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Help fund the CD pressing of the soundtrack I recorded for a Turkish film while living in Istanbul, Turkey. "Shine" needs a sail!
248 backers pledged $10,000 to help bring this project to life.

Final Artwork Preview

Posted by Kevin Moore (Creator)

Over the past few weeks I've been working with a talented graphic designer named Alessandro Falca of Conte di San Pietro. He has done an amazing job taking the classic Penguin Books style, coming up with an original illustration based on the Shine video, and adapting it to a 6-panel digipack.

Here are some comments on the design from Alessandro:

"Realizing the artwork for a movie soundtrack is about finding the right mood of the music featured in it, not necessarily in a one-way road to the imagery of the film. Küçük Kıyamet is an excellent specimen of cinema, both visually and conceptually, with a brilliant soundtrack; the challenge has been creating something with its own heartbeat, with several interpretations on different levels."

Alessandro is currently working on the poster and T-shirt design. The digipack is now finalized and will go to the manufacturer next week. I am hoping to ship preorders late this month or in early December.

More updates to come!

  • Image 22003 original.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1
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    1. Michael on

      No, no Wiche Rubio, you don`t have to see the film again. Because the meaning of the dog is very simple: Kevin Moore dosn`t like cats!!!!!! :-)

    2. Joe Baca on

      I just turned in my info for the shirt and disc..... eagerly awaiting the arrival...

    3. Anna on

      ^Yes, you def need to watch it! It's really good. : )

    4. Amirabbas Amiri on

      If the film is about Earthquake, can we conclude that the cracks in the orange circle (setting sun) with the shock waves around it represent the Earthquake? And maybe the dog remains loyal to his/her owner even when the Earthquake hits...Just my thoughts, i need to watch this movie!

    5. Wiche Rubio on

      LOL Michael, I saw it like 8 months ago...! I think I should see it again! :P

    6. Joe Baca on

      That looks awesome!!!!!!

    7. Michael on

      Sorry Wiche Rubio, but how CAN`T you see the dog??? It`s stands a very long time infront of the little girl....

    8. Wiche Rubio on

      I've seen Küçük Kıyamet and can't recall any dog... guess I should see the film again... haha

    9. Missing avatar

      Santiago on

      Awesome design. I wish I had more money.

    10. Anna on

      I like the little animal at the top. There were the penguins and pelicans on the books and this is a nice little detail that shows that the cd cover is following suit. I wonder why a dog was specifically chosen though. Like Lin-Lee I immediately thought of the dog in the movie when I saw it...hmm...

    11. Missing avatar

      Lin-Lee Dae on

      The more I look at this artwork the more I discover new interesting elements. :)
      The dog, for instance: in many cultures it is a very strong symbol representing the totem-animal that helps and leads the lost souls in the passage to the "other side".
      I just watched Küçük Kıyamet and there was a dog there too... it makes sense!
      Thank you Kevin for this amazing soundtrack and thank you Alessandro Falca. :)

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    13. Missing avatar

      jvai on

      The cover of kind of captivating. Nice.

    14. Katarina Östling on

      Beautiful piece of art! I'm so looking forward to the record.

    15. Wiche Rubio on

      I wonder what that dog means...

    16. Amirabbas Amiri on

      Very ingenious! Love the Water and the Stars.

    17. Michael on

      Wow! What a great job! This Digipack will get a very nice place in my home!! On a satin pillow, by the window, with a good view to the garden!! :-)

    18. Dan Temmesfeld on

      A+, Alessandro!!


    19. Ruoqian Wang on

      What's the symbol at the top left corner?

    20. Ruoqian Wang on

      I like it so much!

    21. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    22. Theo Tol on

      Totally awesome!! Can't wait to receive this package in the mail!

    23. Jeff on

      Beautiful. cant wait to get it.

    24. Wiche Rubio on

      awesome... I love it!

    25. UnaLaguna on

      Incredible artwork - and six-panel Digipak! It'll be worth the wait I'm sure :)

    26. Chris Ptacek on

      This looks fantastic.

    27. Quietus on

      Thank you for the heads up Kevin. This is great ! A bit different from what I had in my mind when I was reading the post "CD design ideas". I like it a lot. It has that "retro" feeling.
      From what I can see the track-list is the one that is posted on the project's home plus the "Shine (Intro)" again ?
      We will be waiting for the t-shirt and poster designs with anticipation :)