ages ago and I have an autistic family member that really, really needs these. Thanks!