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A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills.  Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
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    1. Missing avatar

      JM on

      What is everyone using for a reasonably priced refill in the USA? I am looking for something that's a medium point in blue probably. I could go with fine too.

    2. Patrick Magee on

      I just wanted to leave a quick tip for some that have felt like the threaded bits tend to come loose too easily. Try applying a bit of thread sealing (PTFE/Teflon) tape, also known as plumbers tape to those threads. The thicker gas line thread tape works well too. The nice thing is, it's not permanent (like super glue or Loctite).

      Just a apply a slim strip of the tape on the threads and press it into the threads with your fingers. It will prevent it from sliding around when you start threading on the cap. You can thread on the cap and if you get a bit of resistance you probably have enough. If it threaded on too easily, try adding another strip until you get some nice resistance. The body's end cap will stop unthreading itself during transportation or use.

      I did the same thing to the other threads. The tricky one is the cap where I applied a very slim (1/16" x 1/2") strip to keep the cap from unthreading. You'll find PTFE/Teflon also makes removing the cap a bit smoother too. It comes on/off like butter when you want it, but also stays in place when you need it.


    3. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Benjamin,
      Thanks for the kind words about our products. Sorry to hear you felt it was spam, we were simply trying to let past supporters know about our new project.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    4. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Chan on

      Their products are nice, but I have not appreciated their marketing techniques. They unapologetically spam backers with other products.

    5. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Sophia,
      That's pretty strange. The Phx-Pens all came, with Pilot Hi-Tec-C's pre-installed inside. We still sell the pens everyday on our website with the Hi-Tec-C refill as well. Sounds like the refills you purchased must be a little different. It's hard to say without being able to see a photo. Feel free to email us a photo over at so we can help you further. Thanks!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    6. Sophia Luu Pham on

      Hi, I just bought some refills from a stationary store Hi Tec C, it turns out it does not fit at all. I wish I was able to upload an image. I took a picture of the the pen refills. Maybe I bought the wrong one, but can you help me out here?

      Thanks I love my metal casing pen btw

    7. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi ursm,
      Try drawing some figure 8's for about 30 seconds. It sounds like the refill is a little clogged. If that doesn't work we suggest that you try another Hi-Tec-C refill or a Uniball Signo DX refill inside. Hope these suggestions help.
      -Chadwick & Joe

    8. Missing avatar

      ursm on

      I'm very disappointed about the writing quality of the Hi-Tec-C.
      at seldom usage it does not feed the ink after two or three words.
      I'll look for the other refill, but it's not so easy getting them here in Europe.

    9. Missing avatar

      Keith L on

      One pen is fine for me, so I'll be selling my other one for 20$+shipping email me at keileo28 at gmail dot com

    10. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi David
      You can use the pen sleeve wrap it up and tighten it up hard, or you can use Loctite glue to glue it up permanently if you want to, thanks a lot for your support, have a good day.
      -Joe & Chadwick

    11. David Acorn on

      To the person who said the pen was too heavy so they are selling it, you bought a STEEL pen. Not styrofoam! lol

    12. David Acorn on

      I love my PHX pens. They are all that I use now! However, the threaded back always comes loose from the pen. Is there a good way to keep it secured? Super glue?

    13. Dallas Middaugh on

      Too heavy. Selling my on ebay.

    14. Oliver Libardo on

      Love the pen, and I saw that you've made the stylus tip for the titanium pen project. Have you guys thought of making the stylus tip available for the PHX Pen?

    15. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Randy

      The G-Tec-C refill is same as HI-Tec-C refill, it's just another name for Hi-Tec-C in some of the countries, so it would work with the PHX Pen, thanks.

      -Joe & Chadwick

    16. Missing avatar

      Alan on

      It's way too heavy in my opinion

    17. Missing avatar

      Randy Reyes on

      Do the G-Tec-C refills work with the PHX Pen?

    18. Missing avatar

      William Yeagley on

      I have tried to find all of the refills listed in all of the post at all of the local office stores. Nothing at Staples, Office Max, Office Depot or Quill. I guess I will have to order them from the net.

    19. 528 on

      @ Randy Reyes Uniball Signo DX (UM-151) fit although the threads on the nose don't quite work, I was able to use the Hi-Tec-C nose and it fit perfectly. I picked some up on eBay for a decent price.

    20. Az Nm on

      amazing pen a totally loved it :)

      you guys did a great job


    21. Missing avatar

      Randy Reyes on

      As anyone found any ball point refills to use? I am just trying to see what some of my other options are regarding refills.

    22. Rahul Malhotra on

      Hi guys,
      Just for the record here in India/ Asia these refills fit and thier refill model numbers are Signo UM 100 & UM 120 refill – UMR 7N & Gel Impact-UM 153S - UMR 10. They are also available online… &…. Hope that helps for anyone looking for them in India

    23. kenneth hung on

      not even a month and i already lost mine :(

    24. Missing avatar

      jimjimthehumanbin on

      Got my pen and loving it. Great weight and feel to it. Cheers guys.

    25. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Mike, Thanks for the great tip. Glad to hear that you love the pen!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    26. Mike Danseglio on

      I'm really enjoying the pen. Great design, incredibly solid. The threaded back is a perfect addition.

      Cris, thank you for the pointer. I ordered a set of Uni-Ball Impact Gel pens and the refill fits perfectly after trimming about 10mm from the end. They must not be the retractable "RT" style though as those take a different refill. These are stick pens. For folks in the US the Uni-Ball item # for the 4-pack of assorted colors is 65814PP. There's also a 2-pack refill-only, part # 65808. Search on Amazon by part #, it comes right up.

    27. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Ferdy Kwee

      Thanks for your email. Some of our backers suggested to put a spring in the back of the cartridge, almost any click pen spring could work, that will totally fix the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you so much for the support, please try putting the spring in the back of the cartridge then let us know if you still have the issue, have a great day.

      -Joe & Chadwick

    28. Ferdy Kwee on

      I noticed that when I'm using the pen, there's a sort of gap between the back of the inside of the pen refill and the back cover, thus when I'm writing, the tip got pushed back a bit. Is anyone else experiencing this?

    29. wesley on

      Got my pen. LOVE the weight of it. It did take a little doodling to get the pen to go smoothly, though I have come to realize the refill shipped with it is not a pen I enjoy. I will be looking to find one that is a little thicker, probably go for the G-Tec I love Pilot products but this one just didn't fit my style (nothing you can control) The updates, shipping and product are all A+ this is one of the SMOOTHEST Kickstarters projects I have backed. Everything was on time and updates were timely. Will keep an eye on you guys for other projects.

    30. Kent Bateman on

      Hi my pens a few days and have had some time to play with them. All I can say is fantastic!!!

      For those in Canada and the US you can go to Staples (I'm sure their are other stores) and look for the Pilot G-Tec C4. I bought a couple and they fit great.

    31. Robbie on

      Thanks so much guys - this is the first Kickstarter project I've backed! My pen arrived a few weeks ago and I LOVE using it - even though I find myself doodling and drawing more than actually writing ;) I also really love it's weight!!!

    32. cris on

      Ah, the refill from the uni-ball GEL IMPACT fits, if you cut off a bit of the end. it has a 1mm tip, what feels better for me.

    33. cris on

      @Frank Flachs, where do you buy pens for refill? I'm not sure where to find some fitting refills in germany. Any ideas?

    34. Mark Curelop on

      I received my order last Friday. The Hi Tech refill writes okay, but the Signo writes even better. I ordered the Signo refills (pens) at Amazon. Nice job Chad and Joe!

    35. flux

      Pen arrived here in Germany this morning. This project went along smoother than any other projects I've backed so far (though you did have the slight advantage of already having designed most the pen). BTW the pen feels great - there is some weight to it, but I like it. Thanks a lot!

    36. Gerald Collins

      Got my pens last weekend and forgot to post they had arrived. They were waiting for me when I got back from Wisconsin. Thank you for a prompt delivery.

    37. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Thanks. That's what I'm planning to do later when I have time to 'play' with it.
      You guys did a good job of making it.

    38. Daniel Brooks on

      Hi, I have received the pen a few days back in Brisbane, Australia. Loving the weight and feel of the pen. Good job guys!

    39. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Arnold A Sitorus
      The new cartridge needs a little "use" to pull out ink smoothly, try use the pen to draw something over 2 minutes, it should get better when you use it more. Also you can put a piece spring in the pen to fix the cartridge movement, pretty much any click pen spring could work with it. Thanks.
      -Joe & Chadwick

    40. Arnold A Sitorus on

      Just got my pen this morning in Indonesia.
      The cartridge little bit wobbly and move about a mm; the ink flow is not smooth either.
      Haven't able to use it more. Overall it's a great pen to have.

    41. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      @ everyone - Thanks for letting us know that you've enjoyed the look and feel of the phx-pens. We couldn't have done this without you. Many many thanks!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    42. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Kevin,
      Glad you got your pen and are loving it. Just wanted to say a quick note about the reverse threading idea. We did try this while developing the pen. Reverse threads actually caused the plug to loosen when screwing the cap on. This caused the cap to jiggle around when writing and you could never get it to be secure. If you use a cloth for extra grip and tighten the plug you shouldn't have any issues with the threaded plug. Thanks for your strong support and we hope you have a great day!
      -Chadwick & Joe

    43. Kevin T. Nelson on

      Got my pen a few days ago and I'm very happy with it. I'm upset with USPS because their sorting machines gouged a one in the package and ripped a hole in the pen case! My only suggestion would be to use reverse threading on the top screw end that way when I remove the cap it won't unscrew this at the same time.

    44. Missing avatar

      Travis Agnew on

      Got my pen last week and I really like it. Unfortunately there is a rather large machining scratch/mark up one of the sides towards the top. If it weren't for that, it'd be perfect. Great pen otherwise!

    45. Schuyler Bishop on

      Got my two pens + threaded plugs last week and just ordered a bunch of refills from jetpens. So far very happy! Not a big fan of the blue .4 pen that it shipped with, but ordered some .5's in brown-black and black to fix it. :)

    46. bart on

      Hi, I have received the pen yesterday in Belgium. The first tested are great.
      Today I make some sketches for clients, I'm curious ...


    47. Missing avatar

      Arnaud Boquier on

      Hi huys, received the pen yesterday here in France. It's just perfect, have to loctite the plug but it's not a big deal. You're my first project backed on KS, totally satisfied !

      Pour les Français, l'enveloppe arrive comme un colissimo remis contre signature, donc avis de passage si vous n'êtes pas là. Pas de frais de douane pour ma part.

    48. Missing avatar

      Nabeel C

      Pens received yesterday. No complains whatsoever.

      Really like the product.

      Thanks, cant wait for the next project.

    49. Jeff Weiss on

      I got my pen a few days ago. Very nice. I enjoy it alot. I noticed that I got 2 of the screw ends, instead of one screw and one regular.
      All in all, I really enjoy it! Writes wonderfully!

    50. chadwick parker & joe huang 23-time creator on

      Hi Dr. Keynell,
      Thanks for the review, it's great to hear that you "had the coolest pen at your work"! We really appreciate your support and hope you have a great day!
      -Chadwick & Joe

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