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QuNeo is a break-through 3D pad controller for electronic musicians, digital DJs, VJs & DIY hackers providing multi-touch control.
678 backers pledged $165,914 to help bring this project to life.

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KMI BopPad Kickstarter Campaign

Posted by Keith McMillen Instruments (Creator)
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Keith McMillen Instruments has a new Kickstarter campaign running now for BopPad, a smart sensor electronic drum pad!

Find out more about BopPad and check out our campaign here:

Thanks Everyone!
- The KMI Team

Wireless QuNeo? Go Rogue!

Posted by Keith McMillen Instruments (Creator)

Hi QuNeo supporters. A few weeks ago we announced the Rogue - a new innovation for QuNeo that will allow you to play wirelessly. We've been working hard on it and wanted to let everyone know there are only a few days remaining to be one of the first to get your hands on a Rogue. There are still a few remaining discounted deals available as well.

Here's Thavius Beck testing out the QuNeo + Rogue!

Visit this link to find out more -

Thanks for all the support!

Lots of love,

The KMI team

QuNeo is now wireless! Join the Party with Rogue!

Posted by Keith McMillen Instruments (Creator)

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Jordan Rudess Plays QuNexus

Posted by Keith McMillen Instruments (Creator)

"I really enjoyed spending time with the QuNexus and am excited about it's development and being unleashed on the world!! I think it's great that you guys are making products that push the boundaries," says Jordan Rudess.

New KMI Kickstarter project, QuNexus!!

Posted by Keith McMillen Instruments (Creator)

Hello loyal backers, we are very excited to announce that our newest Kickstarter project has just gone live! We are very excited about our new product QuNexus and we invite you all to check it out.

We can't thank you enough for your support with QuNeo. We took into account all of your valuable feedback and we really learned a lot with our first campaign. 

1. We have identified a strong set of vendors for our components. We've sent KMI personnel to our Chinese factories in order to supervise and oversee production. These relationships are functioning smoothly and provide us with high quality products on a regular basis.

2. We have structured our reward levels to better track foreign and domestic backers.

3. We've established a system for improved communication with backers. This includes more regular updates and better monitoring of messages and comments.

4. This project is far enough along in design and realization where we feel confident we can deliver in a timely manner, even with potential bumps in the road.

Thanks again for helping QuNeo become a success, and we are hoping QuNexus can become even more successful!


The KMI team