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A stainless steel housing that works with all Uniball Signo DX & Hi-Tec-C refills. Plus hobby knife, ruler, & sustainable bamboo case.

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We're back with a new project that we are excited to share with you. We've been turning ideas into actual products for the past three years. The latest project we are working on now is a tool set that we call the PHX-1. It combines some of the most useful creative tools into one.  Made by designers, for designers.

The PHX-1: Combining Hi-Tec-C, Signo DX, Hobby-Knife, Designer Ruler, & a Sustainable Bamboo Case
We love using great pens like the Hi-Tec-C and Uni-ball Signo DX (UM-151) series, but feel that the standard plastic housing doesn't match the performance that the cartridges provide.  So, we created a clean, unbranded, stainless steel body that works with BOTH cartridge brands & series. We also integrated a hobby knife on the back end. Plus, we made our own ruler for designers that features 7 different measurements so we can draw, measure, mark, cut, and mock up designs without missing a beat. All with one simple tool that will last for years to come. 

Both ends have caps that screw on securely when not in use to keep everyone safe. A custom, sustainable bamboo case keeps everything stored in place.  Nice, neat, and organized.  Right now the materials on just a few of these guys is pretty expensive. Your pledge will help us purchase the necessary materials at reasonable (bulk) rates & in return we will send one (or more) sets as a reward.


• Works with Uni-ball Signo DX & Hi-Tec-C Series refills
• Custom 7 measurement ruler
• Hobby-Knife end works great with #11 X-ACTO® blades
• Safe, Interchangeable screw-on caps
• Nice bamboo storage case

Ink cartridge, pen tip, & knife blade for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the set. Reasons why are explained towards the bottom.

Complete PHX-1 Set ^ contents displayed in this photo above. ^

Bamboo cases will have a pen groove.

Ruler Details/Design

Transform both Hi-Tec C & Uni-ball Signo DX pens into something unique.

How to use the PHX-1 (above photo)

The Materials
High-Grade Polished Stainless Steel
High-Grade Aluminum (hobby knife part)
Sustainable Bamboo (storage box)

What's all INCLUDED in the PHX-1 Set?
• 1-Stainless steel pen housing/hobby-knife end
• 2-Stainless steel end caps
• 1-Stainless steel designer ruler
• 1-Sustainable bamboo wood storage case


• Pen cartridges & tips
(If you are already a fan of Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX pens, chances are that you already have these parts. Plus, we don't feel it's responsible to buy a lot of pens just to turn around and trash the plastic housings.)
• Hobby knife blades
(for safety concerns & international mailing restrictions)
• Wasteful packaging
(we try our best to keep things simple & not use more resources than we have too.)

Pen Housing Dimensions
19 cm long (with both caps on)
13.5 cm long (without caps,)
0.9 cm barrel width ( has a good feel. Similar size as the Uniball Signo DX )

Ruler Specs/Measurements
• Agate (Adobe 6 & 12 pt)
• Centimeters
• Font Sizes (points with visual references)
• Inches
• Millimeters
• Pica
• Stroke (Line Weight)
• Useful Unit Conversions

If you have any further questions, just send us a message.

-Chadwick & Joe


  • You can pick a pledge & multiply your pledge amount to match how many sets you want.(1 set is $50)
    For example: 3 Sets = $150 pledged under the PHX-1 Set Reward.

    If you are wanting a larger quantity of PHX-1 sets than listed on the project page. Send us a message listing the desired amount and we can work out a bulk-rate price.

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  • We'll send out a survey after the funding time ends to collect everyone's shipping and reward details.

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  • $75 per set.
    Free Worldwide Shipping.

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  • Yes. Feel free to use the PHX-1 how you want. We designed the pen body to be versatile so you can use the pen with or without the knife blade & back cap. This is made possible because the pen refills are inserted and secured from the front. Plus, feel free to store the knife blade & back cap in the bamboo case.

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