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QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard that is both fun for beginners and a must have for modern musicians.
QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard that is both fun for beginners and a must have for modern musicians.
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Preview the QuNexus Manual

We've taken a first pass at the QuNexus User Manual and made it available for you to peruse!  
You can find it here: LINK TO THE QUNEXUS MANUAL

Thanks everyone!
The KMI Team

QuNexus April Progress Report

Hi Everyone. 

I keep hearing that it is April already. Just finished my taxes so it is either April or October. But work has never stopped.

We are at the final and most fun stage of building a new product. Just how fast will it go? Lots of final tweaks to performance and manufacturability. We are building units in Berkeley matching the same methods that are used by our partner companies in China.

We will converge this Thursday and be able to compare units made in both facilities on Monday-Tuesday the 15 - 16th. We should be in good shape if we have a match. And we should have a match.

To date we have made over 25 QuNexi by hand, many are in Beta Test by artists and experts. This includes our in house talent Carson and Shani. I'll let our marketing people send you comments and pictures from the testers.

The software is in great shape and could go out next week. Very proud of the flexibility and robustness Nick, Conner, Dan, Sarah and Diane have achieved.

The manual is in good form and Sarah will get this posted in the next 48 hours. Matt and Dustin are busy making tutorial videos and Diane and Steve are working with numerous Integration Partners so QuNexus will work wonders right from the box (you know, the boxes you made fun of last update).

Barring any catastrophe(s) we will start regular production April 22nd-ish. It will not take long to make and test several hundred units. They will be Federally-Expressed to Berkeley where we will do 100% inspection and ship to you.

Everything under our control is going according to schedule. Sometimes things just happen though - check out the picture of " uNexus". The mind boggles. Can a missing Q in China cause a rainstorm in New York? And will that rainstorm delay a plane with a celebrity on board?

More updates as they happen. Thanks again for your support. You will not be dissapointed.

- Keith

Box Production Prototype and iPad photos

We've got the box production prototypes proofed and iPad integration working well, everything on schedule. Very exciting!

More news as we make it, thanks everyone-
Keith McMillen Instruments

QuNexus NAMM Press and Demo Video

Hi Everybody,

We're back from a very successful NAMM show and excited to share with you some of the buzz that QuNexus has stirred up. We've also made a video of the QuNexus demo that we put together for the show. So without further ado... 

KMI NAMM 2013 Press Summary (.pdf)

Production-wise we are happy to report that everything is proceeding according to plan and that we are on track to deliver QuNexus units on schedule!


QuNexus at NAMM 2013

Hi All - 

We are getting ready for our annual music trade show - NAMM - which starts on January 24th in scenic Anaheim, CA. If any of you are going to be there please drop by our booth (#6227) to see actual QuNexus keyboards being demonstrated.

We have received quantities of production enclosures and PCBAs (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies), and expect the key silicone any day. Everything is looking good; software and firmware are progressing well.

At NAMM we will show QuNexus working with Ableton Live, controlling iPad apps, and driving analog synths. We have also implemented (at Jordan Rudess' suggestion) a mode we call "Channel Rotation." This mode assigns each new note you play to it's own MIDI channel, so you can easily control pitch bend and other effects independently per key.

Thanks again for your support and we will post another update after NAMM.

- Keith