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Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
Players build technologies and take sides with notorious gunfighters and heroes of the Wild West in this expansion to Dark Horse.
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Quick Start Tutorial Available


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is enjoying the New Year!

I wanted you to know that I created a Quick Start tutorial for the Dark Horse base game. The original extended tutorial that I shot back in 2012 is roughly 73 minutes long and goes into a lot of details. The new Quick Start tutorial is only 38 minutes long and is more suitable for players who want to jump right into the game. Here is the link to that video:

I also wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know that I had a small set back. I ended up catching some sort of nasty flu bug around the end of December during my vacation. It ended up taking me out of commission for about a week. Unfortunately, this was time I had set aside for working on Rebels & Rogues production. This in turn set me back a little bit on working the Ace-High custom cards as well. Some of you may have noticed I was a little slow on replying back... I do apologize.

On a positive note, we are still on track for a July release for the expansion. I will make sure to keep you up to date on any changes, milestones and interactions with the manufacturer.

BackerKit invites have been sent!

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I sent out a handful of BackerKit invites to a small percentage of folks late last night. I wanted to make sure everything was running smoothly before I sent out the mass invites. It looks like everything is good to go and the folks at BackerKit have reviewed the setup and turned the project live. All invites will go out within the next few hours.

On that note, there is a few important things I want you to know. First off, I can change your reward to a “higher” level if you like, but I have to do that manually. If you want your reward changed please let me know. Secondly, I have added the County Seat and Extra Resource Hex Stretch Goals as Add-On’s. I initially thought there was no reason to do so, as backers at the $25 reward level and higher will receive those for free. However, someone mentioned that they were picking up a second game and wanted access to those, so I have added them.

Finally, I fixed how the options were setup for the Ace-High custom card reward. Backers can now opt to have one, two or three custom cards in varying amounts. This reward was something that I wanted to offer as a fun option at a cheap price. As I have gone on record many times, I love working with the game community and being creative. The Ace-High reward was offered so "we" can share in that experience together.

If for some odd reason you do not see an invite from BackerKit by tomorrow please contact me! If you do not see an email you may want to check your Spam/Junk email folder as well. As always, if you have any questions or issues please feel free to contact me and I will get back with you as soon as possible.



In the late 90's I planted a tiny seed for a dream to start a board game company. I watched as Euro/Designer games took off and the board game hobby exploded. We are still a very small niche market but we are leaps and bounds larger than in the late 90's. Being a game designer has been a hobby/dream of mine for over 13 years. Please rest assured in the fact that I am not a fly by night flash in the pan.

The excitement and support from all of the backers on this campaign has been phenomenal. Way back in 2011 the original Dark Horse campaign was the 43rd successful project in the "Tabletop Game" category. We are now at over 1400+ successful projects in that same category. Last month I counted and came up with 180+ active tabletop game projects on Kickstarter!?!? As you can guess this makes it extremely difficult to stand out. As Jeff King from All Us Geeks and Cyrus Kirby from Father Geek can attest, project creators that do everything right can still fail. The road map for what makes a campaign successful is documented but following that map does not always lead to success.

"Dark Horse (noun) A candidate or competitor about whom little is known but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds."

This was indeed another Dark Horse finish that rivals the come from behind success of the first campaign. In closing, please accept my sincere gratitude for your support and well wishes. You will be seeing a lot more of Knight Works in the future!

Lifetime Games Reward Clarifications


From the flurry of activity in the comments you may have noticed that the Lifetime Gamer reward was very popular. However, there was a few questions and I wanted to clarify everything in a quick update.

The biggest question revolved around the Stretch Goals and Add On's for all future games. After talking with many different backers through comments and messages I will be offering a "Pay what you want" approach to all future game Stretch Goals. This means you are more than welcome to have access to all of the Stretch Goals that we reach in future campaigns for free if you like.

Due to the nature of Add On's I will need backers of this reward to pay the listed price for each Add On of all future games. The easiest way to do this is to select the lowest level reward on future campaigns and then just include enough money in your pledge to add the Add On's you would like. You can also contact me directly and work with me to purchase Add On's as well. On a side note, Add On's can be quite expensive so there is no way I can offer these for free. For example, the Add On's for just this campaign total $108 due in part to the Wanted Poster costing $60.

Another question is how will I contact backers to notify them of future games. Once the campaign ends, and the funds have been processed, I will send out invites to As mentioned previously, BackerKit will help us manage all of the various rewards and Add On's. I will also collect information from backers to allow us to ship out rewards for the base game that will go out this month. We will also be sending out surveys through Kickstarter to verify addresses for shipping the expansion and Add On rewards in June/July as well. In short, we will use this contact information to inform you of upcoming games.

Lifetime Games & Custom Wood Box Rewards


As mentioned in older posts on the 2011 campaign, and a few podcasts, 2012 was a very difficult year for me. Since then we have signed four other designers and we are looking to release two or three Kickstarter campaigns in 2014 and more in 2015. In fact, we have a card driven city building game coming out in just three months! So, with that being said, I wanted everyone to know that I am opening up two older rewards that were previously used on the campaign from 2011.

The first is the "Lifetime Games" reward but this time I am offering a twist. In this campaign you will also receive ALL Add On's, minus the Wanted Poster. All of those Add On's plus the "Outlaw" reward come up to $108. That means you will be receiving ALL upcoming games from Knight Works for only $92.

The other reward we are adding is for a handmade custom wooden game box. Back in 2011 I made two of these and I would not be exaggerating when I say blood, sweat and tears went into those boxes. I have always been creative and good with my hands but I will let the pictures below do the talking. Another thing I should mention is that the custom game box can be configured in a quite a few ways. For example, I can use a handle or Sheriff's star for the front. I can also place various different items on the inside lid and box as well. This is truly a one of a kind item and the box will be created to fit the base, expansion and all Add On's. I am also throwing in the "Lifetime Games" reward in as well.

You may wonder why I am adding these rewards last minute... to be honest I am concerned that if we do not reach our goal than a relaunch may not be possible due to several reasons. Cross your fingers, we have 24 hours.