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Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
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"Add On" - Questions & Information


I wanted to thank everyone for their support. Many of you have included multiple Add On's to your pledge reward. This in turn has brought us much closer to our goal. These last few days will be close but I have a good feeling that we will make it.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I have included the Stretch Goals as Add On's plus I have added a new Stretch Goal. One of the questions concerning these new Add On's is, "What happens if we actually hit the Stretch Goal amounts?" If we reach a specific Stretch Goal item we will include that item for free in every expansion box. At that point, backers who added additional funds for a Stretch Add On can then use that amount for another Add On or adjust their pledge.

Another question was, "How can you offer Stretch Goals as Add On's and does this affect the projects overall bottom line?" The way that we make this possible is by ordering small batches of each Add On or Stretch Goal. For example, the Count Seat is fairly popular and I do not see any problems in selling say 100 of them later on if need be. The extra resource hexes are a little more tricky. If there is only a small amount of interested backers then I can use my "Dent & Ding" copies and pull the extra Resource Hexes from there. Finally, the Score Pad's mentioned below can be ordered in groups of 50, so no worries there.

On that note, we have added a Score Pad as both a Stretch Goal and as an Add On. The Score Pad will be 4" x 5.5". It will be printed in full color and will have 50 pages. I want to send out a big thank you to Jeff King from All Us Geeks for mentioning a Score Pad in his recent review of the Dark Horse Expansion.

EU-Friendly shipping for International backers!


I am excited to announce that the Dark Horse campaign now has EU-Friendly Shipping! This means that all international backers in the European Union will not have to pay the Value Added Tax (VAT) for packages they receive. VAT is approximately 20%, so you can imagine how this already adds on to the high cost of shipping a package internationally!

This is currently something that international backers have to deal with when ordering games from the US. So when shipping costs went through the roof earlier this year it became more and more difficult for international backers to support Kickstarter projects. Knowing that our gaming friends overseas can back our project without having to pay 20% more in shipping costs is a great thing! & Ace-High Reward


I wanted to let everyone know that we have teamed up with the folks at to provide us support once the campaign ends. BackerKit is a crowdfunding pledge manager, which means it will help us sort out and manage the various Add On's and pledge rewards. Once the campaign ends, and the funds have been processed, we will send out invites to the BackerKit site. Once you are there you can specify which Add On's and rewards you would like.

On a side note, I also wanted you to know that we have many interesting Add-On's, which you can find in the project description. Today I want to spotlight the Ace-High reward, which backers can add to any of the reward levels.

This custom bonus gives you a chance to add yourself, a friend or a family member as a character in the game. Backers can add on as many Ace-High rewards as they like, so feel free to add multiple copies of this reward. We will send you a list of Rebels & Rogues characters to give you an idea of the current abilities in the game. From there all we need is a picture, a character name, and what text you would like at the bottom of the card. If you want you can even decide the ability or let us come up with something. We will also run the photo through some filters to make it look like an oil painting if you like?

The cards will be professionally printed on playing card stock. Plus, you will receive six copies of the card and the digital file by January 2014! (Note: This is a unique custom reward and only you will have a copy of the cards.)

Undead Viking - Review

I remember running across Lance Myxter's video reviews in late 2010. I ended up being a fan and have followed him ever since. His AVRAW series of reviews on BGG became a way for me to keep touch with new games when all of the craziness of designing and publishing hit in 2011 and 2012. When I worked with Lance on the original review for Dark Horse it was a pleasure to find out that he was from North Dakota just like me. It truly is a small world and I find it fascinating that we both spent the 80's in high school playing old school computer games and role playing games literally an hour away from each other.

The one thing that has always stood out in my mind with his reviews is his attention to detail and covering all aspects of the game. I remember back in 2012 there was some talk about the videos being too long, which I think is crazy. When I want to learn about a game and really dig into the mechanics than Undead Viking Reviews is it. I personally think the various reviewers out there appeal to different peoples gaming tastes and styles. With those reviewers also comes many different approaches.

Without further ado it is my pleasure to announce that Lance jumped back on the Dark Horse wagon and took the Rebels & Rogues expansion out for a ride. Lance has had a chance to see some of the components that did not originally make the base game plus some fairly early previews of the Rebels & Rogues prototype. It was great to see his feedback. Please check out his video review here:

Rahdo Runs Through - Review


I was first introduced to Richard Ham's lists and videos on Board Game Geek by my good friend Paul Incao. Paul is very active on BGG and when he recommends something I jump on it. So back in early 2012 I was hooked on Rahdo Runs Through. You will be hard pressed to find any other board game reviewer with as much energy, passion and game savvy as Richard. It was my pleasure to send off that original copy of Dark Horse back in 2012.

Fast forward one year and one big expansion later. It is with great pleasure I introduce another wonderful review from Rahdo Runs Through. The enthusiasm and feedback Richard has given Rebels & Rogues confirms the hours that have gone into the new mechanics and variants. Please check out his review for Rebels & Rogues here: