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A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
2,136 backers pledged $64,356 to help bring this project to life.


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      Houston Keil-Vine on

      Got mine its awesome!

      @ Antony Marijanovic
      in the mean time try putting a drop of locktite on it

      works a treat

    2. Missing avatar

      Antony Marijanovic on

      Hi guys I got mine.

      It's great.

      Just wondering if you thought about making the Upgrade Back Plug reverse threaded so that when you unscrew the cap it doesn't take the back plug with it?

      Will you be able to do this with future pens?

    3. Kent Bateman on

      HI my Pens today! Woohoo!!! Thanks!

    4. star on

      I got my pen on Friday and I love it! I'm so impressed at how quick it came! Your pen was the 3rd that I've ordered from Kickstarter (Pen type A first, then the Render K) and yours was the first one I received. The render K came the day after the PHX and I like the weight of the phx more. The screw on cap also makes this pen a real winner! Nice job guys :)

    5. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Thanks guys, we really appreciate you taking the time to let us know how much you enjoy the pens and being part of this fun project's journey. You guys are awesome!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    6. Missing avatar

      William James on

      A most excellent designed and crafted article. Pleasantly surprised at the weight the pen and the sharpness of the nib. Your design is so complete that it took me a couple of moments to realize what the extra threaded cap was for... Glad I ordered two.

    7. Mark Curelop on

      The pen has been in my possession for approximately five minutes and infatuation has set in. Thank you for the prompt service!

    8. Missing avatar

      Jon Gefaell on

      Best performance on a Kickstarter project yet in my experience. Well done! I like that the threaded end and the Hi Tec C cartridge were thoughtfully and proudly preloaded. The empty plastic barrel and extra unthreaded endcap will stay in the little plastic bag in a drawer, this fine pen rides in my case!

      Bravo & Thanks!

    9. Missing avatar

      Kendall Wu on

      @BarryG Check the PHX Pen as the ink cartridge was pre-loaded into it (from the Hi Tec C pen leaving an empty plastic barrel).

    10. BarryG on

      Just got mine in the mail today.. Out of the pens I've bought here on KS, I like this one the best... one question is why is my Hi Tec C pen empty? Maybe I missed it, but my award level calls for one pen, and one Hi Tec Pen, and the $3.00 end piece ... Love the pen but just strange that the Hi Tec doesn't have any ink...

    11. Steven Cain on

      Just got mine yesterday. I used them to draw things. It was lots of fun, and the pens are great.

    12. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Aris Chr
      We have sent the tracking number to your email address that you provided via the survey, please check it. If you don't have it in the email box then please send us a message via kickstarter, we will reply you with the tracking number, thanks.
      -Joe & Chadwick

    13. Aris Chr on

      When i get my tracking number?Im from Greece!

    14. Paul McMahon on

      mine arrived! used it today at work :)

    15. Missing avatar

      David Mussington on

      Got my tracking number as well. Thanks for the great work.

    16. Adrian Oliva on

      Damn you guys are professional. Nice job, you guys must have an equally large pile of adhesive backing.

    17. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      @ Everyone, Thank you for your trust and support. We couldn't have done this without your strong support. Let us know if you need anything.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    18. Missing avatar

      William Yeagley on

      Received my tracking number!! GREAT job on getting this completed on schedule!! Maybe you should talk to some of the other project developers on Kickstarter.

    19. freshsprout on

      You did a great job ...and you did it on schedule !!!

    20. Kevin Wilson on

      I backed four projects in 2012 before the PHX Pen. This will be the first one I receive.

    21. Turbanator on

      I'll post the pen on twitter also, would the hash tag #phxpen be useful to find those photos as well?

    22. Matthew Morse on

      HIGH FIVE! You guys are AMAZING! Thanks so, so much. I'm super excited to be getting my new pen. I wish you guys lots and lots of luck in your future projects and will definitely back you guys again.

    23. Meeee on

      Interesting choice using HK post. Did you also do the machining there? I know the shipping costs from there are shockingly inexpensive. Clever idea.

    24. BarryG on

      That's Awesome guys! I have to say I've backed a lot of products here on Kickstarter and some way back months before yours that still have not fulfilled or shipped. In fact I think yours is the only one out of about 15 that met their delivery date estimate. Great job and I'm looking forward to receiving my PHX Pen, and showing it off!
      Thank you and again congrats!

    25. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      yeah, it's a lot. :)
      -Chadwick & Joe

    26. Missing avatar


      Wow. Based on the weight you gave in the description, that's 380 pounds of pens (not counting the additional threaded plugs or Hi-Tec-C bodies, but counting the refill). Crazy.