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A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
2,136 backers pledged $64,356 to help bring this project to life.

Only a few hours left...

Posted by chadwick parker & joe huang (Creator)

Hi Backers,
With just a few hours to go, we wanted to say THANK YOU for your strong support and taking this small project way beyond our imaginations! We are super excited to get the pens out to everyone and are working hard to do so.

As backer "jerrykitling" commented, now is be the best time to buy another pen as a gift for someone like he did. One reason why is the price of the pen will be going up after the project ends and send out all the rewards. The new retail price from our website will be around $29 with the new threaded back included.

So now is the best time to pick up another pen at the special kickstarter price of $20-$23. (price depending on original/upgraded back plug)

Please go ahead and adjust your pledges now if you would like to upgrade to the threaded back plug. (See Update #3 for the details)
Yes, you get to keep BOTH the original and the new threaded back plugs when you upgrade. That way you can switch them out when you want to. :)

The pens are already being made so shipping out the rewards to everyone starting at the end of May looks very good. We will keep you updated and take some photos when we get a chance. Once the funding period ends, we will have a little more time to take some photos for everyone to see!

We will send out the survey once all the payments are processed and we know who the final backers will be. We will let everyone know when we send it out the survey to collect shipping info and reward details. Should be sometime next week.

It can take amazon a few days to sort everything out with the credit card payments. The backer(s) cards that cannot be processed after several attempts will be automatically moved to a "Dropped Backers" section.  These backers credit cards will not be charged and they will not get any rewards. If you card doesn't go through, you will get an email from either kickstarter or amazon with the reasons why and how to fix it. We have no control over the payment collection process. If you have any questions, check out the kickstarer Help Section. 

That's it for now. Thanks again. You guys rock!

Chadwick & Joe


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    1. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Arnold,
      Yes. the final retail price is not set in stone yet but will be around $29 give or take a few dollars. Everything we make so far includes shipping world-wide to keep things simple for everyone.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    2. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Is the 'around $29' retail price including shipping?