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A card driven wargame inspired by "A Few Acres of Snow". Players take over the role of Rome and Carthage, during the First Punic War.
Did you miss the Kickstarter?No worries, for a limited time, you can still pre-order the game. Just click on the "Pre-Order" button below!
Did you miss the Kickstarter?No worries, for a limited time, you can still pre-order the game. Just click on the "Pre-Order" button below!
916 backers pledged $55,104 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on February 6

      9” x 11.5” x 2.5” -or- 229 mm x 292 mm x 69 mm

    2. Missing avatar

      Sidney on February 6

      what are the box dimensions?

    3. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on January 25

      @Terry Johnson - We will be extending the date on the pledge manager until the end of February. I am working with another artist on a revised layout and we have not decided on the final look of the new cards. However, I have printed a few samples with the card titles completely black and it looks good. Once I make a final decision on the new card design (or if we stay with the old layout) I will let everyone know. But, the card titles will definitely be all black.

    4. Missing avatar

      Terry Johnson on January 24

      Will there be a decision on changing the color of the text to black on the top of the cards soon? And possibly some images of the new cards posted? Time is running out on finalizing our order with the pledge manager (Jan 31 ??). I would definitely order a replacement deck if this change is made.

    5. Missing avatar

      Matt Gregory
      on January 10

      Never mind I sorted it out. The error was on my end.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt Gregory
      on January 10

      The pledge manager does not seem to be working for me. It appears to want to charge me the full amount and doesn’t recognize that I’m a backer. Is there a way to correct this?

    7. Missing avatar

      Mira_NL on January 3

      Thanks and all the best wishes for 2018!!!

    8. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 30

      @Mira_NL - Thank you for the information. I will include that note in your order.

    9. Missing avatar

      Mira_NL on December 30

      How do I let you know which games I want in the 5 copies bundle? In my case it’s 3 HitS and 2 FiS but I cannot enter it anywhere in the order.

    10. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 20

      @Gabriel Thorn - Hello! The Knight Works bundle includes a 2nd edition copy of Hands in the Sea and either a retail or KS version of Forged in Steel. That pledge also comes with Companion Guides for each game and a metal die. You only need to add the Knight Works bundle item and the Metal Coin set if you want everything. Thank you for checking with me!

    11. Gabriel Thorn
      on December 20

      Hi there!

      I'm a bit confused by the pledge manager. Can you tell me what add-ons I need to buy separately if I have the Knight Works pledge and want to get everything?


    12. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 18

      @Rob Winslow - Hello, I will send you an email with your Discount code in a few minutes.

      (EVERYONE) - If you have not received your Activation and/or Discount code email yet, please contact me at and I will send that to you.

    13. Rob Winslow on December 18

      Hi. I got the "Discount Code" email, but not the "Activate Account" email.

      Yes, I've checked spam.


    14. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 18

      You are very welcome Abdul! We are looking forward to publishing great games in 2018 and many years to come!

    15. Abdul Fatah.B.Alwee on December 17

      Thank you Knight Works, receive my Pledge Manager email and complete my payment with some add ons. Cant wait to receive my upgrade copy this coming 2018. The 1st edition game is already awesome. Keep up the good work Knight Works. You're the best.

    16. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 16

      @Terry Johnson - Thank you for the reminder, I started dabbling with different card designs for black text titles awhile back. I did not finish printing out the samples or showing those to Dan or the Knight Works team yet.

      I will put that on my to-do list and I should have an answer (and samples) for a future KS update. That should go out in the next week or so.

    17. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 16

      Just a quick clarification, the Shopify site takes into consideration the amount you pledged for shipping which is minus your discount. For example, if you pledged a total of $60 and $10 of that pledge was for shipping then your discount will be $50.

      This means that most orders will show no charge for shipping as a "KS Included Shipping" category during Checkout. This was necessary to handle all of the various shipping locations and amounts paid for during the Kickstarter campaign.

    18. Missing avatar

      Terry Johnson on December 16

      Was there ever a final decision on changing the text on the top of the cards from white to black? Previously you mentioned that you would print some card examples to see how they looked. Any chance we can see pictures of the cards? If the color has been changed to black, I will order a replacement deck.

    19. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 16

      @Aillas - I just did a quick check and it looks like there is an issue with the "5 Copy Bundle" product not appearing on the Shopify site for backers who pledge for that item. Please wait while I troubleshoot the issue for the item. But, to answer your question, the Companion Guides are included and would not be added separately.

    20. Aillas on December 16

      If I backed 5 copies bundle pledge, do I need to add 5 Companion Guides (which should be free for each copy of game in this bundle) to the cart or I must add only 5 games? When I add 5 games + 5 Companion Guides, discount won't cover whole prise.

    21. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 16

      @Scott Russell - The shopify site is here:
      But, backers will need to click on an "Activate Account" email I sent out a few minutes ago to activate their account on the site. I checked your discount number and it appeared to be working. I will send you a separate email and screenshot in a few minutes.

    22. Missing avatar

      Peter De Carvalho on December 16

      Awesome. Thanks for the reply!

    23. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 16

      @Peter De Carvalho - My apologies, that was an oversight on my part. I did not take into consideration that the "Colonist" pledge level for $1 does not have shipping. Unfortunately, I will need to calculate the shipping for those orders separately. Please feel free to place your order and I will let you know that the shipping charge is. Sorry for the hassle. I will also post a comment and send out an email to the other $1/$2 backers.

    24. Scott Russell
      on December 16

      Link to shopify site?
      The discount code doesn't work at your store.

    25. Missing avatar

      Peter De Carvalho on December 16

      Regarding the pledge manager, I just went through and tried it and wasn't given an option to add $10 for shipping (in Canada). The only option for shipping was KS - Free.


    26. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on December 12

      I finished doing the final setup for applying discounts for backers into our Shopify site this past weekend. The trick in using a Shopify site for pledge management is creating discounts for backers across several pledge rewards and funding amounts. This turned out to be a bit more intensive than I originally assumed. Long story short, the final step is setting up the custom email campaign through MailChimp that will give each user their unique discount code for the Shopify site. That is the final item to launching pledge management and it should be done fairly soon. I will also follow up those emails with a Kickstarter update, as well.

    27. MadScientist
      on December 12

      End of November has well and truly passed.
      Pledge manager update please.

    28. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on November 12

      Yes, we will have a booth at BGG.CON this year.

    29. Trent Turner on November 11

      You have a booth at BGG?

    30. Michael Mahoney on November 8

      Thanks for the timely reply.

    31. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on November 7

      We have all of the snags worked out for the pledge management. But, I am doing the final prep for the BGG convention next week. I want to be able to answer questions and deal with issues as they happen. I do not see anything big causing us any trouble but it does not make sense to launch the pledge manager while I am tied down at the convention. However, I do plan on firing that up the weekend after the convention towards the end of this month.

    32. Michael Mahoney on November 7

      Any word on a pledge manager yet ?

    33. Benjamin Stewart Cowley on October 28

      That's great, I'm sure LPG will be excellent. After thinking about it I recall now that I sent them positive feedback after Mare Nostrum, and also passed that on to Jamey letting him know the improvement. So I feel like a bit of a jerk for raising the issue. Really glad to hear your interactions with them have confirmed your choice.

      Thanks also for sharing your background research into the coins, that's really awesome to learn that they are not only accurate for the period and culture, but specific to the theatre of the conflict. That's great detail.

    34. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on October 27

      @Benjamin Stewart Cowley – Thank you for the information and your feedback. I have also heard great things about Aetherworks, as well. I went back and forth with LPG concerning quality and standards for shipping. They have really ramped up their process since the Scythe incident. Another thing to consider is that we are only dealing with 30, or so, backers in Australia and New Zealand. For several reasons, that made me lean towards LPG.

    35. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on October 27

      @Karsten Engelmann – I wanted to let you know that the gold coin was modeled after Siculo-Punic coins. There is a detailed history to the coinage during this time period but in short. A significant amount of “War Coinage” was struck by Carthage in Sicily to pay for mercenaries. This tied in so well to the game that I decided to use that coin design. I spent a significant amount of time researching and checking the facts but the gold coin you see is indeed minted by Carthage in Sicily during the First Punic War. Carthage adopted several standards and designs from Greece coinage with the Siculo-Punic coins. On a side note, the pegasus on the coin was a bit of a political statement. These articles go into more detail if you are interested.

      (Page 5) –…

    36. Benjamin Stewart Cowley on October 27

      I've gone over my KS records and I'm pretty sure that LPG used to be GG. I've had mixed success with LPG, the shipped Mare Nostrum perfectly, but prior to that they failed to ship Scythe to Jamey Stegmaier's specification which lead to him shifting to Aetherworks.

    37. Benjamin Stewart Cowley on October 27

      Aetherworks are just brilliant for AU shipping. The packaging and attention to detail is second to none. Everything I have received from them has arrived in perfect condition. I am not sure but I think LPG used to be good games, who once sent me a kickstarter package in a plastic bag with no packing. It was very disappointing. I would check with them to ensure that your awesome work is going to at least get a fig leaf of bubble wrap protection.

      Also I love the coins, great work.

    38. Missing avatar

      Karsten Engelmann on October 26

      Not sure why companies continue to use Corinthian coins...has nothing do to with Carthage.

    39. Brian Jarvis on October 26

      "Yes" to a set of the metal coins!

    40. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on October 25

      Hi Samuel, we will be using Let's Play Games. Their website is here:

    41. Missing avatar

      Samuel Kerekes
      on October 25

      You usimg aetherworks for Australia.

    42. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on October 2

      Hey everyone, we have been going back and forth over which pledge manager to use. But, the big hold up is that we are still calculating the prices for shipping add-on's. I took fairly heavy losses on international shipping during the fulfillment of Hands in the Sea and Forged in Steel last year. I am hoping to not repeat that as it hurt our company.

      Shipping a copy of the game assumes a certain amount of weight but the (Upgrade Pack) or any pre-orders that run through the pledge manager could be a mixture of items, i.e., metal coins, custom wood tokens, replacement card deck. To put this issue in perspective, a single bag of coins or card deck falls into a certain weight category. BUT, add them together and it changes things in different ways for different destinations. I want to make sure that I am not overcharging but also not losing money like last year. Please bear with us as we iron these details out. I promise the pledge manager will go live before the end of the year.

      On a side note, I just received the samples for the metal coins and they are beautiful. I will post an update soon.

    43. Trent Turner on October 1

      Pledge manager update?

    44. Neil on September 28

      The quality of the first edition was good.

      I’m looking forward the new board, and cards which I hope will feel better and potentially be more resilient to use. Not that my original set are falling apart.

      Makes sense to stay with your original manufacturer, especially when they can provide the goods.

    45. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on September 10

      @secret squirrel - We are still a few weeks out from the pledge manager starting.

    46. Trent Turner on September 9

      when is the pledge manager starting?

    47. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on August 31

      @secret squirrel - Good point, that would make for a great update!

      In general, a 2nd edition is fairly similar to running any game. A true reprint is even easier as it is just a matter of placing the order. Because the 2nd edition is updating certain layouts it goes thru the same verification/sample process.

      I have been researching other manufacturers but I would lose a fair chunk of money by not using the prior manufacturer. I have already paid thousands of dollars for the 1st edition tooling costs and printing plates. In some ways, there is a bit of risk going with a new manufacturer as I already know the component quality from the 1st edition game. As long as I can verify the board game quality/fold and ensure a higher quality of card stock then I would be okay to keep my current manufacturer.

    48. Missing avatar

      secret squirrel on August 30

      Just curious, perhaps you can discuss it in another post sometime but what sort of work goes into printing a 2nd edition vs a 1st edition? You have to approve all the same materials again and do all the pre-checks but do you use the same printer? Is a 2nd edition/printing easier or more difficult? I would love to read an article about the process, the actual production fascinates me as much as the development and the playing!

    49. Knight Works 6-time creator
      on August 22, 2017

      Thanks Marlon! I appreciate the kudos!

    50. Marlon (A boardgame life) on August 22, 2017

      Gratz on the funding KW! Can't wait to get my hands on, i know....., my copy!

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