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K-Board Pro 4 is an expressive 4 octave MPE keyboard - a new kind of controller that feels and responds like a true musical instrument.
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    1. Keith McMillen Instruments 4-time creator on

      @S M -- Yes. We will send out the backer survey as the ship-date approaches and at that time we will be asking which version (handles / no-handles) you wish to receive.

    2. S M on

      When these are available will that be the time you ask which version backers want?

    3. Igor Kaplounenko on

      Fair enough. Thanks!

    4. Keith McMillen Instruments 4-time creator on

      @Igor Kaplouneko -- Space and strength of the frame is a premium with K-Board Pro 4 so we won't have room for finger-grips.

    5. Igor Kaplounenko on

      After thinking about it some more -- and maybe this is crazy, given that I haven't handled one -- but what would make sense to me is discreet grips via indentations for the fingers below either side of the frame. It seems like it would be the best of both worlds, and you could keep an ol' box o' knobs on the side of your keyboard while still being able to carry it.

      I wouldn't want it at the expense of any circuitry though, if there's no room.

    6. Keith McMillen Instruments 4-time creator on

      @Jon Holstein -- Thanks for the feedback. Regarding the handles, the choice is yours but only through Kickstarter. When K-Board Pro 4 hits stores it will not have the handles.

      @Robert Peters -- Kickstarter backers will be the only K-Board Pro 4 players with the option for handles -- the choice is yours. Thank you for your support!

      @ Mike Metlay -- We are absolutely in favor of you having several of these.

    7. Mike Metlay on

      I'm now contemplating getting one of each: one with handles to haul around and one without to control my Oberheim Xpander in the studio (it's a perfect match for the Xpander's available range of MIDI control inputs). I know, I'm an idiot, but what the heck. :)

      For the record: I voted for handles, but I can understand why most people wouldn't want them. I just love the idea of a keyboard I can grab and take on a plane with absolutely zero fuss, considering all the gigs I play!

    8. Robert Peters on

      Didn't really have a preference, but will probably go with handles just because it will only be available to Kickstarter backers.

    9. Jon Holstein on

      I woted on no handles, because I felt that was the right decision in general.
      But since the first saw live images, I felt there was something special about the look with those handles.
      Size or look?
      I'm not sure which one to choose (if the target is met).

    10. Missing avatar

      Bill Smith on

      Thank you for sharing the results with us!