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A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
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Good News + Free Stuff

Posted by chadwick parker & joe huang (Creator)

Hi Backers,
We are excited to let everyone know that we got all of the Hi-Tec-C .4mm Black pens in and that your phx-pens will now come with a cool black sleeve! Be sure to check out the photos!

A nice pen sleeve will now come with every pen that you pledged for. We appreciate your trust and support and wanted to show our appreciation to each of you as a small way to say "Thank You".

We decided to do the pen sleeve for everyone for three main reasons.
1. We really like you guys and wanted to do something nice to add to your rewards.
2. We know a lot of you are giving a pen or two away as a gift to your friends. So, we felt that the pen/sleeve combo makes it a more complete gift.
3. The pen sleeve will help keep your phx-pen looking good longer. Unlike a presentation box, you can carry the sleek pen sleeve with you wherever you go.

Thanks to everyone who has filled out the shipping survey. If you haven't filled it out yet, we forgot to mention in the  $20 & $40 tier surveys that if you would like us to pre-load your pen with the Hi-Tec-C that comes with your pledge, you can let us know in the bottom text box on the survey (Special instructions section of the survey).

We will properly recycle all the plastic parts for you so it can be turned into something else in the future. If you already answered the survey or sent us a message, we already have updated your info. Thanks.

We have gone through 2 sets of samples and still do not feel it's ready yet. So, we will have to work on it after we send out everyone's rewards. We will let everyone know through a future update when it's ready to go.

Yep, we are still on schedule to start shipping out the end of May. We will let you know when they are heading your way. The pens will be going out to over 40 different countries around the world.

Thanks again for your support and for joining us on this exciting journey!

-Chadwick & Joe

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    1. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Thanks guys!

    2. Turbanator on

      This is awfully generous of you, thanks again and looking foward to receiving it beginning of June :)

    3. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Peder Hammerich
      If you choose not to have the pen preloaded, you will have the full Hi-Tec C pen. If you choose preload, we will keep the plastic body and cap in our side and have them recycled, thanks.
      -Joe & Chadwick

    4. Sherif on

      If my math is correct, that's 3050 PHX pens... and thus Kickstarters precipitated the Great Hi-Tec-C Black 0.4 Shortage of 2012!

    5. Peder Hammerich on

      hi, looks really good! noN i'm a little confused I will still get a hi-tec-c even if I choose not to have it preloaded, right? It's just i want to assemble it myself the first time, hope you can appreciate that. Thanks.

    6. Jason on

      Look at all those Hi-Tec-C pens.... wow! Great pic!

    7. Marek Belski on

      Please pre-load my pen and recycle the casing. And thanks for the pen sleeves!

    8. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Peter,
      We found you on the list and made a note to pre-load your pen. Thanks.

    9. Kevin Wilson on

      Now the tedious work begins ... Your fingers are going to ache from all that screwing, unscrewing and sleeving. We appreciate your efforts.

    10. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Peter, send us a message with you shipping info. We have too many "peters" to know which one is you. Thanks.

    11. peter on

      Please Pre-Fill my pen and recycle the original housing.

    12. wesley on

      I am so excited to see you are still on schedule! The added pouch is a great touch.

    13. Meeee on

      Looks like you are on schedule, that is great!. Remember, quality first!

    14. Missing avatar

      Johann on

      nice! i plan to do some engraving on the pens.. with a sleeve, perfect gift!

    15. Christina

      Fabulous guys! Now looking forward to getting my pens more than ever! Great idea adding the sleeve. Much appreciated.