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A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
2,136 backers pledged $64,356 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Blake Thornton on

      Fantastic pen cannot wait to get it!

    2. Missing avatar

      Louis Rodriguez

      Gentlemen, you guys rock! That was one of my concerns about this pen, losing the cap and now you have address it with style. I will be increasing my pledge by 3 dollars. Good job, looking forward to my new pen.

    3. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Jimmy,
      The $1 category is for people that want to help the product but will not get any rewards mailed to them.

      If you would like to receive the PHX-Pen + new upgraded back plug you will need to move your pledge over to the "$20 or More" category and pledge a total of $23.

      Thanks for your question.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    4. Missing avatar

      JimmyCSchnides on

      My pldge is for $21 but I am in the $1 reward category. Will I still receive a PHX pen with new cap upgrade minus the hi-tec-c?

    5. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Star

      We have seen you have already increased your pledge for the additional $3, it's confirmed, thanks.

      -Joe & Chadwick

    6. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi star,
      You can adjust your pledge upward and still keep your early backer spot as long as you don't click cancel your pledge. Thanks for your support.

    7. star on

      I was among the early backers and I am hoping that by changing the amount, it won't kick me down to the end of the list... Can you confirm this?

    8. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Ryan,
      Thanks for backing! We are glad to have you join the project. Have a great day!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    9. Ryan Fesser on

      I am both a pen nerd and a design geek, thank you for doing this. I already changed my backing amount.

    10. Missing avatar

      rmellin on

      Thanks for the answer! I did not watch th emovie before and yes i c: tight and loose threads .... clever :-)

    11. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi rmellin,
      We have tried making the cap with opposite directions before (right hand & left hand threads) and it turns out when you tighten the cap, the plug will become loose. The way it is now is the best way for us to do it. We had been testing the balance between how "tight" and "lose" both sides/threads need to be and now it works pretty smoothly. Check out the video to see in in action. Thanks for the question and for your strong support.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    12. Missing avatar

      rmellin on

      Just one important question though: are the two thread directions opposite to each other? i.e. If both were the same, then its possible to screw the cap so tight onto the end that upon unscrewing, not the cap itself but the cap with the plug inside comes out?!

    13. Conner T on

      Thanks for answering my question! Can't wait to get my pen!

    14. Antony Shum on

      Nice try! Can't wait for the great pen!

    15. Steve Newton on

      Thanks for getting back to me guys, pledge adjusted upwards.

    16. Matthew Morse on

      Great idea guys, I'll bump my pledge up a few bucks.

      @Mikeybear: While I agree that you are entitled to your opinion, I find your need to call names rather childish and if I were Chadwick and Joe, I'd gladly refund your money and ask that you purchase your pen elsewhere. Also, you should maybe worry less about what should or should not have been an "obvious feature" on this pen and more about your poor use of punctuation and spelling.

      I'm just glad this product is on time, unlike another pen I backed over 6 months ago that I still have yet to receive. Good for you guys! Can't wait to get this thing. I love that it will work with the Signo or the Hi-Tec. Both are favorite pens of mine.


    17. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Steve Newton-Yes, you do get both plugs by upgrading the pledge.
      We feel like it's a balance between "clean design" and "functional feature", but the solution is only one way around. That's the least we can do to offer it as an option to our backers, we are glad that lots of backers think it's worthy to have one more option to play with. We are always grateful for all of your support, hope everybody has a good day:-)

    18. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Steve Newton,
      Yes, if you choose to upgrade you will get both the original and new back plug. Thanks for your question.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    19. Steve Newton on

      If you upgrade do you get both plugs? So you could see which one suits you best?

    20. Joyce on

      I prefer having both options too as well. Just upgraded my pledge from 2 pens to 3 pens with the new feature. I can't wait for my pens to arrive! :-)
      @Mikeybear - you are perfectly entitled to your opinion that you'd prefer just the new plug and you are free to raise that as a comment.

    21. Sherif on

      I actually prefer having both plugs. Thanks for the upgrade guys.
      Mikeybear: If you don't like it, don't opt in for it. No one's forcing your hand.

    22. Missing avatar

      Mikeybear on

      You are only 20,000 over your target it must be tough to scrape those pennies together eh !

    23. Missing avatar

      Mikeybear on

      why not just change the end plug and then we decide whether to put the cap on or not
      Thought it must be April 1st again - you really want your backers to pay more for a minor modification that should have ben an obvious feature before !!!!!
      Cheapskates !!

    24. cris on

      Great idea, just changed from 20 to 46$ :-D

    25. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Conrthomas

      We did try make opposite threads on the PHX-1 design tool set for the knife holder part, it turns out when you try to tight the cap the tip will get lose, it's been tested that doesn't work very well. So, we had been testing the balance between how "tight" and "lose" for the both sides threads on the plug for a while, now it works pretty smoothly, like it's in the demo video it won't unscrew the plug out easily.

      You can feel the cap sitting on the back of the pen slightly, but since the pen cap is short and hollow, it doesn't "trouble" your writing. I've been using it for couple of days and I don't notice the difference if I don't mean to compare with the cap on & off.

      Thanks for your input in to this project, your questions are great points, hope the information could help, have a nice day.

    26. Conner T on

      Also, does the extra weight on the end making writing any different? How noticeable is the weight change?

    27. Conner T on

      It it is possible, it would be cool to see the back plug threaded the opposite of the cap so that tightening the cap on the plug would unscrew the plug, and undoing it would do the opposite, so that you never have the issue of it getting stuck or coming off at the same time. Just a suggestion! p.s. just upped my pledge :D

    28. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      sorry typo* The cap does not come off with the new back plug.

    29. chadwick parker & joe huang 27-time creator on

      Hi Blue,
      The function works really well on this upgrade back plug. The cap does not come off with the cap. Check out the video to see it in action. Now, If you apply a lot pressure you might have the issue you asked about happen, but using a normal amount of pressure the new plug stays in and works great. Thanks for asking.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    30. Shawn

      Nice notice blue. I agree with u.

      Also I don't see the manufacturing cost extra for the screw head.. It's just the same pattern of the screw..

    31. Missing avatar

      Blue on

      Looks awesome! Quick question, in your testing of the new back plug, did you ever run into situations where unscrewing the cap from the back also unscrewed the plug?