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£585 pledged of £60,000 goal
By K Monkey
£585 pledged of £60,000 goal

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    1. Richard Hamer on November 23

      Game looks fantastic! Good luck with the rest of development :)

    2. Frodo
      on November 15

      Still hoping for a DRM-free release.
      A lot of us don't like DRM in our games, so making it steam-only will prevent many people from supporting you.

    3. K Monkey Creator on November 9

      Hello, the demo is being checked for bugs and I will announce stuff about the demo on this page when it is available. It shouldn't be too long :)

    4. Bladeweaver on November 8

      hi. i'm korean game creator.
      I sponsored £ 12.
      How can I play a demo game?

    5. K Monkey Creator on November 8

      Thanks. I'm hoping that I get coverage outside somewhere soon to get more eyes on my project

    6. Tracey Craig
      on November 8

      It's an easy mistake to make. All is forgiven. I have my fingers ans toes crossed for this awesome looking game :)

    7. K Monkey Creator on November 8

      No problem, sorry for the confusion with my wording. I should've thought about it more carefully :D

    8. Tracey Craig
      on November 8

      Ahhhh.... thank you for putting my mind at ease :) i was worried it was a subscription of the nefarious kind!

    9. K Monkey Creator on November 8

      Hi Tracey

      Thanks for the support first of all :)

      It will be updates that i send to backers only about the latest on the project as its developing. This could be about new things being added like the creatures, or areas. Also the latest on stuff related to the actual rewards.

      You are not being subscribed to anything outside, I promise you that :)

    10. Tracey Craig
      on November 8


      One question, it says in the pledges 'subscription' exclusive to backers.

      This is worrying me a bit... what kind of subscription are we talking about?