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QuNeo is a break-through 3D pad controller for electronic musicians, digital DJs, VJs & DIY hackers providing multi-touch control.
QuNeo is a break-through 3D pad controller for electronic musicians, digital DJs, VJs & DIY hackers providing multi-touch control.
678 backers pledged $165,914 to help bring this project to life.

I Have a Tracking Number !

Hi All,

The first of final production units are winging their way to Berkeley. We expect regular shipments throughout the next two weeks. We will be testing each unit and then shipping them to you. So you should start to see QuNeos arriving the 2nd week of July. 2012. AD. There - I have given a date.

Below are some picture from Dan and Paul's trip to China. We are fortunate to have lots of talented capable people producing PCBs and putting together the final QuNeo. As I have mentioned building a QuNeo is a lot more like making a violin than putting together a box with switches. We are all very proud of the final result. And you have been very patient with the process.

Thanks - Keith


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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      For those who get them first please let us know so we can look out the window for the mailman like a dog waiting for it's owner to come home.

    2. Jan-Bert te Winkel on

      Heroes!! Great work!!

    3. Missing avatar

      Ken "Flux" Pierce on

      can't wait to get it in my dirty hands. can't wait to map it up in reaktor

    4. leonardo andres cuevas ramirez on

      yes!!! vuuv festival wait for me and my new toy!!!! :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Walid Breidi on

      Great News, you are doing a good job, Bravo. Really looking forward to receiving it.

    6. Herman Pearl on

      So proud to somewhere around backer #70. Shouldn't be too much longer.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Trying to work out which PCB is mine :) Thanks for the update. Looking forward to getting the QuNeo will be the last link in the arsenal of midi controllers and set ups.
      Anyone out there got templates for Cubase 6.5, Ableton 8.2.5 and Tractor 2.5 please share with thanks.
      Cant wait for the first studio lockdown with nothing but ambient light, a few cool beats and the usual ... *cough* pretty lights to trip out to :)

    8. Alan Nu on

      Great news! So glad things are coming together. I'll be booking out the time in the studio with all my synths and virtual instruments - I'm already feeling inspired!

    9. Jezi on

      things of beauty:)!!! thanks for all the hard work and innovation... I can't wait to mash out the madness!!! stay tuned... i threaten all who dare, I will bring DOOM with the BOOM Muhahahahah

    10. Raffi Norberg on

      i lol'd at the pic of the police dog. great to hear its comin soon, just in time for the LA beat battle! hehe

    11. Joe Oso Dopke on

      Fantastic news to hear! I'm 100% positive every single backer is very eager to get their hands on their product.
      And I have to agree with what ^^ said. I don't think there wild have been as many backers complaining if the updates would have been more frequent.

    12. Missing avatar

      Steve Codling on

      Ditto what Sami said, but likewise thanks for the improved communication about what was going on over the last little while... I can deal with delays if I know what's happening... But silence breeds discontent, rumours, and complaining I find... Especially in a grass-roots funded project like this one...

    13. Missing avatar

      thisissami on

      you guys are awesome. thanks for putting up with all the negativity from some of the backers when nothing that happened was your fault.

    14. Missing avatar

      paris on

      Very cool! can't wait!!