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QuNexus Smart Sensor Keyboard Controller's video poster

QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard that is both fun for beginners and a must have for modern musicians. Read more

Berkeley, CA Sound
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This project was successfully funded on December 18, 2012.

QuNexus is a vividly illuminated keyboard that is both fun for beginners and a must have for modern musicians.

Berkeley, CA Sound
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QuNexus out the door - Software up

Hi Backers & Friends,

We shipped the first batch of QuNeos yesterday. V 1.0 of Software Editor (OSX, WinXP and Win7), Documentation, and the OSC Bridge are available for download: at:

It is the first controller that has made me like keyboards. Everybody at KMI did stellar work and we all feel it turned out pretty darn great.

We will keep shipping units regularly until you all have your QuNexus. This will take a couple weeks as we are inspecting and several people are playing each one. 

I would really appreciate you being wonderfully patient just a bit more - delayed gratification and all that - by not deluging our sales and accounting people with "When will I get mine?". I appreciate your excitement but this only slows us up. If your address has changed let us know. 

So thanks again for your support and we really want to hear some new music after all this. Send us what you are doing and record the first sessions. QuNexus is an instrument that will grow with you, but there is never going to be that initial crazy experience of Wow as the first time you fire it up.

- Keith


    1. Creator Joey Belville on May 21, 2013

      HOLY CRAP - you weren't kidding! Just got mine today and talk about a WOW moment!! I freakin LOVE this thing!!

      Even though it's rugged, the only thing I can think of now is keeping it all nice cause I love it like my precious. Do you guys have a recommendation of any type of soft bag (i'm thinking a little soft-cloth drawstring type thing, like when you get nicer sunglasses) that I can put it in and THEN throw it in my backpack? I'll be on the lookout and share a recommendation if I find one as well. :)

      thanks again - TOTALLY worth the wait!!


    2. Creator Keith McMillen Instruments on May 14, 2013

      I mean QuNexus - Keith